Thursday, April 28, 2011

Learning Curve

March, Spring, 2015. Sanjay Ramaswami is 60, Priya is 59, Suni is 17, and Geeta is 6. Last update.


He's had a lot on his mind these past few months. But his put on a brave face, grinned, and got on with life. But it truly hasn't been easy to do, so he makes a call. It's not much, but it will not only help him, but help his family in a small way.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Small Update

I'm still around, crying on Twitter, and frantically downloading like a mad woman. I'm also building. With a little pushing by my fellow simmers, I have decided to start to play once again. I was going to hold off until I had 90% of Riverdale rebuilt, but it's not going to work. I need to play, it's eating at me, and I think I'm burnt out right now on building. So I hope to have some posts ready soon. So just hang in there, and I'll have something for you soon!