Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The University of Riverdale

I was going to post this on my main site. But since one of the rules of a sim to sim site is that it stays human free. means that I couldn't post how I created the university there. So I'm posting it here instead. So Simstate, this post's for you.

So basically I found out about the base hood university from Laura. You can get the mod from MATY. The only draw back is you can't play your uni. hood while you're playing your main hood uni. So if I ever decided that I want to send one of my sims out of Riverdale for their higher learning I would have to ship them off to another sim to sim hood that would accept them for four years.

So basically what you do is download the mod from MATY, build the house/dorm where you want your sims to live. Now once you're done building you have to rezone the lot to a dorm lot. And remember to place the gold album in the lot. You'll need that, it's very important. If you don't have it, you won't have a working university lot. No dormies, nothing.

Now I created a filler sim, she's a teen. I send her to the dorm that I want to use for my current uni. sims. I have her move in. When you do that you should get the movie of the sim going to college and her parent crying, etc. Once on the lot I use Inge's teleporter shrub and bring in the teens that I want to go to school there. Once there I move them in with the same bush. Once they are all settled in, I have my place holder sim find her own place.

Then with "boolProp testingcheatsenabled false" I SHIFT and click on each sim on at a time. You want to spawn the SEMESTER TESTER. It's the apple statue. Now you need one for each sim. Once you spawn the tester, click on "start classes," if you don't do that the class meter bar will not move. And you sims will go to class but they won't advance at all.

After they are all spawned do "boolProp testingcheatsenabled true" to turn the cheat off. Now for some reason when I placed the semester tester in each sims inventory their class bar would stop tracking time. But once I pulled it back out then their count down of hours would resume. But try it out to see if it will work for you.

Just follow those directions and you'll have a base hood uni. working in no time. Oh, before I forget. The dorm cook won't spawn if you don't have the shiny tyme hack from Inge. So make sure to download it. (For me, I don't need the hack. I still get the cook to show up, and he cooks for and everything.) So maybe it's only with certain games. I don't know. I also use the college hack to make each semester two days each, with a one day break in between.

I also use the YA hack for my teens who don't go to college. I want to keep them in the same age range with their fellow friends/siblings/classmates who do go to uni. So instead of not playing them, or turning aging off, I just make them young adults but no higher education.

I hope this was clear to anyone who reads it. Basically it's all trial and error to get it right. But once you do have it working, it works. I like having the uni. in the main hood. I have dormies, the stupid cow mascot. Townies even walk past the dorms. I haven't made a Greek house, but the option is there as well.


  1. Very interesting! How does this change college for you, gameplay wise? Or is just a way to have everything on the one map?

    I think I need to go looking for this shiny tyme hack. My cooks spawn at dorms but nowhere else and they definitely used to.

  2. I like it more than shipping them off to the uni. hood. So they get to move out and be on their own, but they are still in Riverdale.

    But as far as game play nothing has really changed since I still get the same people from uni. town (I like to call it that,lol) showing up to visit or to move into the dorms.

    Now the new lot I built for some reason the cook shows up but he won't cook. He'll clean up after the students but not cook. Strange.

    Yeah, try the mod by Inge it should work.

  3. Was that a shout-out to me? ha ha

    I'm addicted to behind-the-scenes posts - it's nice to spy into how players "play the game."

    That was a great description of how to have uni within the main hood - and yeah, the timer needs to be on the lot and not in the inventory.

    Do you tweak the uni in other ways too? Like make them train for badges and stuff?

  4. Yup, I did a shout out, lol. No I don't have them train for badges or anything else in college. Now at my vocal. school, which is up for rotation that's where they will train and earn badges etc. That's open for sims from teen - elder, for higher education. And it only lasts four days. When playing the lot I have aging off for the students that bunk there. And they complete the school in four days (repeated myself). But they must meet certain requirments to graduate and get their diploma. Which I make in PSP. Here is my vocal school:


Thanks for taking the time to read and post! You guys are Awesome!