Monday, May 11, 2009

Time in a bottle

April, Spring 2010, Justin Kim is 30, Shelby (?) is 29, Kira Kim is 4 and, Misha Kim is 1
(Robert and Cynthnia Kim are 55, Sharla Ottamas is 27 and, Viggo Kim is 11)

Monday began like any other Monday. Justin did his morning business while reading the paper, and Shelby showered, preparing for the work day ahead. But something would toss a huge wrench into their morning routine.

Shelby had stepped out of the shower and dressed when her water broke. This was nothing like when their first child was born. She had to be induced, but this time it seemed as if everything would be taken care of by nature.

Justin wasn't too worried as he sat finishing what needed to be done. *lame!*

"My water just broke you idiot. Get up and help me!" Shelby screamed as a contraction hit.

Realizing just how fast things were moving Justin jumped up, trying to help.

Fiver hours later, little Misha Kim was born. She took after her dad, with brown eyes and black hair. She was a doll. So sweet and quit. Misha slept through the night and played nicely in her swing.

But Shelby and Justin finally felt that their small family was complete. They had been blessed with two wonderful daughters, a lovely place to live, and two jobs which they found very fulfilling.

She was torn though. One part of Shelby wanted to stay home and care for Misha. Much like she had when she'd given birth to Kira. But the other part of her, the business side, needed for her to return to the work force after giving birth. And truthfully, Shelby knew she had to. If they wanted to buy a home soon, and pay for their wedding, not to mention provide a life for their daughters, she would have to return to work.

And that just what Shelby did. With a heavy heart and only a 6 week maternity leave, she returned to work leaving her babies in the care of a nanny.

Maybe her body wasn't back in top form, maybe she had returned to work too soon. Or maybe it was just something that she ate. But Shelby came down with a case of food poisoning.

Besides a few trips to the bathroom and a flip flopping stomach daily, it was nothing that she couldn't deal with. She wouldn't let some stomach bug prevent her from spending time with her family and earning money.

And they had finally set a date, September was their wedding day. And Shelby had so much to do and plan before then. She couldn't afford to slow down for anything.

That's why what happened next was completely unexpected. It was another normal morning. Shelby was giving Kira her morning bottle when something just didn't feel right. She dropped the bottle and clutched at her throat. She tried to scream. Tried to yell for help, to call out for Justin. But she couldn't.

By the time Justin had realized something wasn't right, it was already too late. He raced down the stairs to find the love of his life, lying lifeless on the ground. And he could have sworn that he felt something sinister around him, but he wasn't sure.

It was a feeling he just couldn't shake. If something had been there, it would have been nice to show itself. maybe he would have been able to strike a deal or something to bring Shelby back.

Eventually life returned to normal. Justin cared for the girls as best as he could. Feeding them, even if the meal was burnt. It was hard for him to focus on small things. His mind would wander to Shelby and how she died. She had been taken from them so fast. If he had only been down there with her, maybe things would be different. Maybe she'd still be here with them.

Of course Misha was far to young to understand what had happened. But she missed her mother. Sometimes when Justin would go to pick her up for a feeding, or a bath, or just to cuddle with her. She would scream and kick as if she were trying to get away from him. He knew though, nothing would fill the place of a mother's love, not even a father's.

Some days where harder than others. Those were the days Justin had to drag himself out of bed. Remind himself that he needed to push forward, to care for his daughters. Shelby would have wanted that.

But at time it became to great and he couldn't hold back the tears the threatened to spill. And he let them fall. It made him feel a little better. A little more human.

Justin wasn't alone. Kira, who was growing so fast knew that mommy wasn't coming back. Though she couldn't grasps death fully, she knew that her mom was taken from her. And no matter how hard she wished that she would return, she couldn't, and wouldn't. That mad Kira sad, and she would cry too.

Time past and wounds healed, a little. And soon it was Kira's birthday. It seemed only yesterday that she was born, but now she would be turning 4. Ready to start pre-school, and just become a bit more independent, less reliant on her dad.
The though made Justin reach for a beer. His little girl was growing up.
Maybe Kira understood more about death than her dad thought. She wished that her mom was there for her party.
Justin's family came for the festivities. And he brother wondered if he would see any ghosts. He hated the thought. But it was a well known fact amongst children that ghosts always haunted the paces where they died.
Robert reassured his son that there wouldn't be any ghosts. But try to convince a 11 year old about something when they already have their minds made up.
Cake time!
Sharla Ottamas was invited to the party as well. She was Justin's first everything, and they even went to college together. They had managed to stay friends over the years, and she felt bad for him. Offering her ear as he took a walk down memory lane, recalling the first time he and Shelby had kissed.

"oh, yeah. I remember that. You had just left my bedroom. Glad things worked out with you guys!"

Justin knew that things would work out for him and his family in the end. And though time maybe not heal all wounds, it does help people come to terms with life and death, and live with it.

This didn't fit the update, but I just love the baby toys.

(Notes: I think my game is doing it's own population control. I have sims dropping left and right, lol. Shelby got food poisoning on her own, and I guess with the sickness hack makes that even more dangerous. Plus, I'm not allowing myself to save sims from death. We can't do it so why should they. So no more pleading with death.)


  1. Wow! First I laughed at him sitting on the toilet while she was in labor, then I was shocked to see her die. I agree with you though, in my prosperity I won't let them plead with death either, it does help keep the population a little bit under control!

  2. I'm so shocked right now! I didn't see Shelby's death coming. This is so sad. I hope Justin will be alright. Hitting the bottle is not going to help anything. But, I love the way he's caring for his kids.

    I already chickened out of one death with Cameron Masters. I had his wife, Stacy, plead with Grim. There was no way I could lose him. I'm too attached, I know...LOL! Maybe I'll get more like you guys and not plead in the future.

  3. Sims2Fan,

    ROFL that cracked me up too. That just seems like something a guy would do, lol. I actually paused the game before Grimmy showed up. I couldn't believe that she had died. Can you say mad.

    Simmington Hills,

    Neither did I! I was totally surprised. I didn't think that could kill you. *sobs* Yeah, Justin is getting better. It will just take some time. You know how some sims are so emo over the smallest things, lol.

    *glares at Green* I would have missed Cameron too. But remember, I did let Simone save Ryker. But no more. If he dies again, he's done. It gets a bit easier each time you let it happen.

  4. Oh, how sad! Poor Justin and the girls!

    I thought Shelby was pregnant again at first! And then when I saw her clutching her throat I thought you might have been hit by that random pregnancy death thing (which I've only had once in all my years of playing).

  5. Sullivan,

    I've only had that happen once and it wasn't even my game, lol. I was playing over my friends house and my sim died while pregnant. I'm glad that hasn't happened since 04.

  6. I don't plead with death either. If my sim dies I just let them.

  7. The best, well one of the best ways for population control, lol.


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