Friday, February 20, 2009

Tosha Johnson Simdays 41 - 43

It is currently winter of 2008, Tosha is 32, Xander 29

So finally after 2.5 years of engagement, Xander asked me to move in with him. At first we decided that it would be good to live apart from each other, since I wanted to wait until we were married before jumping in bed together. But our hormones got the better of us and we took things to the next level months before he popped the question.

But we still, or I say, Xander, wanted to wait. I was beginning to think he'd never ask me to move in. But he did, weeks before our wedding.

So we started our domestic life off with a strange phone call. I had answered the phone since he was in the shower. The woman seemed to be taken off guard, but she said that she needed to speak to Xander. I told her to hold on and I would go get him.

He had just come out of the shower and I told him about the phone call. He picked it up and his face went pale. Maybe she was an ex-girlfriend that he hadn't told me about.

Whatever she wanted or had to tell him left him a bit unnerved. He said good bye to me then left early for work. 3 hours early. I wonder what she said?

I didn't have much time to worry about her or Xander's strange behaviour that day. My sister's twins kept me busy. Since she lives in the same building as us I finally get to see the kids more. Not to mention my sister. Dallas and Brita come over to play video games and play with Mr. Tinkles. They love that cat, and he loves them too!

I never really had the time to get to know Clay as well as I would have liked, but after moving in with Xander I had more time. And I really like Clay. I told him this too. He and my sister fit together nicely. I'm glad she found him.

Clay told me he loved being part of our family also. And he was looking forward to my wedding coming up. He and Xander also hit it off. But they had been friends for a while now. I'm glad we all will be getting along.

Trisha said we need to get together sometime, have a girls night out. Go to the theater and a nice night cap after. That sounds like a wonderful idea. We hadn't spent much time with each other since the twins were born. Though I work for her at her clothing store, the extra time out would be wonderful. Like when we were little.

The weeks flew by, and before I knew it my wedding day was here. Well evening. I've always envisioned my wedding at night in a snow covered park. And that's what I got too! It was so romantic! My sister made my dress as well. I can't wait to pass it down to my future daughter when she gets married.

We spent a few days at a tropical resort on Twikki Island. It was so relaxing, but I couldn't wait to get back to Riverdale and my new life and Mrs. Tosha Snapple.


  1. What a gorgeous wedding! I'm glad Xander and Tosha finally married!

  2. I'm glad they did too. I was starting to think it was never going to happen.


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