Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy New Year 2011

December, Winter 2010, Amos Cotton is 32, Rupert 31
(Sharla and Nashira are 27, Nita is 26, Thomas Brooks is 54 and, Landlord man is ???)

This winter has been wonky to say the least. One minute the sun is shinning brightly and you could go outside with only a jacket. Then the next morning there would be a snow storm and the temps dropping into the low 20's.

And New Year's Eve was no different. The day started off lovely, slightly warm and Amos only wore a sweat suite as he took his morning job. On return home that's when the snow flurries started and, you could feel the slight change in the air.

Amos stopped to invite his landlord to the party he and his brother were throwing later that night. The landlord wondered if Sharla would be there. He thought she was totally hot.

Amos is thinking "Don't you know she just gave birth?" Not that there's nothing wrong with liking a woman who has given birth to a baby, but still. She made it very clear she was no longer interested in her old landlord.

By the time Rupert was out of bed, dressed and had eaten breakfast, the snow had stopped leaving a light dusting on the ground.

Samantha Patrelli stopped by. She wanted to speak with him about further training and a possible promotion. He was all ears for that!

That's when the blonde walking by caught his eye. He had to do a double take. She was one of his conquests from his vacation.

She told him that she lived in New York or some place with a York or a New in it. So what was she doing here? And by the look on her face she actually believed him when he said that he would call.

Blonde chick is thinking: "I know were you live, Rupert!" Fatal Attraction much?


Night time had come and the guest started to arrive. Amos wasn't going to invite Nita Rich, so Rupert took it upon himself to call her instead. No matter how hard Amos tried to get over her he couldn't. And secretly he was glad that his brother invited her.

And if the expression she was giving him was any indication, Nita was glad to be there too! She had missed Amos just as much.

Rupert told Nashira all about his vacation. She was also happy to share her stories of when her family took a trip to Twikki Island as well.

She left out the part of her being on the plump side, but losing the weight while on vacation.

"Yeah, man, kids really do change your perception on life." Thomas explains. "When me and Tyra started dating I never thought it would lead to kids. Hell, I never thought it would lead to marriage, or anything. I was just looking to get laid."

Rupert hung onto every word. Granted, he didn't spend much time with his son, Tony. But he did like to believe that he changed a little bit, or at least after he got back from Twikki Island.

Amos really wasn't listening. He was watching Nita from his peripheral vision. All this talk of babies and families got him thinking about what he and Nita's kids would look like. But he was getting ahead of himself. They had just started talking again, they weren't even together.

After finishing her plate of food Nashira had to do a mad dash to the bathroom. She's been battling a stomach flew for the past few days and, it wasn't showing any signs of letting up any time soon.

Sharla gave her the once over when she emerged from the john.

"What?" Nashira asks. Sharla only stares at her.

As the clock counts down to usher in the new year, Amos and Nita take a moment to dance to music that they only can hear. With a new year comes a new love with someone you already love.

(notes: As you can see, Amos wants almost all involve Nita is some kind of way. Not sure if the vacation put him in a new mindset or what. Before all he did was go around the house being mad at Nita, but after returning home all he's been rolling is Nita wants.

For some strange reason I didn't get the option to throw new year's party and I don't know why. Oh, well. So all they had was a regular party instead.)


  1. Amos and Nita would make some pretty babies (I guess, u never now with the sims). I hope they can work something out.

  2. I hope so too! And I think they would make some pretty babies. But Nita is a wild card, she was the one who borke up with him the first time around.

  3. I loved Rupert's fling coming back to haunt him! I wonder if he'll see her around again.

    Hmmm, so Nashira isn't such a loser after all! Who's the father? Oooh, the intrigue!

    Eh, Baby New Year is the creepiest thing ever anyway! It reminds me of that horrible dancing baby from Ally McBeal!

    Sullivan has had a wonky winter too. I haven't been getting snow until the last couple of days and even then, it's often not very heavy.

  4. It was funny, she was glearing at him and I had no idea why. So I oaused the game and looked at her name, then went into his memories and saw that she was the blonde from vacation. Man she was giving him the evil side eye like I have never seen. lol

    I can't tell you that! lol You'll find out soon enough about Nashira!

    Thanks so much. I forgot alla bout that babya nd now you've brought him back! ROFL

    Strange seasons like in RL. It's finally starting to get super hot here for summer. Like the high 80's and I really don't want it to get too hot since my building manager won't fix our ac. *dies from heat*

  5. I can't stand Rupert. LOL! He needs to be spending more time with Tony. I would give him the evil eye too. LOL!

    Can't wait to find out what's going on with Nashira.

  6. Do you rally hate him? lol I think he's getting better... just a little bit. He's taking a long while to figure out what he wants.


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