Sunday, February 15, 2009

Anya Kent Simdays 41 - 43

It is winter of 2008 and Anya is 32 baby Tony is one month

The month started off badly. After spending 36 hours in labor I ended up having to have a C-section to deliver little Tony. He was 10 lbs. That was one big baby.

After spending five days in the hospital we went home only to be greeted to a very pissed off tarrier. Kirby was not happy being left alone for almost seven days then being greeted by a screaming bundle.

He didn't adapt well to Tony and after much heartache I decided to call the local animal shelter. They came and picked him up. It was so sad. It was like loosing a family member, like my first child. I know it sounds funny, but it was as if he were my first born. He'd been with me ever since I moved to Riverdale, and now he's gone. Hopefully, he'll make some family very happy.

Rupert had heard through the grapevine that I had his child. I have no idea who told him. And when I find out I'm going to give them a piece of my mind. I wanted to call and tell him. *sigh*

Well, to my surprise he came over, to see his son. My mouth almost dropped open in surprise. Rupert Cotton was actually interest in his own son. I didn't stop him. Only lead him to the nursery and left them alone.

A few moments later he came into the kitchen carrying Tony to feed him a bottle. Rupert even changed his diaper. I was so stunned. For a man of Rupert's reputation it was quit a shock to see him acting as a family man.

I could be wrong. Maybe there is hope for the two of us. Maybe Rupert and I can be a family with little Tony. Maybe this baby was the answer to my prayers. One can only hope.


  1. Wow, Rupert! Did Anya invite him over or did he drop by himself?

  2. I think she called him. Yeah, she did. I wanted to see what how he would react to his son. And surprise, surprise. Rupert took to parenting like a duck out of water.


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