Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doctor Feel Good

June, Summer 2010, Amos Cotton is 32 and, Rupert is 31

This one's kinda long.

Rupert checked his reflection in the mirror, making sure that he looked as good as he did five minutes ago. He wasn't getting ready for a date or anything, just invited Nashira over for some basketball. But he still needed to look good. Never knew who might walk past or drop in for a visit.

He invited Amos to join him but his brother wasn't in the mood. It had been almost a year since Nita broke off their engagement, but it still stung. Amos spent all of his free time marinating over the rejection. He was sure that she still loved him but she never offered an explanation as to why she broke up with him.

Amos couldn't help but mull over all the questions that he had. His resentment grew more and more with every passing day.

Nashira finally arrived and the two played a little one on one for a bit. Rupert actually enjoyed the little relationship that had formed between them. Granted, there was no sex. But Nashira wasn't having sex with anyone. He could hold out. It wasn't as if he didn't have other ladies to warm his bed.

After Nashira left Rupert dropped in on Sharla. He surprised her with a gift. Something he hardly ever does with anyone other than his brother.

It was a gym membership card. Sharla seemed to be putting on some weight in the past few months. And Rupert Cotton is no chubby chaser!

Sharla thanked him before they moved to the bed room.

After they settled in for the night. This was something that had become routine for the two of them. Rupert would come visit Sharla or vise versa, and they would spend the night together. They only did it with each other and no one else.

The next morning after Sharla had left for work Rupert returned home offering to make breakfast for his brother. Amos refused, stating that he didn't have much of an appetite. Rupert only shook his head. He needed to do something to get his older brother out of the depression he seemed to be in.

After breakfast (and Amos settling down for a late one) Rupert decided on the perfect idea to cheer up his brother. A vacation!


Amos complained the whole flight to Twikki Island. He didn't think that he needed a vacation. Heck, he didn't think that he needed cheering up. He just wanted to be left alone. Given the proper time to mourn, heal and, move on.

But Rupert would hear non of that. And soon as they set foot in their hotel he waisted no time. He put on his best face to charm the hotel maid, asking her if she had any friends that would be interested in his brother. He also added that he would be quiet interested in her being in his bed that night.

She kindly refused!

Amos left his brother in the lobby and headed up to his room. He quickly changed and headed back down to the pool. The tropical paradise was hot, which left him feeling sticky. A nice dip in the pool would cool him off nicely.

"I'm here to meet new people. Well, that's what my mom said. She said that I needed to meet new people. Expand my circle of friends!"

Rupert laughed, the little red head was funny. She had a motor of a mouth on her too. She would be great in bed.

Yup, she'd be eating out of his hands in no time.

The maid in the back is thinking that maybe she should warn the girl about scum bags like Rupert, but this is the tropics. People are on vacation. Both men and women come here to have fun and make stupid mistakes. So she shrugs and gets started on her afternoon rounds.

And Amos isn't so hopeless after all. He managed to find a lovely lady and talk. Even if it's only for talking. Talking was good it took his mind off his problems back home.


Rupert worked the room and the recreation area of the hotel. His eyes falling on a striking blonde sipping on her tropical drink. After a few flattering words and three drinks later, the two found themselves in Rupert's hotel room.

Dude in the lobby asked if Amos happened to see his wife. Amos asked him to describe her to him.

"Short, blonde, wearing a floral bikini."

Amos couldn't help but laugh. Oh, yeah, he'd seen her... headed to his brother's room. But he didn't tell the man that. "No, haven't seen her. Check the bar."

Blondie had fallen asleep as Rupert showered. As he headed towards the door he looked back at her sleeping form. He hope that she didn't think this would be something serious. He was on vacation having fun, not looking for romance just some lovin'.


The next day the two decided to hit the beach. Rupert wanted to work on his tan.

And Amos settled down to try a local dish. The tour guide back at the hotel said that was one thing he should do while on the island. He wouldn't regret it.

As Amos sat down to eat the dish that had pineapples and some other stuff in it a woman sat down too.

"It's my honeymoon, ya know!"

Amos internally rolled his eyes. He really didn't want to hear about some one's honeymoon.

"Well, it's supposed to be my honeymoon." she said.

That caught his attention and he turned to look at her.

"What do you mean?" Curiosity had gotten the best of him. But since she was sharing he had to ask.

"Sean. That's his name. Calls me up the night before our wedding to tell me that he's met someone else. That it was love at first sight. That he can't marry me. The jerk!" she explains.

"And you still came here for vacation?" Amos asked mystified.

"Why not. Hell, I paid for the honeymoon. I'm gonna get my moneys worth. No lousy jag off going to ruin my vacation fun."

Leaving the woman at the food kiosk Amos went to join his brother. As he walked he thought turned to Nita and, he became furious with her once more.

"let's take a dip. I need to get this sand off of me and, you need to cool off." Rupert said, taking in the glum expression on his brother's face.

The two swam, letting the cool water wash over them. As Amos swam he let his mind drift and, for a moment forget about Nita... again.

Rupert couldn't help but see how romantic this place way. He couldn't help but to think how he'd love to bring Sharla here one day. Just the two of them.

Sitting on the warm sand and watching the weaves roll in Rupert thought about how many bathing beauties lost their tops in the surf. The thought brought a smirk to his lips.

Rupert and Amos sat quietly for a while before the younger of the two broke the silence.

"I think I want to be more of a dad to my son."

"Good, you should be. Dad was a father to us, setting a good example for us to look up to. And you should be too."

Rupert nodded in agreement.

"I'm just afraid that I don't know how. I mean, I can't even be faithful to one woman. (not that I'd want too he added under his breath.) So how am I supposed to really help care for son?"

"you'll find a way. If you put half as much time into parenting as you put in getting women into your bed you'd have no problem. Just work on being a dad and the rest will fall in line."

"So me being a good dad with help me be faithful in the future?"

"Yup. When you meet the right woman."

"What if I already have?"

The question was left hanging in the air. Amos didn't know how to respond and Rupert didn't want an answer.
They finished up their day by a fire show scheduled for that evening followed by a luau.
But the festivities were interrupted by a freak hail storm.


Rupert found yet another willing body to warm his bed that night.
Blondie saw the red head enter the room with Rupert and she was furious. She thought that what they had was special.
While Rupert was breaking hearts and sowing his loins, Amos was trying to pick up the conversation with the girl by the pool the other day. But she wasn't into him anymore. No matter what he started to talk about she blew him off. So he gave up.
Blondie was waiting for Red Head girl as she exited Rupert's room. She decided that she would show her. Rupert was hers.

But Red Head girl was younger and stronger and wiped the floor with Blondie.

Rupert had no idea what was going on. He was sound asleep.

The next day was check out and that cutie who was acting all chummy with Amos expressed great interest in Rupert. So being the gentlemen that he was took her up on the offer.

Amos congradulated Rupert on the bang up job he had done. Not only causing two women to fight, but breaking their hearts and taking the one girl that he was intrested in.

Rupert smiled, not knowing he was being sarcastic.


Once home the first thing on Rupert's mind was seeing Sharla. It dawned on him that he really didn't care if she was putting on weight. He adored her no matter what.

(notes: Amos is very upset over his break up with Nita. I broke them up because they had no bolts for each other. Why be married to someone who you're not attracted to? Amos did roll wants all the time for Nita, but Nita never rolled wants for Amos. All she wanted to do was date and party (pleasure sim). But Amos is a knolwdge sim, but acts more like a family sim, lol.

Any who, after I broke them up Nita cried. That's all she did as I played her for this round. It got on my nerves. So I don't know what's going to happen with them.

Rupert on the other hand, no, he has not rolled wants to marry Sharla or anyone. But all he thiks about is Sharla. After he woo hoo's another sim he thinks of Sharla. If he kisses someone, he thinks of Sharla. I didn't get the pic, but while they swam in teh ocean, after the crush hearts he thought of Sharla. So I think it's safe to say that Rupert is in love with her, even if he hasn't realized it yet. And honesly, Sharla feels the same way. She doesn't know it either, lol.

And since I played their house before I did the pregnancy update Sharla wasn't showing yet. So just act like they were away on vacation for three weeks and her tummy popped out by then. She is only 4 months, and sice she's fit I don't think she really would be showing as much as other women.)


  1. It's so weird, but I think I'm liking Rupert a little more. :) He's actually growing on me, maybe because he's developing a soft spot for Sharla. ?

  2. Well, Rupert certainly had fun on vacation, didn't he?

    And yep, sounds like love with Rupert and Sharla, even if they don't realise it!

  3. Yeah, Rupert grows on me more and more every time I play him. And he actually wants to be a good dad, so we shall see.

    Yes, Rupert had a blast! lol But I think he has fun no matter where he goes. I hope they relize their love soon. But you know romance sims.


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