Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trisha Johnson Simdays 36 - 40

Clay and I moved out and rented a lovely apartment in the city. I never really paid much attention to the downtown area, just the section where the store is. But once we started apartment hunting I realized just how lovely it is. Where we live is quite and close to everything. But that wasn't what I was contemplating one morning.

"I'm as huge as a sumo wrestler." Clay only glanced at me with a smirk.

"Honey, no you don't'. You as beautiful as the day I met you. No sumo whatsoever."

I rolled my eyes. I knew he was only being nice. I mean, look at me! I'm as huge as a big red barn. A glittery red barn! I can't wait until I have this baby. It seems as if I have been pregnant forever.

Okay, be careful what you wish for,lol. Soon after that I went into labor. It wasn't to long, 7 hours. But I have decided that labor and birth isn't for me. Maybe because I had twins! Can you believe it? Twins, a boy and a girl. Good thing I decided to go with brown as my main color for the nursery. Clay had to run out and get an extra crib and a few other things after the births.

I'm all for guests but when you've been through some trauma of delivering babies you really don't want visitors. But Clay was so excited he invited two of our neighbors over to see them. I just wanted to get them bathed and into their cribs so I could lay down.

The landlord came knocking on the door right after I had finished giving the babies their bottles and changing their diapers. I answered the door and he informs me that he's been getting complaints that the unit is a bit on the rip side.

Ummm, excuse me! I just gave birth to twins, I'm sorry if my house isn't spot or diaper free. But hey, I just have to make time to keep it cleaner. Stupid landlord. I'm happy if I get a hot shower in a day let alone clean. Geez!

If that wasn't enough our wonderful neighbor, I don't even know his name. Decides that the best time to blast his music is 1 am. I'm just drifting off to sleep at 1am. Clay said it should last long. Well it did, every night the same thing, and I'm quit sure I heard some sounds that didn't belong to a CD.

I finally convinced Clay to do something about it. Since he's a professional party guest he doesn't have to worry about getting up early to go to work. But I do, I have to get up at 6am for feedings.

Needless to say, the rude neighbor wasn't to happy about us complaining. Too bad. There's a little thing called respect! Look it up!

Finally, peaceful sleep.

I was finally able to finish the curtains that I started making for the twins before their births. I've very pleased with them. I might make some for the living room as well and out room too.

Now that Dallas and Breda mobile they get into a lot of things, like the toilet, the cat food, and did I mention the litter box? Needless to say, the two are always stinky from sticking their hand in something. My poor back, lol.

At breakfast I mention to Clay that I want to use the massage technique that I picked up on our honeymoon. I tossed out the idea of opening a massage parlor. I think it's a wonderful idea. I mean Steppin' Out is doing well, it's ranked 10 and pulling in money. Not to mention, my sister, Tosha is manager, so the store is in excellent hands. Why not open a new business.

Clay nodded his head and smiled. He though that it was an excellent idea as well. So once the toddlers are kids we decided that we will open the store. Now I just have to think of a name.

Just when I though everything was looking up Clay lost his job. Something about a misunderstanding of what the client wanted. Their party was starting to tank and they told Clay to save it. I'm a bit sketchy on the details but she said something about singing and splashing punch and other liquids all over party goers.
Well, whatever happened he has been black listed and can't get any work. Which is a bad thing for a professional party guest. We are still going to go ahead on the massage parlor maybe just sooner than later. I mean, we aren't pressed for cash, but I don't fancy the idea of living off of our savings.

Anya paid me a visit. And you can guess how surprised I was. I knew she was sick but I had no idea why. Well, she's pregnant. I pretty much guessed who was the baby's daddy. I told her when she first met Rupert not to mess around with him, and now look were it's gotten her. Poor dear. I love her so much, as if she were my second sister. I just wish I could make things better for her.
But she's living in denial. She's so sure that this will make MR. Cotton settle down with her. I'll believe it when I see it. I wish she would just give up on him and find a guy who is worthy of her.

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