Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mary Snowden Simdays 41 - 43

It is currently Winter of 2008 and Mary is 14 (Kathy and Anton are 45, Fatima is 26, and Masur is 27)

I'm so excited for many reasons, but my main two are really important. Well, to me anyways. First and foremost, see that picture behind me? That's my boo, Marchon Cunningham. He's from Simmington Hills, and for now we're doing the long distance thing. *sigh* Man, I can't wait until I graduate college and can be with him. My boo is so fine. I'm thinking about trying to talk my parents into letting me go to college in Simmington Hills. But we'll see.

My second reason for the excitement is, we got a vacation home! In Florida. The decorator is there putting the finishing touches on it, and we will be living in a week for our winter vacation. I can't wait. Did I mention that the house is on the BEACH! Yes!!! We have a beach house. I get to wake to the sound of the ocean and fall to sleep as well. I can't wait until we are there. Sun, surf and sand!

My mind has been so preoccupied with the vacation that I forget about small things that I'm doing. One of which, was making dinner. I burnt it really bad. Luckily, the stove didn't catch fire. My mom redecorated the year before, I wouldn't want to ruin that.

Finally it was time to leave for Florida. I was thrilled to finally see the house. Pictures of it on the Internet didn't do it any justice. Our vacation home was awesome. Open and air, and views of the beach and ocean span the whole house. The only draw back. My room faces the front of the house not the back. (boo!)

Did I mention that my sister Fatima and her husband, Masur came with us? Well they did. Not only did I have to deal with them making out every second of the day and night, but I had to listen to our mom lay into them. "When are you going to start having kids?" "Your father and I aren't getting any younger." "I would like to be young enough to play with my grandchild." Blah, blah, blah. This lasted for six days, Geez!

Did I mention that all they did was make out? With all the making out and the sneaking off to their bedroom, there should be a little niece or nephew on the horizon soon!

If you can't tell, I'm painting the ocean before we leave. I wanted to bring a little bit of the beach back with me to snow covered Riverdale.

We really didn't do much on vacation. Granted, Florida is where Disney is, but we decided to just relax. Well all the older people did. I wanted to go to the park but I didn't want to go bye myself. So I played pool with my sister, swam in the ocean and e-mailed Marchon. I still relaxed though, and I guess in the end I needed that. All refreshed and ready to continue my studies for college.

Speaking of which. Masur is certain that I will breeze through university with no problem. He said that since I'm so well rounded and very logic minded that I would have no problems with my studies and whatnot. I just hope he's right. I secretly worry about my future education. I just hope I can live up to every one's expectations.

Being around my sister I can't help but to think about my future. About Marchon, and the future that we will (hopefully) have together. I'm so looking forward to marrying him and starting our lives together. I share this with my sister. She only laughs and tells me that I remind her a lot of herself at my age. She and Masur started dating their Jr. year of high school. And her asked her to marry him their Jr. year of college. If I remember correctly. I was younger then. It's been a few years now, lol.

I'm glad they did get married though. And I can't wait until I do too! I even have my wedding dress planned. I know it's a little early still, but I just can't wait.

I had to through this picture in as well. See the outfit that I'm wearing? Marchon bought it for me. *sigh* He's so sweet to me. I truly cannot wait until we meet in person. He asked me to prom this coming Spring in Simmington Hills, and I can't wait! Nothing going to happen. Maybe a few kisses here and there, but that's were I draw the line. I want something to look forward to on our wedding night. And going further than kissing won't save much for our special night together.
That's the in-laws in the back. Mansur's mom and dad. I think Fatima's talking about learning anatomy. Why? I have no idea. She's a blog writer not a doctor like Mansur.


  1. I wonder where Mary will end up for college!

  2. I have no idea, I know where she wants to go though, lol. I think everything will be decided after the prom.

  3. Mary is growing up so nicely, we couldn't be more pleased that she and Marchon have started a friendship. We hope that Mary will consider moving to Simmington Hills in the future, possibly to attend college.

    I'm Marchon would love that news. :)

  4. LOL I'm sure he would love the news. But we will have to see about that. She will be moving there sooner or later. So we are trying to keep her around as long as possible.

  5. They're so cute! Let me know if Mary will be in need of a wedding dress, I'm sure A.Pentragnani can whip something up for her.


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