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ROS for Years 2011 - 2012

Here are the ROS for this round for Riverdale. You all know the drill by now, no telling, so keep your eyes open for them in each update. For this round I used Laura's as well as Jade's ROS.

1) Anger Management Therapy. Must read and finish the anger management novel. Road rage much?

2) DUI - you should have known better! Pay a $1,000 fine and you may not drive a car for 2 years. Thank goodness you didn't hurt anyone, you stupid bastard! Some people have no self control!

3) Teen/YA only: You're too young to be tied down like this! Break up with your GF/BF and go explore your options. Someones going to get hurt. :(

4) Child/Teen runs away. Must be a horrible life at home to do this!

5) Are you depressed? Mope around, lounge, relax in bed. Go lie out under the stars, ponder your meaningless existence. Eat if you must, go to work if you must. You sad, sad bastard. Poor person.

6) Death by illness, so tragic. *sobs* Not again!

Bright Sunshiny Day

February, Winter 2011, Nashira Sanchez is 27
(Danny and Kristin Sanchez are 58, Lilly is 17, Dawn is 12 and, Rupert is 31)

This is a mini-update because not much happened in her house.

Nashira sat eating breakfast. She was excited and the flip flopping of her stomach wasn't helping any. But besides that she was excited. Today was the day that she was going to be named "Head of the Science Department" at work.

Finishing breakfast Nashira headed off to get ready for work and, to down some Mylanta. It was the only thing that was able to settle her stomach these days. Maybe this was more than just some persistent stomach flu. It was time to pay a vi st to her doctor... soon. Nashira promised herself.

Returning home and bubbling with excitement Nashira invited her parents over for an impromptu dinner.

Lilly stood next to her sister as she throw together a meal smiling to herself. She was such not a loser like her sister. She not only kissed two guys but snuck out of the house to met one. And not forgetting how she got drunk on the beach and went skinny dipping.

Yeah, Lilly Sanchez was so not a total zero like her sister!

As mother and daughter caught up on the latest gossip...

The younger siblings hung out in the complex playground. Lilly still wasn't speaking to Brooke. After finding out that the girl was the one who ratted her out to their parents about the age of Hot Student Teacher.
Brooke tried to plead with her, tried to get Lilly to see her point of view. But she wasn't standing for it. Hello, she was 17. She could date a 27 year old. But if mom said that Brooke was too young to date then tough cookies!

And after her family had left, the food put away and, the dishes placed in the dish washer. Nashira welcomed Rupert over for the evening. And unbeknownst to Lilly and anyone else, Nashira Sanchez wasn't such a loser!

(note: Okay, so Nashira finally gave in to Rupert. But look how long it took! So even with ACR she held out for a long time, what like 4 years or something. Rupert's totally smitten with her and Sharla.)

Calgone, take me away!

January, still winter 2011, Nadya Novak is 43, Dominic is 35, Vanya is 19, Shaw is 3 and, Tandi is 11 months old.

Narrated by: Vanya Novak

"So I called Bart up. Told him to come over as soon as he could. We really needed to talk. But from the looks of things you'd think I had more on my mind than talking."

Happy New Year 2011

December, Winter 2010, Amos Cotton is 32, Rupert 31
(Sharla and Nashira are 27, Nita is 26, Thomas Brooks is 54 and, Landlord man is ???)

This winter has been wonky to say the least. One minute the sun is shinning brightly and you could go outside with only a jacket. Then the next morning there would be a snow storm and the temps dropping into the low 20's.

And New Year's Eve was no different. The day started off lovely, slightly warm and Amos only wore a sweat suite as he took his morning job. On return home that's when the snow flurries started and, you could feel the slight change in the air.

Amos stopped to invite his landlord to the party he and his brother were throwing later that night. The landlord wondered if Sharla would be there. He thought she was totally hot.

Amos is thinking "Don't you know she just gave birth?" Not that there's nothing wrong with liking a woman who has given birth to a baby, but still. She made it very clear she was no longer interested in her old landlord.

By the time Rupert was out of bed, dressed and had eaten breakfast, the snow had stopped leaving a light dusting on the ground.

Samantha Patrelli stopped by. She wanted to speak with him about further training and a possible promotion. He was all ears for that!

That's when the blonde walking by caught his eye. He had to do a double take. She was one of his conquests from his vacation.

She told him that she lived in New York or some place with a York or a New in it. So what was she doing here? And by the look on her face she actually believed him when he said that he would call.

Blonde chick is thinking: "I know were you live, Rupert!" Fatal Attraction much?


Night time had come and the guest started to arrive. Amos wasn't going to invite Nita Rich, so Rupert took it upon himself to call her instead. No matter how hard Amos tried to get over her he couldn't. And secretly he was glad that his brother invited her.

And if the expression she was giving him was any indication, Nita was glad to be there too! She had missed Amos just as much.

Rupert told Nashira all about his vacation. She was also happy to share her stories of when her family took a trip to Twikki Island as well.

She left out the part of her being on the plump side, but losing the weight while on vacation.

"Yeah, man, kids really do change your perception on life." Thomas explains. "When me and Tyra started dating I never thought it would lead to kids. Hell, I never thought it would lead to marriage, or anything. I was just looking to get laid."

Rupert hung onto every word. Granted, he didn't spend much time with his son, Tony. But he did like to believe that he changed a little bit, or at least after he got back from Twikki Island.

Amos really wasn't listening. He was watching Nita from his peripheral vision. All this talk of babies and families got him thinking about what he and Nita's kids would look like. But he was getting ahead of himself. They had just started talking again, they weren't even together.

After finishing her plate of food Nashira had to do a mad dash to the bathroom. She's been battling a stomach flew for the past few days and, it wasn't showing any signs of letting up any time soon.

Sharla gave her the once over when she emerged from the john.

"What?" Nashira asks. Sharla only stares at her.

As the clock counts down to usher in the new year, Amos and Nita take a moment to dance to music that they only can hear. With a new year comes a new love with someone you already love.

(notes: As you can see, Amos wants almost all involve Nita is some kind of way. Not sure if the vacation put him in a new mindset or what. Before all he did was go around the house being mad at Nita, but after returning home all he's been rolling is Nita wants.

For some strange reason I didn't get the option to throw new year's party and I don't know why. Oh, well. So all they had was a regular party instead.)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baked goods and disappointment

December, Winter 2010, Tosha Snapple is 34 and Xander is 37

Xander and Tosha have been trying to get pregnant since before they were married. Tosha did fall pregnant once, but sadly, she lost the baby early on.

Every month they try and every month Tosha is met with disappointment when her monthly comes to visit. But she won't stop trying and neither with Xander.

But all the trying and basically failing is taking a toll on Tosha, emotionally and physically. She cries a lot and surfs different mothers to be sites, hoping that she will find women like her. She found a few, desperately trying to fall pregnant.

Some have turned to adoption as their last resort. Tosha's not ready to "throw in the towel" just yet.

But to fill the void that has opened up in her heart Tosha has turned to food. Baking is her choice of sin.

Making something by hand and eating it makes her feel better for a time.

Xander can see his wife, the change in her character. But he doesn't say anything. He doesn't want to add more stress to her life right now. But he does wish that she would lay off of the baked goods. She is a physically fit woman, but all that sugar is bound to catch up with her.

A few weeks later the two were discussing planning a vacation to the mountains. A little time away would do Tosha and Xander a world of good.

"Maybe we could go to Three Lakes. Or maybe Big Bear Lake. They all tend to have the same name huh?" Xander joked. Tosha smiled.

"How about some place hot? The cold here is making me..." She didn't get to finish her last statement.

Tosha hurried to the bathroom and made it to the toilet just in time.

A quick visit to her doctor confirmed that she was expecting. They were both excited. Their prayers had been answered.

But soon things started to take a turn for the worse. The early cramping started. Doctor Snowden put Tosha on bed rest. She could only do the bare minimum. She didn't even want Tosha getting up to use the bath room.

Tosha agreed to do all that she could to prevent loosing this baby.

Xander didn't show it. He would wait until his wife went to bed. But he was scared. Not only for the little life growing inside of her, but also for her sanity. Suffering another loss just might push Tosha over the edge, and he didn't want that.

(Yeah, a short update. I really didn't think she was going to get pregnant. She was pregnant right before they got married and lost the baby the night before their wedding. They have been trying like mad ever sense. I even pop into their house when I'm not playing them just so they could work on baby making... but nothing.

So when she started throwing up I was so happy! Then the cramping started. I honestly have no idea why she got the warning of loosing the baby. The notice said she needed to eat healthy food. Tosha is a health nut, all she eats are salads and veggies. Sometimes a little meat.

So hopefully everything will work out for them. That's why the update was so short. Soon as she started to cramp I put her to bed.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sometimes they come back

November, Fall 2010, Tyra Books is 51, Thomas is 54 and, Marcus and Oliver are 13
(Eva Brooks is 22)

Marcus is determined to go to college. His brother isn't as focused as he is so, he slacks off a lot not only at school but at home as well. And Marcus tends to follow his brother's example. Which leads him to staying up till the middle of the night getting his homework done.

It was on one of those late nights that something caught his eye. At first he figured he was tired and wrote off the white figure as a figment of his imagination.

But he couldn't blame tired eyes when their dearly departed dog of four years popped out of nowhere and, scared the crap out of him in the kitchen.

Marcus was so scared in fact that he peed in his pants. So embarrassing. He was just glade that he was the only person woke to witness the wetting of pants.

If Oliver knew about it he would never let Marcus live it down. And he might have told the whole school.

After cleaning up the puddle and showering, Marcus realized that it was too late for bed, so he fixed himself a cup of coffee. That's when his dad walked into the kitchen.

He was excited, today was his first day at the new production studio in town. He and a friend from work decided to venture into the acting side of the entertainment business. They were looking into new show ideas, movie deals and the like.

Marcus explained why he was up so late (leaving out the homework part).

Thomas listened, nodding his head as his son went on. In the end he agreed that what Marcus had seen was a figment of him imagination brought on by lack of sleep.

Marcus didn't buy that. He pointed out that that was what he believed at first. Thomas only laughed it off, continued to stand by his answer. Ghosts weren't real after all.

Marcus knew what he saw but he wasn't going to push the issue with his dad. So, he only smiled, wished his dad a good day and, finished his coffee.

Marcus tells his mom as well. He has no problem convincing her. Tyra firmly believes in the supernatural. And she knew it would only be a matter of time before little old Rusty returned home. She could only hope that he would show himself to her!

She had loved that dog. Rusty was with her when she and Thomas moved to Riverdale when they both were in their early twenties and looking to start life. It was sad when their dog had died, but now he was home, making the family feel complete once again.

Keegan Ottamas came home with Oliver much to Marcus distaste. He can't stand the boy. Truthfully he can't stand any of the Ottamas' that he knows. Except their mom, she's cool, but Danny and Keegan, can't stand the sight of them. They're loud and, rude and, just plan... he didn't have a word for it. But he just couldn't stand them.

With that being said, he doesn't need a reason to pick a fight with the boy, he just does.

Keegan doesn't understand why Marcus is so opposed to him staying for dinner. It's not like his mother's cooking is that bad.

And while they are fussing inside Thomas is greeted by a wonderful surprise. Eva! She stops by for a visit. One of the very rear days that she has to herself, no studying and no rotation at the hospital.

Thomas does worry about her being outside with no coat on thought.

Maybe Marcus' protest to Keegan staying for dinner wasn't just some teenage hormonal thing. Tyra did burn the chicken, which caused her to be slightly embarrassed.

Eva on the other hand could care less. Anything was better than dorm food. At least she was able to tell that this was fried chicken, even if it was burnt.

As Tyra cleans up the dinner dishes Keegan runs out the door to his brother's waiting jeep and, the twins settle down to do their homework. Thomas fusses over Eva and her lack of coat. He tells her that he's going to find one of her old ones in storage. She groans, telling him that she will be fine.

She has to get back to campus, she had a long day ahead of her in the morning.

(notes: Not much happened in the house other than Rusty roaming the house. That was the first time I saw a ghost pet. Yay! lol

Marcus rolled the ROS to pick a fight with anyone. So I had him fight with Keegan. Funny that they fought over food as Tyra was making dinner. Then she goes and burns it. ROFL)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I feel good today

October, Fall 2010, Jamie Lopez is 55, Brian Chew 49, Davon is 19, AJ is 17 and, Aaron and Adrian are 6

Jame was starting to worry. She hadn't heard from Brian in a few weeks. He was supposed to be home the day before yesterday from his job hunting in a new city. But as of right now he was MIA. She didn't let on though. When the twins asked; "When is Daddy was coming home," Jamie would smile and tell them; "Soon."

AJ on the other hand wasn't too worried about his mother's boyfriend. Don't get it wrong. He and Brian got along well. He was the only stable male in his life other than his brother, while growing up. But he still couldn't help feeling a bit jealous that his twin siblings got both their parents while he and Davon only had their mom. His dad starting a new life with a new wife and three new kids. One of which attends his school now.

But he normally pushed all that to the back of him mind. And to help him was the very pretty Mary Snowden. All the guys swooned over her. But she never noticed. Her mind was consumed with the love of her life in Simmington Hills. It didn't stop her from hanging out with her friends though!

Suni also stopped by for a visit and the three hung out on the sidewalk. Fall was fading fast and warm days like this would soon be in the past.

They discussed the up coming prom, what they all had plan on wearing. Mary told them that she would be attending two proms. The one here in Riverdale as well as the senior prom in Simmington Hills.

Suni thought that was cool. Traveling to another hood to be with your boyfriend. Not to mention getting to buy two dresses! She just hopped AJ would ask her to the prom soon. As of yet, he hadn't made it official. She wondered what was holding him up.

Suni also shared the news of her brother's engagement. She was surprised that he would even consider marriage after what happened between he and Annabell. But she guessed love won out in the end.

AJ spent a little quality time with Suni. He was ready to ask her to prom but something stopped him. Well it was more like someone named Lilly Sanchez. He did have strong feelings for Suni, but he also had feelings for Lilly as well. He just didn't know what to do. He also didn't to keep stringing Suni along until he made up his mind.

Edward stopped by after the teens had left, he needed to speak with Davon. Who was quit surprised to see his father. They talked a lot on the phone, but his dad never had the time to spend with him or AJ.

He told him that he did want to spend more time with them. And since Smokey's Ribs was doing so well, he could finally take the time needed to be with them.

That angered Davon a bit. He dad could now afford the time. He was 19 for crying out loud. He didn't need his dad anymore. He was a man. AJ on the other hand did need their dad, so he agreed to his father's request.

He wanted to take them on a weekend fishing trip in January. The fish would just be coming out of their deep thaw, ready to mate. It would be fun.

Davon watched his dad leave. He found that he was actually looking forward to the trip. Maybe things between he his dad and his brother would work out in the end.

Brian finally returned home a month late, but non the less he was home. Jamie was both thrilled and pissed that he was back. Thrilled because she was worried to death about him. Pissed off because he hadn't called her, didn't even sent a note or card to let her know he was alive.
Brian acted as if everything was normal. Apologized for not calling as well. But that the job fell through and he was just heartbroken and didn't want to talk to anyone.
Jame said she believed him but she couldn't help the nagging feeling that there was something else to it. She didn't see the signs when Eddie started to cheat on her with Joy, but she was damn sure she would see them with Brian!
(notes: All the boys swoon over Mary but she pays them no mind. She doesn't swoon over anyone. lol Which is good since I don't want her messing things up with Marchon in Simmington Hills. lol But who knows how she's going to act in college. *sigh*
As for Brian. He vanished. I think this lot is buggy and I'm going to have to move everyone out and rip it down. So, he was gone since they moved into the building. So I was going to write it as him vanishing. But he popped back up so I had to bring him back. lol Maybe he needed a vacation from all those kids.
Davon also moved out, so he will be one his own come next round.
And yes, Edward is a dead beat dad when it comes to his two oldest. He only calls on occasion but never visits. This was his first visit since AD was born after their divorce.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Don't wanna be no loser

September, Fall 2010, Kristin and Danny Sanchez are 58, Lilly is 17 and, Brook is 12.
(Taffi and Antwan Snowden are 54, Mary is 17, Fatima is 31 and, Mansur is 32)

First day of school jitters was normal, but what Lilly was feeling was a little more than that. She had to find the perfect outfit to start the new year off. So far this one was in the lead.

But with your boobs trying to play peek a boo from the sides, it would get her sent home. That being if she could even get past her parents in the top. But it really was cute. She'd have to save it for a date.

And on top of not finding the right outfit, there was the mother of all zits forming on her chin. Just great! Showing up for senior year with a huge pimple was so not cool.

Maybe she could walk around school with her face buried in her hands. But Lilly soon realized that was a bad idea.

Finally finding a suitable outfit and a very flattering hair style Lilly raced to the bathroom. Starting her final year of high school was not agreeing with her stomach. Blech!

While the girls were at school little 'ol Turk, who wasn't so little anymore, aged into an elder. He's the family trusted pet. Turk was a house warming gift from Danny to Mansur when they first bought this home so many years ago. And how he's showing his age and, his time will soon be coming to an end.
But Turk isn't the only Sanchez getting older today. Brooke, adopted daughter of Kristin and Danny, also is celebrating getting older. And the family gather around to user in her years of teendom.
Brooke is so happy! She couldn't wait to become a teen. She'll finally be able to stay up later than before, not to mention going to school with the older and much cool kids! Yeah, being a preteen was shaping up pretty well.
Kristin and Taffi share an embarrassing moment with each other about Mansur and how cute he was bathing in the tub when he was 4. The two giggle and snicker, yet, Mansur can see nothing "funny" or "cute" about it!
He was never going to be a corny dad to Alani and embarrass her by sharing stories of her in the buff swimming in bath water. I think Antwan agrees!
Mary explains that a party just isn't a party without a good old round of slap dancing.
Everyone agrees. Antwan's looking at Fatima thinking should she really be doing the slap dance? Won't it worsen morning sickness?
Danny takes a moment to admire his beautiful wife. Even after all these years and having a few wrinkles added to her face, Kristin still is the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on. Danny can't help but to think what a lucky man he truly is.
Then thoughts turn to that burglary who invaded their home when Mansur was a toddler. Really? Let it go, Danny. Let it go!
With a new school year comes new love. Brooke couldn't wait to start dating. Jokes on her though. She is way to young to have her head full of first kisses and romance. So for now, she'll just have to settle with Edward Jr. as a close male friend.
Kristin said that once she turns 15 then she can start dating.
Lilly has found a romantic interest too! A student teach from school. But Brooke will have none of that. If she can't date then why should Lilly. Never mind the fact that Lilly is 17 and a senior. Plus, she knows their mom will flip once she finds out that one of her daughters has taken a liking to a man much older than her.
The subject is brought up over dinner that night.
"You are much to young to be dating a guy who is 27 years old." Kristin says. Danny only nods in agreement as he eats dinner.
"All you want me to do is focus on school. I' young mom, but smart. I'm not going to do anything stupid." Lilly pleads her side.
"No. And that's final. If you want to date find a boy your age."
Brooke can't help but smirk. They'll both be boy friendless!
Lilly is so mad she can hardly eat. But she does manage to finish dinner. But still! Her mom is being way unfair and, her dad just sat there supporting the verdict!

She was almost an adult. She would be leaving for college soon, how could they not trust her judgement? Well, once she was moved out she could date whomever she wanted!

Just the whole waiting until fall semester started at college was just to long. So she decided to slip out once her parents retired to their bedroom for the night and meet up with hot Student Teacher.

She just didn't plan on Mary's dad and, Mayor of Riverdale, showing up that late at night. Luckily he was only out for a nightly stroll. She quickly waved before running to meet her date.

The two decided to head down to the pier. It was almost deserted at this time, Lilly know this from past experience. And it was the perfect place to sit, talk and, to get to know each other.

Lilly told him that her sister was 27 and still hadn't had a boyfriend yet. Nashira was such a loser. The two had a good laugh at that!

They stopped by a photo booth for some silly pictures.

Lilly didn't know what was wrong. They two had great chemistry together. He was hot. She was hot. They were hot together.

But they had absolutely nothing in common. And no amount of hotness could make up for that.

It really sucked! She snuck out of the out and possible grounding until Prom for nothing.
Maybe not nothing. Turns out hot Student Teacher is a great kisser too. But still not enough to base a relationship on. They parted on amicable terms on the beach.

Lilly sat down and removed her shoes, letting them barley touch the waves lapping at the shore, and she thought. She thought about her sad attempted at a late night date, the kiss they had just shared. She also thought about a boy her age. Another whom she had kissed only a few miles away from this spot.
And she also thought about the fact that she was totally not a loser like her older sister. She had already locked lips with two hot guys. Because Lilly Sanchaz don't wanna be no loser!

(notes: Hot Student Teacher really isn't a teacher at Riverdale High. He actually came home with Danny after work and he and Lilly started heart farting all over each other. So, since she wanted her first kiss I tired to see where it would go between them. They really don't like each other, just find each other really, really attractive.
If your a bit confused. I played their house before I played the beach for their senior skinny deep. But she and AJ did share a kiss, but H.S.T. was her very first kiss.
And yes, Nashira still hasn't found a boyfriend. So Lilly thinks she's a totally loser.
Oh, and Lilly cought a stomach virus, that's why she was throwing up. I have no idea how she got sick either. When I entered the house it said that she was sick.)