Monday, May 18, 2009

House Warming

May, Spring 2010, Mansur Sanchez is 32, Fatima is 31 and, Alani is 1
(Danny and Kristin Sanchez are 58, Lilly is 17, Anton and Kathy Snowden are 58, Mary is 16)

For Mansur and Fatima the year of 2009 brought a few changes to their lives. The first big change was the purchase of their first home. A nice brownstone around the corner from the hospital. They did decide to stay in town. Neither could picture living in suburbia just yet.

They were still hip and young, and living downtown suited their life styles.

The second big change to their lives was the birth of their first and only child, Alani. She was a doll, getting her mother's skin color, and grandmother's beautiful brown eyes. (Fatima's mom ;) )

The third and final major even in their lives was their first family gathering. They decided to throw a house party and welcome Alani party as well.

"Does this top make me look fat?" Fatima asked Mansur.

He was positive that it didn't make her look fat, but it made her boobs like huge. Or maybe that was due to her breastfeeding the baby. Either way, Mansur LOVED the top!

Everyone arrived at the same time, 6 pm, and filed through the front door. Grandpa Anton was the first to hold little Alani. It was love at first site. He couldn't believe it. He was actually a grandfather. Heck, he was still getting over the fact that his first born had gone to college. He was still getting used to the idea that she was even married, let alone giving him a grand daughter. He still hadn't wrapped his mind around the idea that his little Fatima had to actually have sex to produce a baby.

Standing there, holding Alani in his arms. Anton was convinced, Mary was never leaving his house. She could go to college via the internet. And she could have a cyber relationship with Marchon Cunningham. But other than that, there would be nothing physical... ever!

Kathy swooped in next. She was quite pleased to see that her granddaughter looked a lot like her.

'I'm your Nana. But you'll learn how to say that soon enough."

Mary looked on thinking about the food that was still cooking. What ever it was it sure smelled good. One day she would cook as well as her sister and mother. Or at least she could make herself believe that.

And for some reason Fatima thought that this was the best time to discuss vending machines in the elementary school with her mother in law, Kristin. She didn't think that it was ideal to give small children the option between sugary sweets and starchy fats over healthy lunch choices. Not to mention, unsupervised consumption of pop.

Krisitn agreed fully. She hadn't liked the idea of placing them in the school, but since it was the norm in Sim City, many schools wanted to keep up with that trend. She wanted to do more on convincing the parents of Riverdale of the draw backs to having such machines in elementary schools.

Fatima just hopped that there would be something done about them by the time Alani was ready to start school. As long as she could remember Fatima had always treated her body as a temple, even in college she did her best to eat only the healthiest items, and she danced and worked out all the time. With training and hope their daughter will be like her, even when faced with unhealthy choices.

While everyone else was discussing healthy foods, and, which boy was cuter in school and, which football team would make it to the super bowl this year. Kathy snuck off to the kitchen to feed Alani a bottle. The fatter the baby, the cuter!

And Danny's still pissed about the burglary that happened to them when Mansur was still living at home. Get over it already, that was how many years ago?

Fatima enjoyed the beer a little bit too much. Getting plastered while you little sister and sister-in-law are present is not a good idea! But it doesn't seems as if anyone cares, other than the baby.

Kristin finally get her turn at the end of the night with Alani. Manur's thinking that it's a Kodak moment and, Fatima is singing the sea chantey all on her own. She hears music and everything. Wouldn't be surprised if the long dead sea captain isn't there with her singing along.

Fatima must be one horrible singer, because not long after the cops show up to bust up the party. (Funny. They are the only sims on the whole block, so who are they bothering? Lame!)

After everyone has left Masur's feeling a bit amorous. You know, with the whole drinking and his wife's breast in his face all night, he's ready to go.

Fatima on the other hand had finally passed out. And her boobs look even bigger!

And this is what happens when all the adults in the house are out cold from too much drink. Poor little babies must sleep in poop filled diapers all night.

It seemed only yesterday that everyone had come together to welcome Alani into the family, but time has a way of passing you buy and, before Fatima and Mansur knew it Alani had turned one.

And she really hadn't changed that much. As a baby she was a very good one at that. She hardly every cried even when her diaper needed changing. And now, as a toddler, she played by herself, but also enjoyed the time her parents spent with her.

Fatima knew all that could change in the coming months. She would be turning two, and the horror stories Fatima had heard. Sweet tame children turn into these wild creatures tearing up the house and driving their mothers to pull out their hair.

She could only hope and pray that Alani didn't turn into one of those toddlers. Hopefully, her year of being a two year old would be uneventful.

Besides worrying about the possibilities of Alani turning two, Fatima had something else weighing on her mind.

Could another little Snowden-Sanchez be on the way?
These didn't fit into the update. But I'm just captivated with Alani. I think she is one of the most beautiful babies born in my game, and I love how she took after both grandmothers, lol. My second oldest did that. She looks like my mommy. No, she IS a spitting image of my mom. If she wasn't with me people would think that she was my mom's daughter. lol

And this one, ROFL Fatima woke in the middle of the night and peed herself LMAO! I thought that was the funniest thing beside her getting drunk.

(notes: This was my first big family party. I had no idea that having a house party with only family would cause your sims to have a family reunion memory. I thought that was super cool. I loved how all the grandparents came to Alani to hold and feed her. It was so sweet.
I'm trying to have more parties. Now that I really know how to throw them, they are fun. But I won't kill you all with parties in every update, lol.)


  1. I don't use the party option that much because they always turn out bad. But I do like the family reunion memory that they get from it.

    I think Alani is cute. Let's hope she stays that way

  2. I sucked at party throwing for like ever. I'm so glad I finally (8 time out of 10) got it right!

    Yeah, I hope Alani stays cute!

  3. It doesn't have to be only family members. I think just so long as there are over 10 family members in attendance (including the resident Sims, I think), you'll get the memory. I love family reunions, they're so fun.

    Alani is a very pretty baby, you're right!

    Fatima drunk was so funny! Are you using that SimSlice beer?

    And wow, that top does make her boobs look big!

  4. Now I know and I can have "family reunions" more. Or maybe not, we'll see, lol.

    I'm in love with Alani.

    I have Simslice's beer, but I was using the hacked keeg from MTS2. I think it has either three or four levels of drunkness. Fatima got plastered, lol.

    It does doesn't it. I have never seen Masur's eyes stay on that part of Fatima's body for so long and so often.

  5. Oh this was a wonderful update! While reading, I kept thinking how much these two families have been wanting a little grandbaby! She is truly beautiful! I love Kristin's hair, too! So funny seeing the always prim and proper Fatima getting wasted! LOL!!

  6. Yup, they've beenw aiting a looong while, lol. I'm just glad they finally got that grandbaby, and she's so cute to boot!

    I was thinking the same thing. Fatima never cut up at all in college. I guess entering her 30's had opened her mind. ROFL

  7. Yup, they've beenw aiting a looong while, lol. I'm just glad they finally got that grandbaby, and she's so cute to boot!

    I was thinking the same thing. Fatima never cut up at all in college. I guess entering her 30's had opened her mind. ROFL


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