Friday, November 26, 2010

Crammy Boy

Okay, so I have a quick question, and don't leave me hanging guys. Answer up! For those of you that uses Crammy Boy's animated how do you decide on the size of your men? Do you roll dice or do you make all your sim women's dreams come true and make all the men the same size?

Also, another question. As far as genetics go, if the father was on the larger side would you make his sons the same way. Or say your into their third generation, etc., how would you factor in your sims penis size. (Have I given way too much though into this?) ROFL Would you base it off of simDNA, like some people do with height? (i.e. if the mother is tall and has green eyes, and the father is average height and has brown, and the son gets the green eyes, then he would be tall.)

Okay, I'm going back to eating my cake.


  1. (OMG, ask a question about manly parts and look who comes running, lol! *blushes*)

    I think for me it would have to do with their attitude toward sex, maybe? Like one guy might be completely comfortable in his masculinity, not trying to prove anything, no insecurities, so I figure he's probably pretty happy with what God gave him, lol! Then another guy might be trying harder, trying to prove himself, so maybe he's not very well hung. And I guess reputation in the story too.

    But yes, I have made some of mine a little bigger, and some a little smaller. But it would be mean to name names ;)

    Really though, most of them (probably 80%) I just leave average. Out of laziness, I'm sure. But average is called average for a reason, and ain't nothing wrong with it either! ;)

  2. I think of some of my guys as quietly confident and rather secure in themselves and those are the ones who I'll usually give a little boost in that area! The rest are I leave as is.

    It's a shame there's not really an "average" size with that mod though - just small or big.

  3. Oh, no average? Maybe we don't have the same mod then?

    Mine goes by inches, and I can choose how big, like between 4 and 9 inches or something. Default is 6 inches.

  4. Laura, ROFL If someone posted the same question I would be all over it too. LOL But I do like the way you decide yours. How I was doing it before was by rolling for the size, but it seem that the majority of my sims were all well hung. So that prompted me to ask around. I will say as for Rupert (lol) he's happy with what he has and had no problem sharing it.

    Carla, So you pretty much do the same like Laura. See, when they shower or have sex that's when it bothers me and I have to pause the game and "fix" it.

    Avrage for me is the 6 inches that they have set as, and of course the 4 and 5 inches are small and 7 on up is large. But for me 7 inches is average too. So I switch between 6 and 7 for the majority of my sims.

    Quick question, and I think I'll add this to the post too, but do you also put genetics into play? Like if the father was on the larger side would his sons be as well?

  5. Okay, it appears I'm using the old version at MATY. The updated version at InSim Adult has the 4-9 inches thing Laura was talking about. I'm going to go and update.

    As for genetics, I don't know. Is there a real life correlation between father and son penis sizes? I think even between brothers, size can vary by quite a bit, so I wonder if there would be. I'm afraid to Google!

  6. ROFL That's what I was about to say, "off to google!"

  7. LOL! Y'all let me know what you find out! ;)

  8. Re-writing this comment, because I realized it made me sound *really* skanky, lol!

    But I happened to just remember two brothers I knew who were equally well-equipped (and note: I did not sleep with either of them, lol!). Point being, probably genetics does come into play at least some.

    I know ethnicity is supposed to have some effect as well, if you wanted to be even more realistic.

    And LMAO, my word verification is "hoors". Think Blogger is trying to tell us something? ;)

  9. Seeing Blogger already thinks we're kind of slutty, I will direct your attention to the always infallible Wikipedia's article on human penis size! (no pics, in case either of you have kids wandering around right now!)

    There's a section on environmental influences but it doesn't say much. It does mention genetics as a factor though. So that answers that? Kind of...

    Tthe article also mentions something called "penis panic", which I pretty much have to go and read about now!

  10. Laura, I think that's all in your head. LOL When you said that about the brothers I never blinked an eye. I saw a lot of peens in high school (and I did not sleep with them either, lol). Well, not a ton, like four but still.

    Carla I read the wiki artical too. Glad there was no pics! Peen over kill! It was a very eye opening article. I must take all of that to heart. Then clear my history, hubby will be giving me the side eye glare. ROFL

  11. i didn't realize that this was so commonly used. now, let me go ahead and add to my DL folder... lol

  12. Just wanted to say that I'm dying from laughter at this whole convo.

  13. ROFL I was too! The places my mind goes too. LOL


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