Sunday, June 14, 2009

I feel good today

October, Fall 2010, Jamie Lopez is 55, Brian Chew 49, Davon is 19, AJ is 17 and, Aaron and Adrian are 6

Jame was starting to worry. She hadn't heard from Brian in a few weeks. He was supposed to be home the day before yesterday from his job hunting in a new city. But as of right now he was MIA. She didn't let on though. When the twins asked; "When is Daddy was coming home," Jamie would smile and tell them; "Soon."

AJ on the other hand wasn't too worried about his mother's boyfriend. Don't get it wrong. He and Brian got along well. He was the only stable male in his life other than his brother, while growing up. But he still couldn't help feeling a bit jealous that his twin siblings got both their parents while he and Davon only had their mom. His dad starting a new life with a new wife and three new kids. One of which attends his school now.

But he normally pushed all that to the back of him mind. And to help him was the very pretty Mary Snowden. All the guys swooned over her. But she never noticed. Her mind was consumed with the love of her life in Simmington Hills. It didn't stop her from hanging out with her friends though!

Suni also stopped by for a visit and the three hung out on the sidewalk. Fall was fading fast and warm days like this would soon be in the past.

They discussed the up coming prom, what they all had plan on wearing. Mary told them that she would be attending two proms. The one here in Riverdale as well as the senior prom in Simmington Hills.

Suni thought that was cool. Traveling to another hood to be with your boyfriend. Not to mention getting to buy two dresses! She just hopped AJ would ask her to the prom soon. As of yet, he hadn't made it official. She wondered what was holding him up.

Suni also shared the news of her brother's engagement. She was surprised that he would even consider marriage after what happened between he and Annabell. But she guessed love won out in the end.

AJ spent a little quality time with Suni. He was ready to ask her to prom but something stopped him. Well it was more like someone named Lilly Sanchez. He did have strong feelings for Suni, but he also had feelings for Lilly as well. He just didn't know what to do. He also didn't to keep stringing Suni along until he made up his mind.

Edward stopped by after the teens had left, he needed to speak with Davon. Who was quit surprised to see his father. They talked a lot on the phone, but his dad never had the time to spend with him or AJ.

He told him that he did want to spend more time with them. And since Smokey's Ribs was doing so well, he could finally take the time needed to be with them.

That angered Davon a bit. He dad could now afford the time. He was 19 for crying out loud. He didn't need his dad anymore. He was a man. AJ on the other hand did need their dad, so he agreed to his father's request.

He wanted to take them on a weekend fishing trip in January. The fish would just be coming out of their deep thaw, ready to mate. It would be fun.

Davon watched his dad leave. He found that he was actually looking forward to the trip. Maybe things between he his dad and his brother would work out in the end.

Brian finally returned home a month late, but non the less he was home. Jamie was both thrilled and pissed that he was back. Thrilled because she was worried to death about him. Pissed off because he hadn't called her, didn't even sent a note or card to let her know he was alive.
Brian acted as if everything was normal. Apologized for not calling as well. But that the job fell through and he was just heartbroken and didn't want to talk to anyone.
Jame said she believed him but she couldn't help the nagging feeling that there was something else to it. She didn't see the signs when Eddie started to cheat on her with Joy, but she was damn sure she would see them with Brian!
(notes: All the boys swoon over Mary but she pays them no mind. She doesn't swoon over anyone. lol Which is good since I don't want her messing things up with Marchon in Simmington Hills. lol But who knows how she's going to act in college. *sigh*
As for Brian. He vanished. I think this lot is buggy and I'm going to have to move everyone out and rip it down. So, he was gone since they moved into the building. So I was going to write it as him vanishing. But he popped back up so I had to bring him back. lol Maybe he needed a vacation from all those kids.
Davon also moved out, so he will be one his own come next round.
And yes, Edward is a dead beat dad when it comes to his two oldest. He only calls on occasion but never visits. This was his first visit since AD was born after their divorce.)


  1. So when is Mary going to head to Simmington Hills to be with Marchon? After college? Are you going to send a copy of her to Green? So many questions. I'm just very intrigued by this idea.

    I'm glad to find out what happened with Brian! I think you mentioned it in another update and I forgot to ask what was up. Pretty flimsy excuse he gave Jamie though - I don't trust him!

  2. Yup, Mary is shipping off after college. So I get four more years with her then she's gone. I'm going to miss her but it will be fun to see what happens with her and Marchon in SH. I know Green is going to take good care of her.

    I'm going to send her a clone of Mary and I guess what I'll do with the original is plop her back in the family bin.

    If I were Jamie I would have demanded a better explination! His vanihsing like that was not cool.

  3. I'm so behind, geez. Sorry, girl. *hugs*

    Yes, I plan to take very good care of the beautiful Mary! She and Marchon have a wonderful future to look forward to, that's if the ROS allows it. *wink* Their storyline is the one I look the most forward to playing.

  4. Oh, God, I've forgotten about ROS. ROFL Well, we can only hope that if anything bad happens with them, it will only make them stronger and more in love. lol.

    Yes, you are waaaay behind. lol But no worries!


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