Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jessica Picaso Sim Days 36 - 40

Things have been going well since we moved to Riverdale. We where able to open up the first grocery store and it's making money. The downside though, after the AL deal was signed we had to move out of our lovely town home because it didn't fit into the redesign the hood went under. So we were give $5,000 and had to pack up and move out. That money helped out since our new place is $1,020 a month. So after getting all settled in the next morning after breakfast I rushed to the bathroom. I think I might be expecting baby number two! Maybe a little sister for Rose.

Once Mathew returned home from work, he's in the military, well, we both are but I've been on maternity leave. I told him that I thought that I was pregnant. At first he stared at me as if I grew a second head. After a few moments of silence he finally replied. "A baby huh?" I shook my head in response. That's when he smiled and grabbed my hand, reassuring me that he was happy. That this was good news. I just hope it is.

I was so tired, taking care of a baby and expecting another is hard work! But someone has to do it, most of the time it's the mom, lol. So, anyhow, I was making dinner and got distracted. I don't normally leave my pot as I cook but I needed to start on the salad. Well, I forgot about the food and the pot caught fire. I was so scared, I ran out of the kitchen, Mathew had Rose and was right behind me. The fire department showed up very quickly and we were back inside in no time. Note to self, never walk away from cooking food again!

I have no idea why Rose smells so bad. I mean, I give her breast milk. I express it to bottles and I try to eat as healthy as possible, yet when she goes to the bathroom flies appeared around her bum. Why??? Does she really smell that bad to attract files?

Well my pregnancy is progressing as normal. I'm still very tired and so low on fun it's not even funny. But I kept on going. I'm just happy the baby is due soon. I can tell. My comfort keeps dropping no matter what I do, and I have to pee all the time. This happened with Rose as well. So maybe this evening or early morning the new baby will be here!

The idea is making me happy since I've noticed that Mathews interest in me is swaying. He's spending most of his fee time either playing basketball down stairs with our neighbors Rupert and Amos Cotton or he's on the phone with some woman named Nita Rich. It's making me worry. Was having this baby a serious problem? It wasn't as if I was trying to get pregnant again, it just happened.

So I'm trying all that I can to keep the romance alive between us. Maybe after I have the baby we can have a night out for the both of us. Get a baby sitter for Rose and the new one. Yes, I think I'll do that. I don't want another woman taking y husband's interest away from me. I'll fight for my man. Then again, I could just be over reacting. Hormones and everything.

After dinner Rose turned into a toddler. I felt so bad. I'm so tired I forgot about her birthday. I didn't even have a cake for her But I don't think she minded, she's still very young. Next birthday I promise will be better. There will be cake, presents, and a small party (I hope!)

You really can't predict these things. I didn't got into labor until 2 am. Mathew hopped out of bed compiling that this was the worst time for this to happen. Yeah, like I can decided when to give birth. If that were the case he would be having the baby not me.

Welcome little Lola Picaso. Mathew was very pleased, he even took her and feed her her first bottle. After laying Lola down, he came into our room and apologized for getting upset about me going into labor. Now that I've given birth it's time to focus on rebuilding my marriage.

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