Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life after Annabell

May, Spring 2010, Mohinr Ramaswami is 30, Danielle Lillard is 29, ans Colby Ramaswami is 1
(Priya Ramaswami is 55, Sanjay is 56 and, Sunni is 13)

Mohindr moved on with his life after Annabell broke off their engagement. He was surprised by it though. He had thought they were soul mates, destined to be together forever. But apparently Annabell hadn't felt the same.

Then an even greater surprised, well it was more of a shock than a surprise. Annabell died. Mohindr was devastated. But he had to pick up the pieces and move on, and he had.

Moved to a new apartment, found a new girl. Started a new life, but kept the same job. Some things he just refused to change.

The new love of his life, Danielle Lillard. They met one day while they were paying their rent. She was very interested in him but he made it clear that he wasn't ready for a relationship. But you know what they say, one is the loneliest number. And they decided to date.

To their surprise Danielle found out that she was expecting, and that's how their life together started. They had been going strong for tow years, and even survived a surprise pregnancy.

But Mohindr knew something was missing to make everything perfect in his little world.

He was nervous. The last time he had done this it ended really badly. But he was sure this time, sure that this was the woman that he was meant to spend the rest of his life with. So without further hesitation Mohindr lowered himself to one knee and opened the small box in his hand.

"Danielle, I'm not going to give you some cheesy line, or try and sale to you why you should marry me. I'm just going to ask you, will you become my wife?"

Danielle was speechless. She hadn't seen this coming at all. Actually, the idea of marriage never crossed her mind. She was a free spirit, one who believed in free love and all that. But wasn't the free lovin' what got her in this situation. Not that it was a bad thing. She love Mohindr and their son. But marriage.

He held his breath, waiting for an answer.

Danielle watched the diamond catch the light, and the tiny beams as they danced around the room.

She couldn't answer as a sudden rush of emotion came over her, so she only nodded her head in acceptance. Mohindr jumped up and swooped Danielle up in a fierce hug. She had just made him the happiest man on the planet.

Mohindr also wanted to continue the Ramasawami tradition of family dinners. Normally they would go to his parents house once a week for dinner, but he wanted them to start joining him at his home, with his family.

Danielle wasn't to keen on the idea. She was not a cook, at all. Heck, she would burn water if that were possible. But she set to the task of making dinner for her future in laws, and just hope that something edible came out of it.

Priya though she's never see the day that one of her children would bless her with a grand baby. Who cared if Suni was on 13, Monhidr was 30. If they were still in the old country he would have been married for 10 years by now, and she would have, at least, four grandchildren. But she wasn't complaining.

They had Colby now. Such a precious little thing. She just wished he had taken from their side of the family and received that beautiful coco skin. But a light baby would do. She would still spoil him non the less.

"I hope everything is alright. I told Mohindr to tell you guys I can't boil water."

"No, dear, everything is fine." Priya said. But she couldn't help noticing the smell of burnt food. She should have stuck to her game plan and brought dinner like she had planed.

"At least we have dessert. She didn't burn that, it's pudding!"

Colby liked the sound of that. Pudding was one of his favorite foods. You know, with only having three teeth eating food is hard for a 1 year old.

After dinner Priya and Danielle slipped into the nursery to start discussing and planning the up coming wedding. Mama Ramaswami didn't desire anymore of her grand kids being born out of wedlock.

(notes: The romance between Mohindr and Danielle snuck up on me and I think him as well. It was supposed to be a rebound thing. He was to have some fun, heal his heart, and then he could find someone to settle down with. But then they fell in love, so I loved Danielle in. And the next morning after her moving in she was throwing up.

I had forgotten to put her on birth control. And why is it that my Pleasure and Romance sims always get knocked with the oops babies? I have their odds set super low to even get pregnant. *sigh*

But on a light note, I'm glad that Priya likes Danielle. She couldn't stand Annabell. I don't know why either. But these two like each other.)


  1. Aaw, I'm so happy for Mohindr!

    May he and Danielle have many happy years together!

  2. So sweet! And such a typical mother in law (to be) Priya is, even if she likes her, she has to notice the burnt food! Pudding is always a good choice for dessert if you can't cook! LOL

  3. Thanks Crecent Country! I'll pass along the message. ;)


    I love Priya really, but sometimes, phew, lol. I'm just happy she gets along with a girl Mohindr loves.

  4. My Pleasure and Romance Sims seem to get knocked up via risky woohoo more often than any other Sims. Funny that!

    I'm glad Priya likes Danielle too! She seems like she'd be a difficult mother-in-law if you got on the wrong side of her.

  5. I do have theat risky woohoo hack in too, but I have their odds set so low, I think around 5%, I don't understand why they are getting pregnant so easily, lol.

    Yeah, Priya can be a handful. I picture her steeped in the ways of the old country, and wanting her children to be more like her. But hopefully things will stay pleasent between the two women!


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