Saturday, March 26, 2011

Something so important that I just learnt about myself!

I have received my first flame! (ROFL)

Not sure if you guys can read this, but I posted the fact that I was playing the Sims 3 when it came out back in the summer of 2009. Well, so dear, and I really do mean, dear soul, found my blog, and posted the most wonderful thing ever about me! OMG, can you believe it?
They even taught be something about myself that I never knew. That I suck. Now this makes me wonder what Anonymous meant when he/she said that I suck. Was it because I was taking time for myself to explore a new game. Or maybe because I hadn't posted an update in a while and they were mad. But that couldn't be right since I was playing the game in 09 and clearly they just made a comment only a few days ago.

So, I wonder how in the world did they know that I suck? They must have taken some time to get to know me. You know, since this is cyber space and I guess they are smart enough to hack into my personal information. They learned that I like to sim. (obviously) That I'm a mother. Married. Enjoy long walks in the summer evenings around my home. I like to sip on hot cups of Early Gray throughout the day. They must have figured all of this out, and decided that I suck! Wow.

Or, Anonymous took time out his/her busy schedule to read my blog. Read about the wonderful adventures that my little simmies have been on over the years. They have taken the time out of the busy schedules I remind you, to read, and decided that not only do my sims suck, but I suck as well! Man, seriously, I had no idea in my mind that I suck! This is something eye opening.

Then I stop to think again. Maybe I have offended this Anonymous in some kind of way that I know not. Maybe something I said, something I posted. Since clearly, this person has only read one post of mine. But somewhere within those two lines I must have hurt them. So they decided that I suck.

And boy, they are so super smart too! They couldn't even leave their name, or an e-mail so that I could thank them for tell me that I suck! No, they simply signed it Anonymous! Yes, because clearly they don't suck, yet I do.

Like I said before. I honestly never knew that I sucked. But then again, those of us who do suck never actually see that they do suck! Let me run off now, and finish up this thank you letter to the honest, and wonderful Anonymous. Because I must go now and ask my husband if I do suck. Out of anyone in the whole world I'm sure he should know....

Thank you, Anonymous for my very first flame. You have a special place in my heart!


  1. A better question is, suck on what? ;) (He-he, I'm so bad, lol!)

    But awww, honey, your first flame! It's like graduation!

    But I love you, and I can testify that you don't suck... or well, you might, but that's between you and your husband ;)

  2. ROFL Laura!!! I should get "the man" on here! This post was so funny. I needed a good laugh and "The One Who Will Not Leave A Name", did it for me.

    Thanks so much! *huggles* I used to love reading your responses, and I though it was so funny how someone would take the time just to tell you that you suck. Now it's happened to me, and it's even funnier than I expected.

  3. Aww, don't you feel special now that someone took the time to leave such a brilliant comment on a post that's almost 2 years old.

    I'm also a little jealous since I haven't gotten my first flame yet ;) Oh well, one can always hope :)

  4. That is the lamest flame ever! You can't even do anything but laugh at it, really. They didn't even tell you that you have no life!

    I have never got a flame. Some rude comments but not really anything like this. I'm oddly jealous as well!

  5. That is pretty weak... clearly they are full of win, if only we were all so lucky. I'm guessing twelve..maybe thirteen...

  6. ROFL Their head is hurting right now. It took a lot of brain power to come up with "you suck!" I'm still laughing. A great way to brighten my day!


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