Thursday, October 28, 2010

Better Days

April, Spring 2014, Nashira Sanchez is 31, Donte is 3.5 (Kristin Sanchez is 60, Rupert Cotton is 35, and Xander Snapple is 40.) Last update.

Narrated by Nashira


"I gotta clean. Well, do a spot check really. My mom's popping over for a visit. I like it to be clean enough where she doesn't lay into me raising her grandson in an "unkept" home. Newsflash, mom, not all of us can be stay at home mom's with a spotless house."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Career Download: CSI

Hey guys. So I made me a career. YAY! Go me. LOL It made my brain hurt, since I had to think of stuff. ROFL

Anywho, so I wanted a CSI career for one (or more) of my simmies,a nd I couldn't find one that I liked, so I made my own. There are chance cards for every level except for the top three. I'm working on that and hope to update the file when I do.

So if you want a CSI for you game you can download mine. I mainly based everything off a real life forensics, but that level 1, 2, and 3 CSI come from the show. Since I don't think they actually work in levels in real life.

So here's the link for the career! Enjoy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

It Never Rains

February, Winter 2014, Zayllia and Christopher Shahan are both 34, Bri is 15, and Willow and Seth are 2. (Marcus Brooks is 16.5) Last update.

Narrated by Bri


"So, yeah, our family is pretty typical. My dad plays video games to unwind after work. My mom usually gets home after we've eaten, so she eats alone. And the twins are pretty quiet. They love to draw and play with their blocks. Besides the occasional bottle and needing their diapers changed, you hardly notice that they are around."

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ottamas/Novak Wedding Winter 2013

January, Winter 2013, Vanya Novak is 20, Bart Ottamas is 24, Tandy Novak is 4, and Shaw Novak is 5. (Dominic Phillips is 38 and Nadya Phillips is 46, Nanat Novak is 67, Mathew is 65, Nathan and Tosha Novak are both 33, Sharla Ottamas is 29, Jordan Ottamas is 4, Rupert Cotton is 33, Asia Ottamas and Tommy are both 26, Peter Ottamas is 61, Amanda is 10, Samantha is 60, and Keegan and Chloe Gonzaga are both 18.) Last update.

The majority of this update will be pictures.


The big day has finally arrived. Vanya has offered to drive since Bart is calming that he's nervous. She's nervous too. But not for reasons that one would think.

Oh, she knew what Bart was up to while he was away at school. Vanya is far from stupid, but she's also in love. And she refused to give up on her man, or lose him to some tart at college. So she stuck it out, and stayed with her man.

Circle of Life Winter 2013

December, Winter 2013, Nadya Phillips is 46, and Dominic is 38. (HA! I forgot to include this update before Viggo and Cameron. I totally forgot that I had a birth in December. oops) Last update.


Nadya is tired of being pregnant. It's been years since she's carried a child, but honestly, she doesn't remember it being like this. And to make matters worse, she's a week over due. So to say that she's ready to get this baby out is an understatement.

Monday, October 11, 2010

A cold day in January

Winter, January 2014, Cameron Smith is 16, Viggo Kim is 15, and Liam Smith is 59.


She holds Jayden in her arms, taking in his scent. It's soothing, a smell that she can get lost in when the world is stressing her out.

He squirms, before letting out a small burp. Cameron laughs, turning her head to whisper in his ear. "Your daddy is coming over today."

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Snow Ball 2013

December, Winter 2013, Bri Burrego is 14, Brooke Sanchez, Edward Christian, Jr, and Viggo Kim are 15, Suni Ramaswami, Oliver Brooks, Marcus Brooks, Cameron Smith, and Sarah Corbin are 16, Lana Corbin is 17, and Anan Reed is 12. Betty Boone is 38.


Betty is on chaperone duty for tonight. It's not that she doesn't mind, she just doesn't feel like being in a room full of hormonal teens grinding up on each other. She'd rather be home cuddling on the sofa with her husband. She sighs, the things teachers must do for their students.