Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Something in the water

June, Summer 2010, Fatima Sanchez is 31, Nashira Sanchez is 27, Tosha Novak is 30 and Sharla Ottamas is 27. (Justin Kim and Nathan Novak are both 30)

Nashira waits patently as Fatima moves around upstairs getting Alani ready for the day. And man, she really wished that she brought an extra top over. That morning was unusually chilly and since she had to catch the Metro from the suburbs to the city, she wore a light sweater.

But now Nashira was regretting her decision. Though the brownstone was equipped with AC she could feel the heat from the living room windows starting to heat up the summer morning.

"You know, I'm not even sure I even what to have kids." Nashira blurts out as they eat. Fatima's not sure how to respond to the admission. She couldn't picture herself as mother before Alani came along. Heck, she and Mansur weren't even trying to get pregnant. She had wanted to wait a little longer.

"Well, I don't think you have much to worry about. I mean, you do have to have sex to get pregnant."

Ouch! Low blow! But Nashira didn't mind. She had been so focused on her career since graduating college that finding and nurturing a love life just hasn't happened. It had taken a back set to her bettering her life.

"Well, if you are pregnant again can I have your Jimmy Choo's?"

"Yeah, if you can pry them from my cold dead hands! No one touches my Choo's! Besides, I'll be pregnant not crippled!"


Fatima didn't have far to walk since the house is right around the corner from the hospital. She arrives for her appointment early.

Sharla comes and sits beside her and they introduce themselves to each other.

"You know I would even be in this situation if I had used my head." Sharla shares with Fatima.

"But he was really cute and did I mention that he was an artist? I have a soft spot for the arts! Oh, and faulty birth control. Can you believe?"

Fatima only nodded her head in agreement. She didn't know what to say.

Taffi called her oldest into her office to give her the good news.

"You're pregnant!"

The two squealed in delight. Though this pregnancy was unplanned (like the previous one) Fatima was happy. And now Alani would have a little brother or sister to play with.

"Mayne we should have a family get together to announce the good news?"
Really, they only needed an excuse to have another party. This time there will be no drunk Mrs. Sanchez!
Newlyweds Natan and Tosha Novak decided to move out of their old condo and into one of the newly built row town homes in the center of town.
Because they'll need the extra room very soon! There really does seem to be something in the water, or, like Sharla said, faulty birth control.

Justin should really be careful picking a fight with a pregnant lady. But he was upset that she nearly burnt down the whole housing complex.

If you ask Tosha though she would deny everything. There wasn't even a fire!

Though the fire Marshall would say other wise.

Baby days: Sharla was the first out of the three to get pregnant and her baby is due in November, Tosha December and, Fatima February!

(notes: Yup, another baby boom. This hood is going to kill me! I really do think something is in the water. But to be fair. Fatima and Mansur wanted to try for a baby. So I figured what harm would one round do? Before she fell pregnant with Alani they tried around 7 - 8 times before it took. But not this time, she got pregnant the first try.

As with Sharla. Can I say surprised! Actually she and Rupert have been trying for a baby for the past two rounds, on their own. So I finally gave it (he already has two kids like a third would hurt!) and I took her off the birth control so that they could get pregnant. Well, I forgot to put her back on it before she went out on the town one night, and she met this hottie (he was actually Maxis made, can you believe?) and woo hooed, and guess what? She got knocked! First time too, and they didn't even try. It was a casual woo hoo for crying out loud!

Tosha had a oops baby on their honeymoon. They didn't get a chance to woo hoo until their final night at Three Lakes because of her period, but I guess she was just fertile, lol. She's on birth control too. Does it not work on vacation hoods?)


  1. Ooh, your hood is already huge! I don't know how you manage. LOL! I'm so happy for Fatima, though! Alani will need a sister or brother in her life.

  2. Wow! It just goes to show, casual woohoo can result in an unexpected pregnancy boys and girls! LOL

  3. Simmington,

    I hope Riverdale dosen't explode. Seriously, it better not or I will cry. And you would never hear the end of it, lol. I'm happy for Fatima too. I can't wait to see what thier next baby's going to look like.

    Sims 2 Fan,

    You got that right! ROFL! I've had quiet a few pregnancies from casual woo hoo. One can never to too safe, lol.

  4. Wow, major baby boom! How many do you have in your hood now?

    Sharla in the waiting room was so funny. TMI!

  5. I'd have to count but I think it's around 108-ish playables.

    I'm just happy she didn't start talking about all the NPC's she's woo hooed! lol Fatima might have passed out.


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