Monday, October 18, 2010

It Never Rains

February, Winter 2014, Zayllia and Christopher Shahan are both 34, Bri is 15, and Willow and Seth are 2. (Marcus Brooks is 16.5) Last update.

Narrated by Bri


"So, yeah, our family is pretty typical. My dad plays video games to unwind after work. My mom usually gets home after we've eaten, so she eats alone. And the twins are pretty quiet. They love to draw and play with their blocks. Besides the occasional bottle and needing their diapers changed, you hardly notice that they are around."


"On the rare occasion that they want attention, no one is willing to deny them their request. And my dad is totally head over feet for them. He looks at having the twins his second chance at being a good father. You know, since he kinda wasn't there for me until I was like six.

Don't tell him I said this, but I think he's doing a awesome job, with all three of us. I'm glad he and mom got back together."


"I on the other hand, have put on a few pounds. It really hasn't bothered me until I really, like really noticed it. Marcus doesn't mind, but I do!

So I've been spending a lot of time on this bike, trying to get this weight off."


"And amongst all of this normal-ness, mom has found time to strike up an old friendship. My dad has no idea, and if he ever found out, I fear he'd flip out.

See, after mom graduated college and we moved back home, she became a Wiccan. She really enjoyed it, but once her and dad got back together he asked her to quit. He's not into all the "new age", as he calls it, stuff. And being in touch with nature is one thing he can't accept.

So mom stopped. But she's missed it. And now she's practicing again. I have no problem with it. I actually think it's cool. But like I said, my dad..."


"And speaking of Marcus. Things have been going strong between us. We try to spend as much time together as possible. Especially since next year is his last at school, he'll be going off to college. It's not as if he'll be far away, just downtown, but still. I'm trying to get as much time with him as I can."


"We actually went to visit his parents for the first time the other day. He hasn't seen them since the funeral. It was really hard. He tried not to break down, but he did anyway. I did my best to comfort him."


"He really appreciated it. He really doesn't have anyone to talk to about how he feels, except me. His brother, Oliver carries on as if nothing ever happened, and his sister, she's buried herself in work at the hospital.

AJ, who is Eva's boyfriend, he lives with Marcus now, has tried to reach out to him, but Marcus doesn't feel comfortable talking with him. I can understand."


"But we don't always focus on the negativity that has touched our lives so recently. We do a lot of fun things together. I really enjoy spending time with Marcus. I can't picture life without him now. It's funny how one minute you're best friends and the next you're an item.

I told him this, he agreed. I also told him that I know I'm ready to take our relationship to the next level."


"I guess I took him by surprise. He turned red, then pale, and then quickly changed the subject. Not what I was expecting."


I have no idea what happened to her face. ROFL She went to pay some bills on the computer and when she got up, this is how she looked. I used the snap out option Decogal's modeling pose box, and it fixed the problem. But it was still strange.

Nothing really happened with this family, they are like one of my boring families, but I still like to play them. Zayllia used to be a witch, but Chris would go into aspiration failure because of it. So I cured her. He rolled the fear of her becoming a witch again, but she rerolled the want to be a witch again. So, the heart wants, what the heart wants. And she's a witch once more. A good witch, you'd think he's be pleased with that, but he's not. As far as it stands now, he's in the dark about her "regression".

Talk about surprised! Bri rolled the want to woohoo Marcus after their date. I figured it would have been him first not her. So far he hasn't rolled the want yet. So they haven't done anything yet. Waiting to see if Marcus rolls the want. He's fine with making out and flirting. LOL


  1. I think it's interesting that Zayilla wants to be a witch, especially considering her mother (Zaida) background and suspicious mission. Perhaps it's in her genes, but I do hope she doesn't succumb to the dark side either.

  2. Well, Bri might be making a weird face there but she actually looks pretty cute!

    Poor Marcus. I'm glad he's got Bri to lean on. He's probably coping better than Oliver and Eva, seeing he's talking about it at least.

    I can't remember though, did Marcus's parents die via ROS or was it some weird game glitch and you had to kill them off? I seem to remember it wasn't accidental but that's all I can remember.

  3. I LOL'd at Marcus' face when Bri told him about how she wanted to go to the "next level"....Most teen boys would have jumped at the opportunity lol. I think it's cool that Zayilla wants to be a witch and if the family is a bit boring, it can make things a little more interesting

  4. Apple, so do I. When she first wanted to be a witch it didn't dawn on me, it wasn't until after I cured her, and she rerolled teh "be a witch" want, that I remebered about her mom. So, yeah, I think it just may be in the blood.

    Carla, I have no idea what made her do that. She's the only sim that has ever done that face, period. Strange, but she does look cute. hee, hee,hee.

    Yeah, he has her, but Oliver is dealing with his parents death in his own way ( more on that later). And Eva has just thrown herself into her work.

    No, they died because of some wonkyness in my game. They both glitched so badly that I had to kill them off. I remember Apple Valley said that I could have remade them in SimPE, but I'm glad that I killed them off. I have so many sims in the hood as it is. LOL Two less sims to run after helps.

    Mizz Gin, talk about surprised! LOL Actually he was reacting to gossip. I have never seen this before, but Sarah Corbin walked in and Bri looked at her then gosspied about her and Viggo at the party, and what they were doing in the bedroom. I cracked up.

    Marcus is slow to the draw. he's a knowledge sim, and really all his wants focus on learning everything, and he also rolls like one want for Bri. lol


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