Friday, March 28, 2008

Simone Patrelli - Sim Day 26

My first place! It's really great. There's just something about being the first sim to live in a newly constructed building. After sharing a dorm with five other sims for 12 days I'm happy to be out on my own. I actually have some peace and quite for a change and I nice wall to hang my diploma. Did I mention just how nice it is to cook in a kitchen that isn't swarming with other college students, pulling pranks, screaming chears, running around nude? Adulthood was well worth the wait.


After settling in and meeting my new neighbors I decided to take up Nature as my chocen hobby. It's great, I love the bird watching and the trimming of the lawn and watching my fish. Soon I advance far enough to where I could go hiking. It was a nice hike but I ran into a bit of poison ivy and have been itching ever since. I'm covered in red clotchy patches all over. I keep bathing hoping that that will help, but as soon as I step out of the tub, I'm scratching again. My mom said I rightly deserved it. That if I had gotten a job soon as I graduated and moved into my own place then I wouldn't have been on that stupid hike in the first place.

She's just bitter because I refused to come back and work at Cafe Mode. She wants me to take over when she retires, but cooking just isn't my thing. I enjoy making food, cooking for friends and family, but doing it as a full time job, no. I just can't and I wish she would understand that. Of course she won't, not ever. And I can see her laying on the guilt trip for sim days to come. Sadly, one of my little brothers, Bret or Brad will be forced to take over the restuarant when the time comes. I hate to say it but better them than me. I know what I want to do and I'm laying the ground work now.


Well I submitted my first job application and I'm waiting for the owner to get back with me. I'm really nervous, this is the first step to my dream career. I just can't wait. I hope they get back with me soon! So help my nerves I decided to try my hand at car restoration. I have a few michanical skills and I thought this would be a great idea. Not only will it keep my mind of what I hope will be my future job but also off of Ryker and David. I'm kinda avoiding the both of them. I still can't believe that I asked Ryker to marry. And I hate to admit this, but I'm still sleeping with David. I know it was wrong in college, it just happend, but now... there's no excuse. We need to stop, I have to stop this. But I love both of them. This is why I'm avoiding them, I need to make up my mind. I don't want to be like my mother. At least she's a romance sim, I'm not.


Thursday, March 27, 2008


Spring started off on a bad foot from the previous robbery that we were still getting over when I go to the mail box and find an offical letter from the Hood Coucil. Mayor Snowden has decided to develope the area were we are currently living with new rental property and start homes. We have until the end of the season (Spring) to move out. I'm very pissed off by this. They could have given us at least another season to do this. It's the second day of Spring already and there are only three more left. We're supposed to find a home to rent or buy and move in by the end of the cycle. I can't believe this. Did I mention that money is tight since I started my own business? Well it is, and now I'll have to take out another load just to get a new place to live. Not everyone in Riverdale is made out of money!



We were robbed on the last day of winter too! Just when I was starting to think the hood was back to its safe days this happens. I'm glad Cynthia talked me into get that alarm. That's what saved us from getting bit in the but and got our refund from the insurance company for the stolen goods.

Life Sucks!

Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse. I had a great transition from child to teen even got a job. But that's were everything started to go down hill. I developed acne soon after and then my grades started slipping. Dad told me that if I didn't bring them up I would have to quite work. I started to study much harder but then my energy was super low for work, the end result. I got demoted. I'm so mad at myself. I'm starting to think that working and going to school isn't such a bright thing to do. Maybe I will quite and focus on my studies more. I'm bright and super smart. I would like to get as many scholarships as possible for school. I have much to think about.

I have arrived!

Big man on compus. Yes I am. So look out ladies 'cause I am here. No, just kidding. My girl, Fatima would kick my butt. Not that I'm even looking for anyone else. I'm totally head over feet for her. I think it's safe to say that I love her very much.

College is pretty neat so far. I'm having a blast, already picked my major and settling in well. Having a go at living on my own for the first time is liberating, but I do miss my mom and dad, not to mention Nashira and Lilly. But I talk to the family at least once a day so that cool and I will be returning home for dinner at the end of the season. Maybe I'll ask Fatima to join me. We are neighbors back home so she could see her folks while I see mine.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dancing Queen

Yup, that's what I am. After graduation from high school I entered college and that's when my dad signed the Free Time Deal. I was pleased to find out that my natural or chosen hobby was music and dance. That's so cool. I'm almost at the top of my hobby and I love it. Too bad I decided to major in something other than dance. *sigh* Maybe it's not too late to change my mind!

What a surprise!

Not only did I have a great turn out for my opening day, but the second customer to show up at the store was a reporter, and guess what? I was awared a Best of the Best award. I'm the first sim in Riverdale to be awarded this! Can you believe it! I guess my chocolates really are good. Better than I thought! Now bueiness should really pick up. Am I ready for that? I guess I better be.

Main Street Sweets

I've been wanting to get out of the house ever since Richard was born. No, wait, that isn't true. I've wanted to get out of the house before Richard was born, after Annabell grew into a child. I wanted to get a job, but I really couldn't find something that I wanted to do. That's when Liam gave me a wonderful idea, why not open up my own shop. So once I found out that I was pregnant with our second child I put the idea on the back burner.

But once he grew into a child I was finally able to see my vision come to light. I had purchesed the lot before I got pregnant so it was just sitting there. Well I took out a small load ($30,000) and built a small store. Since I make chocolate for a hobby I decided to sell that. On Grand Opening Day alot of the citizens of Riverdale came out to show their support, even Mayor Snowden came out! I was so thrilled. What a wonderful start to my small dream.


Stuff happenes.

It was my night to make dinner and I decided on fish sticks and french fries. Well Nashira called me and we got to talking and I forgot all about the food, that was until I smelled something burning. I turned around to face the stove and all this black smoke is rising from it. Just great! All I need it to set fire in our new kitchen. I quickly pulled the food out and we ate. Mom, Dad, and Richard acted as if dinner was alright, but we all knew it wasn't. I will never again talk on the phone while cooking dinner.


I can't believe it!

I can't believe my grandmother is gone. It's so strange and weird and final. I went to the cemetery and placed some flowers on her grave. Once home I started to cry again. This is so hard. I wish she was still alive.

-Annabell Smith