Friday, February 29, 2008

Being a Teen is Awesome!

I turned into a pretty fly teen if I say so myself. I'm so cute. I'm not trying to be envous or anything, but look at me! I look way better than Mansur *laughs*

So being a teen is pretty neat... so far. My studies aren't as hard as they were as a kid and I get to cook. Which is a huge plus since my mom is always busy with the baby. Did I mention that I get my own room soon. Well, not completely alone since Lilly will be moving in with me, but Masur will be leaving for college. A HUGE plus! I'm miss him but he's always messing with me. It will be nice to get away from his shadow.

--Nishira Sanchez

Ensuring his future

Eddie did buy Davon this cute little table. It arrived in town when the Mayor signed the Free Time deal. I'm very excited about this. I hope now there will be more activities for the children now.


Rethinking Things

So much has happened since I last posted. Me and Eddie had a huge falling out. No, let me rephrase that. He had an affiar with some new chick, in my house no less. I came home from work and I foudn them. He tried to play it off, they were only kissing. I shudder at the thought of what would have happened if I decided to work overtime. And did I meantion that Davon was home during all of this.
So after I kicked her butt I slapped him, packed up my things then moved out. I'm now in a nice sized apartment, but after moving i found out I was expecting. So now I have two little ones to care for. It's hard, and if I had known that I was pregnant I think I would have stayed until AJ grew into a toddler at least. *sigh*
--Jamie soon to be ex-Christian


I love my family, don't get me wrong. But relocating here to Riverdale, I thought it would be a fresh start. That Vanya and I would have some space to breathe. But we don't. My parents (God bless them) went and rented a duplex for all of us. Yes, I have my own place, but I'm right next door to my folks and my two littler brothers. I'm a grown woman, I can't have people coming over my house at all hours of the day.

So come the end of this period (winter) my lease is up. I'm already looking for a place to move and this lovely apartment complex has opened up. I hope my application gets accepted.

-- Nadya Novak

New Here

Riverdale is a lovely place. I'm glad we decided to move here, but I think I'm having second thoughts about being a stay at home mom. Standing here in the hallway celebrating with Justin as he showed me his report card, it filled me with joy, but yet... I can't help but want more. I might want to get a job, help with the finances. Right now we're living in a reduced rental home, I would love to buy a new house come the en dof Spring. Our lease will be up and I don't want to "upgrade" to a larger apartment.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ariel and Bell

This post is for my parents. I promised them pics of the girls when they were first born, but as many of you can imagine, Zac and I were swamped with rasing them. You might not believe me, but caring for them as toddlers is way easeir than it was when they were babies. So mom, dad, here they are. I hope it was worth the wait, and they are everything you thought they would be and more!


So Tired!

Ugh, I'm so tired. This is a huge difference from last time. I don't remember being this drained and hungry ALL the time! I can't help but to wonder if I'm having twins. Lord, please don't let that be. Not one, but two extra mouths to feed. Thomas hasn't said anything, but I know the pressure is getting to him. It's as if we're a one income family. We're drowning here. I don't want to have to apply for assistance, but it looks as if we have to. Unless he get's a HUGE promotion soon... I don't know.


A Pleasent Surprise

A day after our wedding I was getting dressed when my stomach popped out. I had no idea that I was pregnant. This was a complete shock. When I found out I was carrying Eva I was sick it seemed from the moment I concived her, but not this time. Of course I was overly tired, but I work the night shift as a beat cop, and I assumed it was from that. Working nights and trying to spend quality time with your daughter, and keeping an eye on your man can be tiring.

So now we have another little one on the way. I'm thrilled, really, but I wonder how are we going to work this. Between the money we spend on the nanny and me on maternity leave, money is tight, and now, well, we're going to have to move. I just want to avoid taking out a loan from the bank to pay for a house. I hate to admit it, but I think we just might be the poorest sims in Riverdale, and I don't need to fall deeper in a hole we're trying our hardest to stay out of.


I'm A Married Woman Now!

It's true! Thomas and I tied the knot on the first day of winter. I was so thrilled. It's been a long and twisted road but we finally made it to the alter. Who would ahve thought, right? Lord knows I didn't. I couldn't even see us making it through the engagment.

I was quit nervous and I didn't get my wedding dress until the last minute. I wanted to make sure I looked my best so I did some toning up in the tummy area. Not that I needed it mind you, but my waist was just a tiny bit wider than it was before I gave birth to Eva. She was with us when we said our "I Do's". It was very important for us to make her part of our legal union, I was also happy to have my close friends there to celebrate with us as well.

--Tyra Brooks

Let Sleeping Dog Be!

Yeah, if only. You make one... er, two mistakes and people refuse to let you live it down. I had just returned home from Cafe Mode and Abhijeet had just returned home from work, when there was a knock on the door. Well, you can just imagine my surprise to fine Tyra Brooks there. If it's not common knowledge, her husband and I had a little fling when they first had started dating. Well she decided that we needed to have a talk, she wanted to make sure that we were seeing eye to eye on matters. In so many words she not to kindly informed me to stay away from her husband or there will be hell to pay.

It's not my fault her husband has a wondering eye. I'm not the only woman he's slept with since they started dating. Just beacuse she was his first dosen't mean she has 100% rights to him. I'm not going to mention who the other woman is beacuse I know that she and her husband just worked out their marriage, and this would make it worse.

But Mrs. Brooks really needs to talk to her man not the women who he's slept with in the past. He might be getting busy as I type this, who knows. I hope this doesn't get out, but he came onto me at Cafe Mode, infront of at least six patrons present.

On a plus note, Simone will be home from College soon. I can't wait to have her back with me, though we haven't discused if she is going to return home or get a place of her own.

--Samantha Patrelli

I Got Help!

(Sorry no pic!)

I think I'm finally settling down. Once I got settled after Simone moved off to college I ended up having the twins, Bret and Brad. It was hectic I tell you! Imagine, one mother and two screaming babies. God, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I had the nanny, but she was only around during daylight hours, leaving me home alone at night.

I finally broke down and asked Abhijeet to move in and help me, this was after the boys transitioned into toddlers. I was kind of scared that he would reject my offer, but he didn't! And for that I am trully greatful. So now I have help and the boys will learn to walk and become potty trained by the both of us, and I can focus back on my restaurant, which was greatly negelected because of thier birth. (Not that I'm saying having them was a negative effect on me, it wasn't. Just, a fledgling restaurant needs constant attention when it's first opened).


Monday, February 11, 2008

Well that sucked!

I was at this new restaurant for lunch and this waiter slips my plate of food all over my head. Just great.

She's my best friend

I know, but I still can't help my feelings. Simone is awesome and my feelings for her grow deeper by the day. I've been trying to start something with a fellow classmate to distract me from her, but it's not wroking.

She has a boyfriend. I know that. Nothing good can come of these feelings I have for her.


Class trip and my thoughts

I had so much fun on my senior class trip to the Far East. It was great, I got to try new foods. And I learned something, just because it doesn't look good desn't mean that it's not. I'm totally in love with Asian food now, and not just take out from the chinese place down the street from my house, I mean the real stuff. Authentic meals! I want to vist again before I turn into an elder.

As you can see though it's only three of us we had a blast. You know, being the first kids to graduate from R.S.E. is kinda neat. I mean I was so young when my parents moved here and my Dad becoming the first mayor of Riverdale. But I think it's cool what he's doing, and the rest of the Coucnil as well as us "little" people. We are doing something great, and I can't wait to see just how far we all can go.

It happened so fast!

Things just happened so fast. One minute Zac's telling me we have to leave Apple Valley becasue of the his mother and his father's untimely death. Then soon as we get settled in our new life I'm feeling sick in the morning, then I find out I'm expecting.

Which was a wonderful surprise, but when it was time to deliver, imagen just how thrilled I was to find that I was having twins! Little Ariel and Bell. I just feel bad that my parents aren't here to share in the joy. They have sent gifts, and the girls love them. I have to send them pictures of them soon!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Man, I feel so bad. I came home from school today and my mom was taking a nap. She's not feeling to hot these days. She hasn't told us yet, but I know she's pregnant. Which isn't a biggie. I'll be going off to college soon, so I'm one less head in the house to worry about.

So, she was sleep, and since it just turned fall our new house was a bit cool. I lit a fire and the sparks got onto our new area rug, and BAM! next thing I know there's a fire. Thank goodness she never woke up. But I feel so bad that I almost burnt down our new home. Mom and Dad just bought the house the day before.



Eddie and I welcomed our little boy into the world. I never thought in a million years that I could feel about someone in the way that I do with Davon. He's perfect in every way, and did I mention how good he smells. Babies smell great, except when they poo. *ewww*

I don't think anything can get any better. Everything is perfect. Though I am worried, Eddie is talking about opening his own restuarant, but I'm not too sure. I mean, we hardly have any money as it is, and that's with the both of us working. I don't need any debt collecting if this venture of his (which still is an idea) fails. We have a son's future to think about now. We can't just go around blowing money that we don't have on desires that might not even pan out in the end.

But thinking like this makes me feel bad. I should be supportive not Miss. Doom and Gloom. I jst can't help it. I think with him opening his own business will only bring bad things down on us.

I can't believe her!

After my girl Tyra called me in tears, telling me about her man and the town slut getting it on the girl had the nerve to show up at my house. Well, I did the only thing any good bestfriend whould do, I told her off. Like I would let her in my house to see my husband. Please! Miss. Patrelli has another thing coming.


I have no idea!

I don't know what I was thinking. Okay, fine, I do know what I was think and that was my problem. I had such a wonderful woman, Tyra, and I go and almost throw it away for a one night stand with Samantha.

Tyra is the best, after giving me a scare she took me back! I still can't believe it, instead of tossing me out like last night's trash she accepted me back into her life. Things were kind of bad at first and during her pregnancy with our daughter, but Tyra agreed to marry me. I'm the happiest sim in Riverdale!

After the Fall

Well, all's well that ends well, I guess you can say. After finding out that Thomas cheated on me with that slut Samantha Patrelli, he did all that he could to get back in my good graces. It didn't hurt that I was pregnant and he treated me like a queen.

I know what you're thinking. I was to easy on him, but I made him suffer my whole pregnancy. After I gave birth to Eva he asked me to marry him. I did reject him at first but when he asked me two days later, after a wonderul romantic night out, I said yes. So our big day is almost here. I can't wait. And I know he'll never cheat on me again.