Saturday, November 27, 2010

Those College Days Spring 2014 Part 1

May, Srping 2014,  Keegan Ottamas, Chleo Gonzaga, Ricky Cormier, and Sophie Miguel are 18. Last update.

Keegan has really been enjoying his time at school, though he's only 30 minutes from home college life seems like miles away from home. He does call home to talk to his mom and his dad, but the most of his time is spent talking to his little sister, Amanda.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Crammy Boy

Okay, so I have a quick question, and don't leave me hanging guys. Answer up! For those of you that uses Crammy Boy's animated how do you decide on the size of your men? Do you roll dice or do you make all your sim women's dreams come true and make all the men the same size?

Also, another question. As far as genetics go, if the father was on the larger side would you make his sons the same way. Or say your into their third generation, etc., how would you factor in your sims penis size. (Have I given way too much though into this?) ROFL Would you base it off of simDNA, like some people do with height? (i.e. if the mother is tall and has green eyes, and the father is average height and has brown, and the son gets the green eyes, then he would be tall.)

Okay, I'm going back to eating my cake.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cameron Poll

Have a new poll posted. This time it's based on the recent update. Do you agree with Cameron or not? Poll closes on the 15th of December, so you can vote as many times as you like. Happy voting.

Welcome to the Jungle Spring 2014

Late May, Spring 2014, Staff: Principal Peng T'ang is 37, Teachers, Justin Kim is 32, Betty Boone (place holder NPC). Students: Kobi Corbin and Anan Reed are both 12, Bri Shahan is 14, Edward Christian, Viggo Kim and, Brooke Sanchez are all 15, Marcus and Oliver Brooks, Sarah Corbin, Suni Ramaswami and, Cameron Smith are all 16, Lana Corbin is 17. For full list of students click here. Last update


It's no secret concerning the bad blood between Cameron and Sarah. Everyone knows about what the raven haired girl did with Cameron's boyfriend. It's the talk of the school. Plus, Justin being Viggo's brother, he's seen the fall out of what his brother's actions has caused.

Monday, November 22, 2010

School Dayz Spring 2014

May, Spring 2014, complete list of students look here. Last updated.


Anya Kent is looking forward to the school year winding down, but that's not what she worried about. Tony is now five years old, and even after cutting things off with Rupert, she still hasn't found a new man. So that's what has Anya so worried. She's not getting any younger, and she just hopes that she'll be able to find someone not only for her, but for Tony as well.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Greetings, and welcome to Riverdale - for new readers!

Hello and Welcome to Riverdale!

First and foremost, Riverdale is a game inspired blog. I started this blog on February 6th 2008. When I first started to share my game play with others it was more of commenting and noting important things that happened in my game mainly for myself, and my hood's history. But as I continued to play my blogging changed too, and my entries took on more of a story quality.

The best place to start is the sims profile index, which is also located on the left side of the blog. There are some spoilers to past and current partners of sims, but if you don't mind a minor thing like that, this is the best way to learn the basics of each sim living in Riverdale.

Another great spot to jump in would be April of 2008. This is where things really started to come together (for me at least LOL) and you really start to get your feet wet.

I also have families all linked by last name for updates, so if you want to read about a certain family, just click on the name, same with other updates like schools, weddings, etc.

It doesn't matter if you start at the very beginning, or if you read the most current entry, I'm just pleased that you took the time to stop by and read about my little pixilated people and their lives. Feel free to leave a comment! They make me happy and let me know that you're enjoying your stay here!

Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy your stay!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Circle of Life Spring 2014 April/May

Amos Cotton is 35, Nita is 29, Aspen is 3.5, Areil Burrego is 25, Alex is 4.5, Austin McPhee is 31, and June is 27. Docotor: Eva Brookes is 26, and Nurse: Davon Christin is 21.

Okay, I did it again, I forgot to add some updates to the last birthday update. Colby Ramaswami turned 4 in March.


Ariel Burrego welcomes her second child, and first daughter, Fae. Sadly, Bret is stuck at work and misses the birth. Alex is home and his happy to finally meet is little sister. He's already thinking up ideas and games they will play together once she gets older. Fae was born in April.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Family Affair

May, Spring 2014, Brian Chew is 53, Jamie is 59, Adrien and Aaron are both 10. Last update.


Adrien tells Aaron how she's decided that she's going to be come a famous artist one day. She enjoys art, and she wants mommy and daddy to take her to the museum so she can go check out the exhibits.

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's all Business

So I have finally gotten around to adding pics of the local businesses in Riverdale and it's surrounding areas. I will put them in alphabetical order. Of course more lots will be added as I take the pics. I also added it to the left side of the blog, under, links.

Riverdale National Bank
Owned: Riverdale Administration (Artie Tresure Playable NPC)
Located: 1200 Main Street

Riverdale Regional Hospital
Owned: Riverdale Admin (Community)
Located: 845 Collins Street

Silver Coin
Owned: Brad Patrelli
Hours of Operation: 10 am til 10 pm Mon. - Sun.
Location: Main Street
Established: June 2014

Tasty Teas and Treats
Hours of Operation: 9 am til 10 pm Mon.-Sun.
Established: April 2014 

Baby Steps

May, Spring 2014, Justin Reed is 27, and Tanya Totonga ('cause I really can't remember her name lol) is 23. Last update never.


Justin and Tanya have been dating off and on for a while now, three years to be exact. If anyone were to ask him, Justin would tell them that things are going splendidly between the two of them. He wouldn't change a thing.

Circle of Life Spring 2014

I forgot to add RIcky Picasso to my winter birthdays, so I'm including him here!


Little Ricky Picaso is celebrating his first birthday. He's glad hes finally able to crawl after his sisters, and his parents are just glad to get past the 3 a.m. feedings!


Orlando Lewis also has turned one. He celebrates his birthday in April. His hair has since grown in since this picture!