Thursday, December 25, 2008

Those College Days Simdays 36 - 40

Newton Novak, Asia Reed and, Tommy Ottamas have started their Freshmen year of college.

First thing is first. Asia decides that she really like Tommy and precedes to develop a very deep crush towards him. Tommy isn't to sure how he feels about her, but Asia is a great friend!

Asia's dream through teen hood was to attend college, but soon as she arrived the education factor went out the window. She spends all her time calling home talking to her two sisters, her brother, and her parents. Meanwhile, Newton and Tommy have their head buried in their studies. They want the education that they have worked so hard for.

Brandon, Asia's twin brother decides to drop by for a visit. He misses his sister too. And not deciding to go to college has left a hole in his heart. Waking up every morning and not seeing your twin is kinda hard on a guy. So after spending a few hours of pillow fighting they say their good buys. Brandon isn't sure when he'll get the chance to visit Asia again. He will be going to
Bidwell come winter and money will be extra tight. So no bus trips to college to visit family.

Newton decides that it's time to get a girlfriend. He has never had one. Being shy in high school didn't go over well with the girls there. But he can't help who he is. He finds a nice girl in the dorm and tried to strike up a conversation with her.

Things seem to go well, but every time he switched to a new topic she would get mad, thrust her fingers in her ears and yell at him.

It was a blow to his fragile ego. Newton started to think maybe girls weren't the thing for him.

Meanwhile, Asia finally started to get down and study, realizing that she really didn't want to waste her parent's hard earned money to send her to college. And her scholarships only cover so much, so she decided to take on part time work in the cafeteria. Having 6 bars in cooking helps a lot as well. So Asia works mornings, leaving enough time to study then go to school in the afternoons.

Tommy has finally come around and falls for Asia as well. Needless to say she is very pleased in these events. If she had to sit through watching him try to hit on other co-ed's she'd scream. But being waiting for him has paid off!

It also appears that Asia has another admirer. Strange how he didn't pay any attention to her until she and Tommy started dating.


Freshmen Year

Newton Novak: Undeclared - A+ GPA 4.0

Asia Reed: History Major - A+ GPA 4.0

Tommy Ottamas: Mathematics Major - A+ GPA 4.0

Sophomore Year

Returning from final exams Asia has something every important on her mind. Because thinking about starting a family in college is always important! *roll eyes* But she's a family sim, so what can one say.

Guess the though prompted her to act and Asia and Tommy took their relationship to the next level.

Newton also seems to be lucky in love this year. He met a fellow co-ed (who's name I forgot to write down, I think it's Melissa). He was starting to think that maybe he was into guys. No matter how hard he tried all the girls he talked to hated him. But not Melissa (?) she enjoys his company and even made the first move. Newton is relieved and happy that he has a girlfriend.
The two spend all their time together. Even staring up at the clouds is enjoyable. Newton can't imagine himself with anyone else other than Melissa(?) He's sure his mother will like her just the same. Sadly, his dad won't get to met her. He died the night Newton left for college.

Melissa(?) decides that it's time to take their relationship further. Good thing the dorm provides each room with a double bed! Newton was quite surprised and exited by the notion of advancement to the next level. Melissa(?) is his first in everything.

He is 100% certain that she is the ONE and he is completely head over feet for her.

Meanwhile that stupid cow has come to the dorm to cause trouble. The water damage to the carpets!

Tommy and Asia are in a bliss of their own, but that co-ed seems to pop up every place Asia is at. It's starting to get a bit too creepy, and making her uncomfortable. Tommy doesn't make a big deal of it. The dude will get the hint and leave Asia alone soon enough.

To get her mind off of "Creepy Stalker" guy, Asia buys a parrot. She names him Polly, and loves playing with him. She heads off to play with him when she returns from classes. She even blows Tommy off to spend time with the bird. Meanwhile...

Sophomore Year
Newton Novak: Undeclared- A+ GPA 4.0
Asia Reed: History Major B+ GPA 3.8
Tommy Ottamas: Mathematics Major B+ GPA 3.8
(Author's Notes: I've decided that my college entery will be done as a mass update instead of individual sims. It's easier on me and gets done faster, lol. Since I don't update every sim with a their own blog entry every rotation, at least with college students you'll get to see what they are all up to at once.)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rupert Cotton Simdays 36 - 40

I love Riverdale! My new neighbor, Sharla, is awesome. Not only does is she really into me, she gets me. We are two of a kind, and that's what I like about her. We got each other's back when no one else does, as well as other things. I know I don't have to explain that.

So I was invited to a party at this very lovely girl's house, Nashira Sanchez. I'm really into her roommate, Annabell, but there's just something about Nashira that I like. So I invited her out on a date half expecting her to turn me down. But she didn't. I was pleasantly surprised by that.

Knowing that she's not like the girls I'm used to bedding I decided to take her to some artsy museum. I knew that would be right up her alley.

Before we went inside I gave her a rose. Telling her it was as lovely as her beautiful brown eyes. Which was half the truth. I mean I used this line countless of times, so I knew it would work. But her eyes are this lovely chocolaty brown, I could get lost in them if I'm not careful.

Yeah, I'll have her eating out of my hands in no time. Such a sweet young thing. The things I could show her, and teach her! The possibilities are endless!

She was telling me a story about this fountain, or at least I think it was a story, I'm not that sure. I was to busy really checking her out. Man, Nashira's body is banging. Can't wait to get a look of her without her clothing on. Though I know it might take a while. Again, she's not like the normal girls I go after.

I knew that when I was dancing with her at her house. When I asked her that question. Just from the blush the crept over her face, and the way she giggled then lightly tapped my arm. I knew she was a virgin. This would be great. The last girl I deflowered was Anya Kent. I'll be looking forward to this one!

I was so tempted to ask her back to my place at this moment, but I knew she would turn me down.

Instead I opted for dinner. We went to Smokey's Ribs for a bite to eat, then a quick make out season. That was the best place to end the date. I had a great time and I'm sure she did to. Until our next meeting Nashira.

I arrived home to find my brother passed out on the floor. It was obvious that he had been electrocuted. I was a bit scared. I could have lost my brother. What would I have done without him? I don't even want to think about it. Loosing our folks was bad enough, but to have Amos taken from me would be even harder. I know I don't tell him, but I do love him. But that's enough mushy stuff.

I needed to get my mind off of my brother not to mention the heaviness I was feeling after my date with Nashira. So I called up Sharla. She was happy to come over and she eased all my pain.

I decided to spend a hour with Amos before I left for work the next morning. Everything was great for a while, until he decided to lecture me on how I live my life. Well it's not hard to guess that things didn't go over so well, and I left on a not so high not.

I had time to cool off and think about things while at work, and Amos made some good points. But I'm young and I'm not going to give up my ways because my brother doesn't approve. If he wants to live like a prude that's his prerogative, but I'm going to live it up as long as I can.

I mean look at me. I'm every woman's desire and I can fulfill that for them, as they can do the same for me. It's like going to an all you can eat buffet, one night I might want something spicy, the next night I might want something sweet. And they are all there for the taking, no strings attached.

Amos could be doing it to, but he rather sit around and wait for "love" to find him. I'm not waiting.

Speaking of which, my next conquest.

She tells me she hasn't kissed another man since she met and married her husband. Well I told her she's in for the ride of her life. With a little reinforcement I was able to get her to come inside.

Yeah, I still got it. Even the married ladies can't resist me!

Now I just have to work on keeping my eating habits straight. Don't want to get to plump in all the wrong places.

(Notes from GB: As much as I hate Rupert for being a dog I still enjoy him to no end. He cracks me up. You know he basically falls in love with all the women he's slept with, lol. I look forward to playing his lot ever round. I never know what he's going to get himself into.)

Amos Cotton Simdays 36 - 40

Every since I met Nita Rich at a local store we have hit it off. We get along nicely and enjoy spending time together. I try to get with her as much as I can. And sometimes she brings her friend, Trisha Johnson along for a visit or two. I don't mind. She's nice company as well.

The thing is, I think we get along a little to well. I really like Nita but I'm to shy to move things along. I guess I'm afraid of rejection or something, I'm not sure. What if she's not into me the way I am into her? I think that's what's truly holding me back.

My brother told me I should just grab her and kiss her. But I don't work like that. He may be all in your face but I'm not. I like the idea of a romance. And I want her to feel the same way about me.

While my brother was out on another one of his "dates" I decided to spend the extra time to get coughed up on a mystery novel that I am reading.

Unlike some other Cotton I like to spend my pass time diving into a good book. It clears my mind and I can think on things.

After reading I decided to excise so I got chanced and turned on the TV. Well it started to spit out smoke so I decided to fix it. Not a good idea. I guess I forgot to unplug the thing first, the next thing I knew I was black as night and really needing a bath. Rupert had gotten home between me getting fried and waking up on the ground. He was really shaken up by the possibility that I could have died. I reassured him that I was alright then headed to the bathroom.

Jessica Picaso ran down and laughed at me. I'm glad she was so amused by my recent brush with death.

Rupert wasted no time in comforting himself with almost loosing me. I guess his date didn't put out so he called him new standby, Sharla Ottamas. I think he's actually found his match in that woman.

And for a guy who isn't getting any I sure do see a lot of naked ladies.

And more of my brother. Things that I haven't seen since we were kids. "Dude, put that way!" I tell him before glaceing back down at my book. He only laughs then heads for the bathroom.

He blows me off a lot of the time, but his lifestyle is bothersome. Well to me at least. He doesn't care, he's young, good looking, and having the time of his life. But eventually all this womanizing is going to come back and bit him in the butt. I just know it. I can feel it. I mean, he's messing with two women living in this building. He's sleeping with his boss, though he says they aren't anymore.

He's also messing with poor Anya Kent, and not to mention some other females from town and the mail lady. *sigh* I don't know how to get through to him. These are the times I wish our parents were still alive. Dad would be able to talk so sense into him.

I call Nita just to hear her voice but she could tell something was wrong. She rushed right over. (She lives right across the street). And I told her everything, about the electrocution, my fears over my brother, and how I felt about her.

She only stared at me for a for seconds before leaning over and kissing me oh so lightly.

I was in shock, granted, it wasn't the kiss to end all kisses, but I wasn't expecting that. We sat outside for an hour just holding each others hand and watching the cars as they drove by.

The next morning me and Rupert had words, he stormed out of the house mad. There was nothing I could do. I simply told him how I felt and that I wanted his wild ways to end. I am the older brother, he could do to respect me a little.

I guess he called Sharla since she came up to me asking me not to be angry with my brother. I explained my side to her and she smiled. She assured me that she could understand where we both were coming, but that I needed to understand that though me and Rupert are brothers we weren't cut from the same cloth.

He's still young, sowing his wild oats, but he would eventually calm down and become the young man our mother expected both of us to be.

I guess she was right. I don't know. All I know is time will tell. I just hope he changes before anything happens.

But I don't have time to worry about him. There's something blossoming between Nita and I and I can't wait to see where it leads us.

Sharla Ottamas 22 years old Simdays 36 - 40 *Nudity*

My mom is so over bearing, she worries about me way to much. She called non stop while I was away at uni. and she's doing it now. If she had her way I would have moved back home after graduation. But that never would have worked. She never would understand my lifestyle. I think my dad would, we was a wild child himself in his younger years.

But I doubt he would want it for his daughter. Sons... maybe, but me, not so much. So I got my own place, though getting the basics of life drained my bank account of the little money I did have. I need to find a job and soon.

The first of my new neighbors that I met was one Rupert Cotton. I'm not one for beating around the bush and I told him what I thought. We're both to very hot individuals and I think we would be good together for a few hours.

It's safe to say I think he agreed.

Rupert did agree with me the whole night. In the morning we decided that friends with benefits would do us just nicely. Which was a huge relief for me since I really didn't want to call any of my old flames from college over to scratch my itch!

I have to work at keeping my body it top physical condition not only to stay healthy, but really, who wants to be with a fat person? Ewww, I know I don't. Don't get me wrong fat chicks need loving too, but I don't plan on being a fat chick.

I decided to get some plastic surgery done. I know, I know. Should a person like me with limited finances get that done. The answer is easy. Yes! I didn't get that much work done, just had some fat placed in my cheeks and my lips plumped. It adds to my hotness.

But I really need to find a job now. Not to mention rent will be coming up soon. What to do, what to do?

Dude, you really shouldn't be checking me out with you wife standing right there. I mean, I know I'm totally hot but still. Save it for when she's not around. I dislike drama, and a jealous wife is something I want to avoid at all costs.

I need to play nice with the landlord. I really don't remember his name,and I'm not even going to try. I'll try to butter him up a bit. Jessica Picaso and Amos Cotton are at it again. Man, for such a sweet guy he sure gets in a lot of fights.

Ewww, even I have limits! He had to nerve to suggest we bring his dad into the mix. That's just wrong. I have no problem with senior lovin' tried it a few times at school, but to have a go with father and son at the same time... I think not.

After the fact maybe I should have let his dad in on the fun, at least then I would have enjoyed myself, geez. Anyway I go my rent lowered so that's what counts!

"Sure, it's one of my favorite past times." And here is where I must leave you all. Until next time.