Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ROS for Years 2011 - 2012

Here are the ROS for this round for Riverdale. You all know the drill by now, no telling, so keep your eyes open for them in each update. For this round I used Laura's as well as Jade's ROS.

1) Anger Management Therapy. Must read and finish the anger management novel. Road rage much?

2) DUI - you should have known better! Pay a $1,000 fine and you may not drive a car for 2 years. Thank goodness you didn't hurt anyone, you stupid bastard! Some people have no self control!

3) Teen/YA only: You're too young to be tied down like this! Break up with your GF/BF and go explore your options. Someones going to get hurt. :(

4) Child/Teen runs away. Must be a horrible life at home to do this!

5) Are you depressed? Mope around, lounge, relax in bed. Go lie out under the stars, ponder your meaningless existence. Eat if you must, go to work if you must. You sad, sad bastard. Poor person.

6) Death by illness, so tragic. *sobs* Not again!


  1. They all seemed really easy until I read the death one. That is so sad and I don't even know who it is, yet.

    How do you decided how many Random Scenarios to pull?

  2. I actually got one of my daughter's to pick which sim dies. I didn't tell her why I needed her to pick a random sim until after she had done it. *I'm bad, I know!* lol

    I base how many to do on the number of sims I have in the hood. As of right now I have over 100+ like maybe 106 or more playables. So six ROS sounds like a good number.

  3. Oh no, death by illness! I hate killing off Sims!

    The runaway could be interesting though!

  4. I told you, my game does it's own poplulation control. lol

  5. Yikes! Looks like a lot of things to look forward to...or not forward to.

  6. Ohhhhh noooo! Can't wait to see what happens to who. The death one has me shaking, though.

    I wonder which Sim your daughter said? Probably a real popular one, eh? I hope not! Better not be Mary, either! LOL! Nahhh, she wouldn't say Mary...*keeps telling self*

  7. Ha, ha! I wish I could tell you, but then it would spoil the surprise. lol


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