Monday, November 24, 2008

Danny Sanchez Simdays 36 - 40

So we had our second break in, but first in our home. The first robbery attempt was made back when Riverdale was first settled and Mansur was still in diapers. Oh the memories. Man, how time has flow by.

Crime has been low for years now, but there still are a few idiots who try their luck. Luckily for us we have a state of the art alarm system.

Kristin was upset for days. So I took her mind off the intrusion the only way I knew how. I don't like to blow my own horn but I still got it. I may be hitting middle age but Danny Sanchez still got his sexy!

"Do I look fat?" Kristin cornered me after dinner. I was floored and had to think of something to say. Not that I really needed to, but still. She took me off guard and I really didn't want to have this kind of discussion in front of our new adopted daughter Brooke.

I simply smiled telling Kristin that she was just as beautiful as she was the day I met her. Which is 100% true I tell you. I wouldn't lie to the love of my life.

And she is, even if she has put on a few extra pounds, they don't bother me. In truth, I'm glad she did. I never thought she look more attractive than when she was pregnant, all round and glowing. She was perfect.

And I know she won't say it but she really wanted to adopt because of her age. We still can have children but at middle age she didn't want to risk a pregnancy going wrong.

I sit and admire Kristin every afternoon when I return home from work. She is wonderful and I wan to remember everything about her.

And even though Brooke is not a Sanchez by birth I still love her very much, and want only the best for her. Both Kristin and I do. We take turns educating her much the same way as we did with Masur, Nashira and, Lilly. Brooke complains about all the study time, but in the end she'll thank us.

She just hasn't met our fun side yet. Which she will come winter break. We're going to our newly built vacation home. I'm so glad it's finally done. Took six months. We'll be leaving the cold and snow for a lively tropical retreat. I can't wait.

We had a small gathering for the end of fall. We invited Antwan and Taffi as well Tyra and Thomas, though he wasn't able to make it due to the flu. It's really going around this year. Hope I don't catch it.

Nadya Novak - Simdays 36 - 40

Where has my little girl gone? Apparently out the window with her common sense. I come home from work to giggling coming from my bedroom. And to my shock and horror I walk in on my daughter in bed with a boy!!!!! When did she start having sex and where was I?

I mean I know I work but I have always been there for her, and I thought we talked. I had no idea she even had a boyfriend. I know about Bart Ottomas too. He's a little skirt chasing trouble maker. Him his brother and that Christian kid hang out causing trouble. And my daughter is mixed up with him!? I can't believe this.

After tossing him out on his ear and banning him never to come back I went back to Vanya. She had finished getting dressed. "What in the world were you thinking?" I shouted at her. "This is how you spend your afternoons while I'm at work?"

Vanya refused to talk only shouting that she and Bart were in love and that I couldn't stop her from seeing him.

Oh well, I think she's forgotten who's the mother and and who's the child. I stopped her alright and grounded her for a month.

After I calmed down and fixed dinner I approached the subject again. I just don't her to make the same mistakes that I did when I was young. I was foolish and in love with her father at college and ended up getting pregnant with her. I just don't want the same fate with her.

Vanya deserves someone better than Bart. I know she can do better she just needs to open her eyes.

I'm starting to worry about her. She doesn't think I know but I've been hearing her run to the bathroom in the mornings. She turns the tub on as if she's showering but I hear her throwing up. Please, oh, please, don't let it be what I think it is. I know she's been sneaking Bart over. I think I should take her to the doctors.

Every time I bring up the topic of her being pregnant she changes the subject. I don't have valid proof that she is, only suspicion. But I've been a cop long enough to know when my gut is onto something.Never in my life have I hoped to be so wrong.

"I've scheduled you an appointment with Dr. Snowden."

Vanya's head snapped up sharply from her dinner. "Why, for what?" She asked.

"Because you've been so tired these past few months. I just worry about you that's all."

"I'm not sick mom, I'm pregnant."

"You're what? Are you sure?"

She nodded her head yes, explaining that she took a home test and how it produced the results in under a minute. She also told me that the baby was starting to move. Which was not good. I couldn't take to the doctor and get this fixed, she was to far along. Why had she hidden this from me for so long?

She's just messed up her life. Okay, I wouldn't go that far, but she's made it sure a lot harder for herself now. And I'm to young to be a grandmother! What are we going to do.

I asked her if she told Bart and she said yes, which was a surprise. She had told him before she told me. I am hurt, but I guess he deserved to know first since he played a HUGE part in this.

"What if you give the baby up for adoption? It's not only better for you but for the child as well. You can continue on with your education and growing up, and the baby can go to a loving mature home."

That did not go over well with Vanya. She jumped up off the couch screaming at me, saying that I didn't give her up. But I was also older than her almost finished with my college education. I was mature enough for a baby. She forgets that she's not. Just because you can make a baby doesn't mean you can raise or support one. And she and Bart surly can't!

A few days later Vanya went into labor. Now the baby is here. Don't get me wrong he is a lovely boy. But I still want her to do what is best for the both of them. And I'm pretty sure Bart won't be showing his face around here any time soon. The boy wasn't even here for the birth.
(Notes from GoldenBuffy: It's true Vanya never brought the topic up of her beign pregnant with her mom. Everytime Nadya starting talking about toys Vanya would change the subject on her own. I then had her call Bart and the first thing she did was tell him about the baby. Nadya kept taking about her being sick so she finally said she was pregnant. I was very surprised. Again, I've never had a sim not say they were pregnant before. Just like a teen. lol)

Vanya Novak Simdays 36 - 40

Well I guess you can say it all started when my mom came home early from work and walked in on me and Bart. OMG! Can I say total embarrassment, and she had the huge fit. She kicked bart out and we had this huge yelling match. My mom went totally ballistic!

I was grounded which was NOT cool. I couldn't do anything which totally sucked. No friends over, and defiantly not Bart. And did I mention that my mom called the Ottomas house and talked to his mother. Seriously, like OMFG!!!! It's like way wiggy now at school since she's a teacher there and stuff. And like now everyone in his family knows that we totally had sex. That is UNCOOL do you hear me!

But like being grounded stopped Bart from coming over. I simply snuck him over right after school and we made sure that he was gone before my mom got home. Like she could stop me from seeing him. We are utterly in love and no one is going to stop that.

So finally the warden lefts my punishment but I'm no longer allowed to see Bart.
:( Well jokes on my mom since I AM still seeing him. Hello, in love, so not stopping me.

Anyway, Suni Ramaswami came home with me one day. It was nice to finally have a friend over and we started talking. She wanted to know if it was true that I had had sex. Did I mention I was grounded from the phone to, and Suni is all shy and stuff and will not ask questions like that at school.

I started to laugh then told her yeah, and that sex it really awesome. She reminded me to just be safe. Like I'm going to listen to someone who never even had a boyfriend, but I smiled and assured her that I was. Because I am, I don't want any babies right now. I'm only 16.

But being with Bart totally outweighs all the cons to having sex. We love each other and it's totally ok. ;) Just have to make sure that we don't get caught. My mom got a promotion and came home early. Good thing I heard the car pull up. Bart had to dive out the bedroom window. I tell ya, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Maybe we hadn't been as careful as we thought. I've been getting sick in the morning, like really really sick, throwing up and all that. I really hope I'm not pregnant. OMG!!!! What if I am. My mom is going to be pissed! Maybe I should call my doctor.

Okay, call me totally denial girl, living on the Nile, but I decided not to go. I mean I'm no longer sick and everything is fine. But I did tell Suni.

"What about school, Vanya?"

Yeah, because me being pregnant I only had to worry about getting an education. *roll eyes*

"I would Finnish school." I told her. Like the could prevent me from finishing. But that was the least of my problems. Just thinking about it brought back the sick feeling in my stomach.

So everything had went back to normal never mind that my clothes were starting to fit tight. I figured a few extra laps in the pool couldn't hurt. That's when I overhead some of my neighbors talking, one was a doctor who said I looked pregnant. Can you imagine my shock!

That's so not true. I am not in denial!

Ok, fine! I'm in denial, happy? I'm not. I have no idea what I'm going to do. I peed on one of those stick thingies and it came out positive. No, it glowed positive. I'm like super pregnant and stuff. And always hungry. I hope I don't get fat because that would be a bad thing!

But I know once I tell Bart he'll be shocked but we'll get married after high school. Everything will be fine.

My mom started asking questions, but I have no idea how to tell her. She's going to be pissed. She told me this would happen but I didn't listen. But we are in love!!!! And I was careful, this wasn't supposed to happen.

I called and told Bart. He was speechless. But I guess that's safe to say. Like either one of us had any idea. Ok, fine I did suspect in the beginning, but still. He asked me if I had told my mom yet and I said no. I asked if he was going to tell his parents and he said that he would. But he sounded really strange on the phone.

How am I going to tell her? And worse yet how will my grandparents react? I know this is going to kill my mom! And I can't hide it forever, I'm getting bigger by the day, and eventually this thing is going to come out.

I totally told her at dinner. She kept asking me if I wanted to go to the doctor since I always seemed so tired. I had to tell her, because if she drug me to the doctors they would tell her. It was better hearing it from me. But now I'm like super pissed at her.

Of all the nerve she said that I should put the baby up for adoption. I know I'm young but I'm not giving up my baby! I won't not matter what! Shes completely and totally crazy!

OMG!!!! Why didn't anyone tell me the pain. Oh, the pain! I am serious I'm never having sex again and never having any more kids. I was in labor for 12 hours. And finally I gave birth to a healthy little boy named Shaw. He's perfect in every way. I'm totally in love. I need to call Bart again, he wasn't able to make it to the hospital.

(Note from GoldenBuffy: Look it's my first note, lol. I found a new mod that allows teen woohoo and pregnancy since inTEEN won't be updated for AL. It works just the same, and Vanya getting pregnant was a complete accident. I had no idea that she would get pergnant only after her second woohoo. Normally it takes my sims a while to get knocked. Oh well. Goes to show you age does matter, lol.)

I think I rebounded and recovered from my divorce nicely. I mean I met a wonderful man, and accidentally got pregnant. Which is okay since I have two beautiful twins and did I mention just how great Brian is? Well he is wonderful. And I love how we are. There's no pressure for marriage or even to get engaged, we are just happy.

Once I found out that I was pregnant we decided to move in together as a trail run to see if we could live together without killing each other. Yeah, yeah, I can hear you now. Yes, our relationship started out purely physical but once children got involved I just couldn't leave it at that.

But living together has it's perks as well. No more sneaking Brian out of the house at 4 am so the boys didn't see that he stayed the night. We are together and happy.

My beloved Bonkers has aged into an elder. I felt a bit sad. I've had her since I was married, and before Davon was born. I hate to see her go and I know she will be gone soon. I mean, I'm not getting ahead of myself, she's OLD! Old people and cats die. *sobs* I'm so emotional, I hope I'm not pregnant again.

Now that I'm getting older I'm starting think I'm not as attractive as I once was. I will I be able to keep Brian interested in me? I mean, I know we aren't a May December thing, but he is younger and their are girls his age who don't have children, and more that willing to be with him.

I expressed this to him, but he reassured me that he was totally devoted to me. Yeah, I've heard that before and look where it got me. A divorce and some witch living in my old house sleeping with my ex-husband. But Brian is different I know it. And I believe him. he loves me and our children.

Aaron and Adrian have gotten so big. Aaron looks like his daddy while Adrian looks like me. I'm enjoying these last moments of parenthood, and thank goodness I'm not pregnant I'm entering into menopause, so I'm all hormonal. Another baby at my age. That would make me faint.

I'm starting to really show my age, all the foundation in the world can't hide the proof in the mirror. I can't believe I have the early signs of wrinkles. I don't feel middle aged though. *sigh* Oh, well, guess I better get used to it.

Just hope I'm around long enough to see the twins graduate college and start a family.

Davon Christian Simdays 36 - 40

Neither me or AJ are happy about the move to this new place. Sure it's bigger than our old apartment (that got torn down), but this place bites. Mom says it's only temporary until the finish up so new affordable buildings, but I still hate it here.

And how weird is it living with mom's much younger boyfriend Brian Chew. He used to be the janitor at our school and now he's my mom's babies daddy.

Sometimes I wish I could go live with dad. But he has his new life with Joy and their kids. I feel like if it weren't for our weekly visits with him that he would forget all about the two of us.

But I try not to focus to much on dad and his new family. I put a lot of time into my studies. I may not be one of the smartest kids out there but I know what I want to do with my life, and to achieve that I want to have a solid education.

I know college is out of the question. With mom working two jobs and Brian working as will, it's bringing in just enough for us to live. Seriously, mom doesn't think I know but I found a bank statement one day while unpacking, we're just above water. I have no idea how they do it. And before Brian joined the family my mom's head was underwater.

I want to become a famous rapper and make tons of cash, not just for me, but for mom. I want her to quit cleaning peoples toilets and live in the lap of luxury.

I have no idea what's up with AJ in the background. He just doubled over and started throwing up. I am NOT helping him clean that stuff up.

But I just can't sit around and wait for my great discovery. I need to help out around here. So I've decided to get a part time job. Nothing fancy just enough to help keep food on the table and maybe save up some money to make a demo CD.

When I'm not studying or working I'm practicing my moves. I got mad skills. I know I'm going to be huge!!!!!

It's bad enough that mom and Brian did the deed and ended up producing twins, but must they subject us to their PDA's!!!! Gross, it's old people love. Err, not that I'm calling mom old or anything. She's not that old and Brian, well he's not old. They need to take that stuff behind closed doors, all I'm saying.

Me and AJ spend time together, though we are complete opposites. We hardly have anything in common. I like rap he likes rock, I want to rap he wants to be, well he hasn't made up his mind yet. But what ever it will be I know it won't be something I even like, lol. But we do enjoy each other and bowling. That's fun. He do it twice a week, or at least try.
If any of us go to college I'm sure it will be him. He's super smart, straight A's. AJ is going to make something of himself.

Normally when we take a break from bowling I spend the extra time trying to beat the high score on the arcade games. One day I'll do it.

Mary Snowden Simdays 36 - 40

Well my birthday came and went with little fan fair. I didn't want a huge party, just a well wishes from family and friends. I think I'm to old for the whole party scene.

But I have to say I aged very nicely! I mean, I thought I was cute as a kid but I'm very pleased to how I look now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not conceded I'm just happy that I'm not ugly.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kathy Snowden Simdays 36 - 40

I was still a bit down by Mary not wanting to celebrate her birthday with a huge party. When she turned into a child she was thrilled to have one, but I guess turning into a teen wasn't such a big deal to her. *roll eyes* Teenagers, lol.

Trisha Johnson Simdays 36 - 40

Clay and I moved out and rented a lovely apartment in the city. I never really paid much attention to the downtown area, just the section where the store is. But once we started apartment hunting I realized just how lovely it is. Where we live is quite and close to everything. But that wasn't what I was contemplating one morning.

"I'm as huge as a sumo wrestler." Clay only glanced at me with a smirk.

"Honey, no you don't'. You as beautiful as the day I met you. No sumo whatsoever."

I rolled my eyes. I knew he was only being nice. I mean, look at me! I'm as huge as a big red barn. A glittery red barn! I can't wait until I have this baby. It seems as if I have been pregnant forever.

Okay, be careful what you wish for,lol. Soon after that I went into labor. It wasn't to long, 7 hours. But I have decided that labor and birth isn't for me. Maybe because I had twins! Can you believe it? Twins, a boy and a girl. Good thing I decided to go with brown as my main color for the nursery. Clay had to run out and get an extra crib and a few other things after the births.

I'm all for guests but when you've been through some trauma of delivering babies you really don't want visitors. But Clay was so excited he invited two of our neighbors over to see them. I just wanted to get them bathed and into their cribs so I could lay down.

The landlord came knocking on the door right after I had finished giving the babies their bottles and changing their diapers. I answered the door and he informs me that he's been getting complaints that the unit is a bit on the rip side.

Ummm, excuse me! I just gave birth to twins, I'm sorry if my house isn't spot or diaper free. But hey, I just have to make time to keep it cleaner. Stupid landlord. I'm happy if I get a hot shower in a day let alone clean. Geez!

If that wasn't enough our wonderful neighbor, I don't even know his name. Decides that the best time to blast his music is 1 am. I'm just drifting off to sleep at 1am. Clay said it should last long. Well it did, every night the same thing, and I'm quit sure I heard some sounds that didn't belong to a CD.

I finally convinced Clay to do something about it. Since he's a professional party guest he doesn't have to worry about getting up early to go to work. But I do, I have to get up at 6am for feedings.

Needless to say, the rude neighbor wasn't to happy about us complaining. Too bad. There's a little thing called respect! Look it up!

Finally, peaceful sleep.

I was finally able to finish the curtains that I started making for the twins before their births. I've very pleased with them. I might make some for the living room as well and out room too.

Now that Dallas and Breda mobile they get into a lot of things, like the toilet, the cat food, and did I mention the litter box? Needless to say, the two are always stinky from sticking their hand in something. My poor back, lol.

At breakfast I mention to Clay that I want to use the massage technique that I picked up on our honeymoon. I tossed out the idea of opening a massage parlor. I think it's a wonderful idea. I mean Steppin' Out is doing well, it's ranked 10 and pulling in money. Not to mention, my sister, Tosha is manager, so the store is in excellent hands. Why not open a new business.

Clay nodded his head and smiled. He though that it was an excellent idea as well. So once the toddlers are kids we decided that we will open the store. Now I just have to think of a name.

Just when I though everything was looking up Clay lost his job. Something about a misunderstanding of what the client wanted. Their party was starting to tank and they told Clay to save it. I'm a bit sketchy on the details but she said something about singing and splashing punch and other liquids all over party goers.
Well, whatever happened he has been black listed and can't get any work. Which is a bad thing for a professional party guest. We are still going to go ahead on the massage parlor maybe just sooner than later. I mean, we aren't pressed for cash, but I don't fancy the idea of living off of our savings.

Anya paid me a visit. And you can guess how surprised I was. I knew she was sick but I had no idea why. Well, she's pregnant. I pretty much guessed who was the baby's daddy. I told her when she first met Rupert not to mess around with him, and now look were it's gotten her. Poor dear. I love her so much, as if she were my second sister. I just wish I could make things better for her.
But she's living in denial. She's so sure that this will make MR. Cotton settle down with her. I'll believe it when I see it. I wish she would just give up on him and find a guy who is worthy of her.