Tuesday, May 19, 2009

School's out for Summer

May 2010 (Riverdale Jr. Sr. High School. Sorry, there's no pics of the elementary school because I was too lazy to get them, lol)

The teens spent their final weeks of school working furiously to finish final papers, to get the last good grade. To clean out their lockers.

And to get quality time chatting online with their long distance boyfriends!

The last day of school is a fun but also a sad affair. Some friendships will come to an end to give way to summer break. Older siblings will be graduating and move away to college and, new students will come for a small tour of the school. To get the lay of the land, meet the upper class men and, see where they will be going to school the coming year.

Too bad Viggo Kim started his pre-academic year off on the wrong foot. Never stare at a girl while she's eating lunch. And never, ever make a face of disgust while she is eating.

"OMG. Did he just say Cameron's fat?" Nora whispers

Mary's thinking "Yeah, he did." And how happy she is that next year is her final year of high school.

Cameron sizes him up. How dare he call or even think she's fat. She is so going to make his high school years here a living hell. Mark her words!

"Maybe you should play a sport, like baseball. It will help tone you up. Not that I'm saying your fat or anything." Nora offers.

You could hear the gasp of shock from Cameron's direction.

"I will not play baseball. Really, all those balls flying at your face. And, hello, so not breaking a nail. And I don't need to tone anything!"
Oliver agrees. There's nothing wrong with Cameron Smith's body. She's perfect.

Samantha gives Viggo a few pointers on starting a new school. This isn't primary anymore, he's now with the big fish, a few of them are sharks, but not to worry. It's always hard being the new kid on the block. But things will be easier come fall and he's with his classmates.

It's easy for an adult to say that. Viggo thinks. He just hopes that Cameron forgets about their little encounter.

And before the final bell rings announcing that school is officially out, AJ asks Sunni to be his girlfriend. Which is readily accepts!

One more noggie in the teacher's lounge for old times sake.

Marcus isn't pleased. He's telling mom as soon as they get home!

No, Samantha's not showing special treatment to her sons. She's officially off duty as principle, there will be no disciplinary action at this time. It's summer break baby!

Thus concludes the school year of 2009/2010. Don't forget what you learned guys, and stay out of trouble!

(notes: Really not that many notes. I'm getting used to my new school system, so that's why there weren't a lot of pics. Hopefully I will be better for the new school year. No graduations this round. I actually had the three seniors age up before I did school shoot. So they were gone. This is what happens when I don't make reminder notes, I forget. I might even get to do a senior prom this time too. 5 seniors, so we'll see!)


  1. That's a nice school. I love to see school"s os updates.

  2. Thanks. I downloaded it from MTS2.

  3. A prom would be fun to see!

    Looks like your school is going well. I love getting all the teens in and just letting them loose. LOL.

  4. Yeah, in theroy the prom sounds fun! I just hope I can pull it off. But if I can do a school I think I can do a prom.

    Yes it is. After playing around with it, it's working out nicely. I love watching those crazy teens. I keep telling myself "Let them have fun. Don't control everything." Very hard to do, lol.


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