Monday, October 11, 2010

A cold day in January

Winter, January 2014, Cameron Smith is 16, Viggo Kim is 15, and Liam Smith is 59.


She holds Jayden in her arms, taking in his scent. It's soothing, a smell that she can get lost in when the world is stressing her out.

He squirms, before letting out a small burp. Cameron laughs, turning her head to whisper in his ear. "Your daddy is coming over today."

It's not like Jayden could care one way or the other. All he knows is his mommy, she's the one who feeds him and changes his diapers. Cameron places him in his swing to answer the door.


He enters, like he's done at least a hundred times before, when they were still together, before he messed things up. Cameron glares at him. She can't help it. Viggo makes her sick. Every time she looks at him now, all she can see is him with Sarah, and what they did together. Her face contorts into disgust and she rolls her eyes.


 "How many times do I have to say how sorry I am?" Viggo asks.

Cameron snorts. "Do you really want an answer to that?"

They quite for a second as her father walks past them. He's trying to stay positive, but right now he would really love to smack Viggo upside the head for doing what he did. No one should get away with hurting his baby girl!


They sit down. Cameron making sure to put as much distance as possible between them. She feels so venerable, so open, just sitting here with him. She hasn't been able to be around him since that night.

He sighs, "I messed up. I mean, I really, really messed up. And I regret everything that I didn't. And it really meant nothing."

Cameron fights to hold back tears. "Did it really mean nothing? If you were truly thinking about me, Jayden, or even us." She points between the two of them. "Then you wouldn't have let it go that far. I told you that she was no good..." She stops, taking a few deep breaths.


She starts to cry. Not hard, just a few tears run down her cheeks. "Did you even think about what it would do to me? How badly you've hurt me?"


He can't answer, but if he could he would be honest. No, he didn't think about Cameron. He wasn't thinking about her. He wasn't think about his son. He was only thinking about himself and how he wanted to make himself feel good. He can't even bring himself to look at her.


 They sit in silence for a few moments. Cameron having nothing to say, and Viggo not sure what he can say to make up for what he's done.


 "All I can say is I'm sorry, Cameron. If i could I would go back in time and change what I did. I just want you to forgive me. To let me show you that I can be better than how I have been."


"How are you going to show me, Viggo? You've been an ass ever since Jayden was born, and now you want me to give you a second chance just so you can show me you've changed. Why can't you just show me without us being together?"

He gives a nervous chuckle. "Because we are good together. Because I do love you, and I want that back."


"We're good together! You love me! How can you even say that!" She jabs her finger into his arm. "You're the one who cheated on me. You're the one who couldn't stop yourself. You're the one who didn't think we were so good will you where with Sarah. And you want me to give us a second chance?"

 They sit, silent once more. "I know I have no right asking. But could you just think about it?" Cameron doesn't answer.


So these are my awsome pose skillz! You all know you like 'em! LOL So, yeah, I need more work with the pose boxes. They are trickly little buggers.

Anywho, so Cameron and Viggo finally talked. I gave in since I popped into her house to play with Jayden, since I love him. And she had one want for Viggo and that was to invite him over. So I took that as meaning she wanted to sit down with him and talk it out. He on the other hand had the want to be BFF's with her again. LOL

Plus, all his actions had something romantic behind them. He wanted to flirt, iss, hug, etc. with her. She wasn't having it though. But they were heart farting over each other the whole time. It made me sick. LOL

I have no idea what's going to happen with these two. Cameron also rolled the want to meet someone new. I'm not sure where I'm going to go with that want. I think I'll leave it up to them for a while and see what happens.


  1. I think Cameron's acting just as she should right now. Even if she takes him back eventually, he deserves to sweat it out for much longer than he has!

    And I noticed your posing and it looks great! Did you use the posing parts box to get Viggo to talk and pose at the same time? That can be tricky but that box makes it a lot easier!

  2. Yes, make him sweat and definately find someone new in the meantime. I think Viggo needs to realize what he will be missing and he needs to actually lose it for a while. I mean, he'll still be in his son's life, but I think Cameron is right. He needs to prove himself first as a father-which he's been sucking at-and then maybe as something more to Cameron.

  3. Viggo deserves a pop in the head and maybe a punch in the stomach.

    I feel bad for Cameron. I just want to hug her.

  4. *passes out pitchforks and torches* "Let's go get em!" Seriously, someone needs to kick Viggo in the family jewels, maybe then he can control that part of his anatomy better! I completely agree, he should be left hanging in the wind for a while and Cameron should have her own little fling!

  5. Carla, I agree, he needs to sweat. Know that he's really lost something special.

    Ha! I got posing skillz. LOL Yeah, I finally used that pose bos. Can I just say, I'm in LOVE with the box. It really is awesome! I've been messing around with a few other boxes that I have in my game. But some of them aren't in english, so it's hard to know what they do.

    Apple, Yes, he is. I looked at his relationship with Jayden, do you know for Jayden it's zero! SAD! Viggo needs to get with his son way more.

    I hope Cameron gets some sense and moves on.

    HC, ROFL you should see Cameron's brother. He really wants to get his hands on Viggo. I love it!

    Cameron's stronge, she'll get over this and move on!

    Mizz Gin, Can I get one of those. LOL I'm join in on the mob. I hae a feeling that someday Viggo will get a taste of his own medicine.


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