Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Eddie and I welcomed our little boy into the world. I never thought in a million years that I could feel about someone in the way that I do with Davon. He's perfect in every way, and did I mention how good he smells. Babies smell great, except when they poo. *ewww*

I don't think anything can get any better. Everything is perfect. Though I am worried, Eddie is talking about opening his own restuarant, but I'm not too sure. I mean, we hardly have any money as it is, and that's with the both of us working. I don't need any debt collecting if this venture of his (which still is an idea) fails. We have a son's future to think about now. We can't just go around blowing money that we don't have on desires that might not even pan out in the end.

But thinking like this makes me feel bad. I should be supportive not Miss. Doom and Gloom. I jst can't help it. I think with him opening his own business will only bring bad things down on us.

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