Saturday, August 29, 2009

The last good-bye

December, Winter 2011, Nanat Novak is 66 Mathew is 64 (Vanya 20, Shaw is 4, Tandi is 2.5, Nadya is 44, Dominic (forget his last name) is 36, Tosha and Nathan are 31 and, MaryBeth is 12.5 (she turns 1 at the end of the month)

Nanat still cries. Whenever she's alone, whenever she has a moment of reminder. The reminder of the void that has been left by her youngest passing.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Standing at a crossroads

November, Fall 2011, Nita Rich is 27 (Heather Redd is 49, Brandon is 47, Anan is 10. Rupert Cotton is 32.)

Nita stands staring out her living room window lost in thought. She's at a cross roads in her life and she's just not sure which direction to travel. She and Amos have been unofficially seeing each other since the New Year's Eve party last winter. And she's happy to have him back in her life.

She counts down the minutes until he's able to come visit her almost every day. The kisses he gives her curl her toes. The love that they share in bed is the stuff authors write about. And she loves him. She loves him with ever fiber of her being.

When they had broken up... okay, when she had dumped him. Nita was sick without Amos for almost two years. She hated every moment that they were apart. But still...

Anan closes her eyes and signs. Can't she go any place where adults aren't making out. It's bad enough that she has two Romance sims for parents. So they are always kissing. But there is a limited to all the PDA that she can handle.

No matter how much she confesses her undying love, and no matter how much he reciprocated there was still something missing...

"I just don't know what it is. I mean, I love him. I love him so much that it hurts. And the sex is awesome, but I just feel so uncertain." Nita confessed to Heather Reed.

"Love is a tricky thing." Heather tells her. "Take me and Brandon for example.When we met I can tell you that it wasn't love at first sight."

She pauses then looks over her shoulder at her husband, gesturing to Nita then looking at his behind. The two start to giggle.

"It was more like lust at first sight. I mean he was fine, still is. And that's what I went crazy over. But my point is. You have to be sure about a man. I wasn't sure about Brandon, and I even dated other guys."

"So, you're saying that I should broaden my horizons?" Nita asks.

"Well, did you date anyone while you were single?"

"No. I couldn't think of anyone but Amos. And not that we're unofficially together... I don't know."

"Then maybe you need to go on a date." Heather finishes.

"And then she tells me that I need to explore my options." Nita finishes.

Rupert can't help but to stare at her lushes lips. He wonders what it would be liking kissing Nita.

He figures it would be much like kissing the other women that he's made out with. But there's just something about her lips. They look so inviting, begging to be kissed.

"Why not. You have to kiss a few toads before you find your prince." He says.

"A few?" Nita questions. "I really don't want to kiss that many guys. But I want to be certain that your brother is the One."

"Well my best advice is to find an old flame, an old friend. Call him up and ask him out. If you all have a good time but it doesn't feel right, then you have your answer."

"Just a fun outing. No pressure. No sex. Just fun, like a test drive." Rupert nods. "Exactly."

"Thanks for your help?" Nita says.

She can't help but to get lost in Rupert's eyes. Granted, he has the same ones as Amos, but he makes Nita's stomach flip flop in a completely different way than his brother does. It could be the fact that Rupert is more experienced than his brother. Or it could be the fact that he carries himself with cocky confidence.

And if asked, Nita would shout from the roof top that she is not attracted to men like that, but deep down inside she is. And that's why she rushes him out the door. She needs to get away from him. Before she does something stupid with her on again off again boyfriend's younger brother.

That weekend she does take Rupert's advice and asks an old friend, Amir, out of a date. He agrees.

They go bowling and take a few pictures in a photo booth. But by the end of the night she's just not feeling it. After saying "good night" Nita calls a cab and bumps into a familiar face, and the two decide to go out for drinks.

Come morning light what was thought to be a good idea and a fun outing, is revealed for what it really is. A big fat mistake. Amos can never find out.
notes from GB: Okay, if you all can't make out who's big head that is in Nita's bed then you need to get your eyes checked. LOL But it's Rupert. She was swooning and heart farting all over the place for him. Actually she's had the hots for him since she moved to Riverdale but she and Amos started a relationship first.
She has three bolts for Rupert and none for Amos, but she is in love with Amos. After they talked she started to roll all these wants for Rupert, but I ignored them. But since she NEVER and I mean NEVER rolls wants for Amos except when he comes to visit I took that as if she were questioning their relationship. That's why she broke up with him in the first place.
Well after her date with Amir, who by the way, is Sharla's baby's daddy. They had fun but nothing "clicked" with them. I had her end the date and return home. Well guess who came to visit? Yup, Rupert.
So I said to heck with it. She invited him in, they started to make out and you know the rest. But when she woke in the morning she rolled the want to invite someone over and the want to flirt with Amos and to Kiss Amos. So I'm taking that as guilt for what she's done.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Something in the air

Zayilla Burrego and Christopher Shahan are both 32 and Bri is 13.

Ever since Bri entered junior/senior high school she's been walking around with a chip on her shoulder. Zayilla tries to confront her about it, but it seems to only put Bri off.

Like talking to her mother is such a pain. She just stares at her with a blank look, as if she doesn't hear a single word that is coming out of her mother's mouth.

This angers Zayilla. "What is your problem, Bri. I'm not your enemy. I'm your mother. I only want to know what's going on with you."

Bri trusts her finger in the air. "You wouldn't understand if I told you." She shouts.

And for Bri her mother wouldn't. There are so many changes that are starting to take hold of her and, she has no one to talk to about this. And it's way embarrassing to discuss this with her mom or her dad. She just wants to be left alone.

Both are frustrated and Bri acts as if her finger nails are the most interesting thing she's ever seen in a long while. With a frustrated sigh, Zayilla tells her daughter that dinner will be ready in an hour.

When dinner is ready Bri takes her plate from the table and announces that she will be eating in her room. Zayilla doesn't offer mush resistance and when Christopher questions her she only waves him off. "Not sure if you've noticed but me and your daughter haven't been getting along."

"Don't take it to heart. She's a teen and a girl. It's what they do. Trust me. Growing up in a house with three older sisters I'm kinda an expert on these things. She'll come to you when she's ready."

Zayilla only nods her head. She sure doesn't remember acting like this when she was a teen.

She gets up to take her plate to the kitchen.

"Now that Bri is back in school maybe we should focus on setting a wedding date." Christopher says.

It causes Zayilla to pause in her step. She hadn't given much thought to their pending nuptials. Christ proposed so long ago, Bri was still in grade school. This causes Zayilla to frown.

Just why hasn't she given any thought to actually setting the date? It wasn't as if they were getting any younger and she loved her man. So then what was the hold up?

Christopher enters the kitchen with his own plate. he drops it gently into the sink before scooping his girl up into a romantic hug.

"What's gotten you twisted up in knots." He mumbles as he places kisses along the column of her neck. It causing Zayilla to giggle like a school girl. So he continues doing it. Fearful of her answer.

He hasn't pressed the marriage issue, let her move at her own pace. But it's hard to miss the cloud of uncertainly that spreads across her face every time he brings up setting a wedding date.

Zayilla kisses him soundly on the lips. She loves this man. She loves him with all her being. She loves the boy who stole her heart in college. She loves the man who fathered her daughter. She loves everything about him. And surprisingly she gets the answer to her question.
"Winter. This winter. Let's get married this winter." She says around a kiss. He pulls back from her, looking into her eyes.
She smiles.
He smiles. "Are you sure?"
"Couldn't be more sure." She answers back.
notes from GB: This is really my fault. I kept putting their wedding off for the "right moment" and when I entered their house to play I realized that they are the longest engaged couple in my game. Christopher asked Zayilla to marry him when Bri was only in the 4th grade I think. So it's about time this is happening. LOL So look for a mini update this winter for them. The wedding date is December of 2011.
As for Bri. Not sure if you remember me talking about the messed up face with Marcus Brooks. Well it struck Bri too on her home lot. So while it looks as if she's smiling in all those pics with her mother they were actually arguing. I hope to have her mouth fixed soon. If not, I really don't know how to fix it.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Small announcements

Fall, October 2011, Tommy and Asia Ottamas are 25 (Nora Reed is 19, Heather is 49, Brandon is 47, Anan is 10 and Justin is 25. Sharla Ottamas is 28)

"We should gather the family to tell them." Tommy says over breakfast.

Asia smiles. "Yeah, I think it's time that we do. If we keep it a secret any longer I think my mom and dad will be pissed."

"And can you picture my mom?" Tommy add. Asia pauses and drops her fork back on it's plate. Samantha Ottamas. She hadn't thought about how she would react.

They gather the whole Reed/Ottamas clam into their home. What looks spacious to the two of them, soon seems over crowed with everyone in attendance. Sharla even brings little Jordan out to see everyone one. But this is an important family meeting so everyone came. (everyone was there but I lost the pics. I have no idea how.)

Heather rubs her daughter's belly. She is so excited. This is their first grand baby and she can't wait until he or she is born.

"Why didn't you tell us sooner?" She questions her daughter, as she continues to rub her stomach.

"We wanted to wait. Just to make sure everything was okay. We didn't want everyone to be overjoyed at the news then something bad happened."

Heather frowns. "Why would you think that something like that would happen."

Asia waves her mother off. "No reason. It's just statics. You never know what could happen." What happened in college has stayed between Asia and her husband. No one else knows and she plans to keep it that way.

Anan isn't so sure that it's safe for a four month pregnant person to be dancing like that. So she just stands and watches her sister, hoping that she doesn't break anything.

"I'm totally going to ace my mid terms. I mean, so far college is a piece of cake." Nora boasts. "Yeah, it sure is." Asia agrees, thinking back to her college days.

Some how the subject turns to Nora's love life and she reluctantly mentions Caster. "There's this one guy, but he's a pig. I thought we liked each other. We spent all night talking and hanging out, but then he never called me again. And to make matters worse. He's going around telling everyone that we slept together."

"He said what?!" Tommy asks. Nora's older brother Justin drops his fork and stares at her. He was going to kill this guy. A little trip to campus was in order.

"Yeah, I don't get why he would say that. We didn't even kiss." She quickly says before eating her slice of cake.

"I don't care how hot this guy is, I'm going to kill him. Do you want me to kill him, Nora?"

Nora only laughs at Tommy. Family can be so over protective. But the idea of seeing Caster beat to a pulp would be nice.

"No, I'm serious. Want me and your brother to pay a little visit to his dorm?"

Nora starts to laugh. "No, and he's a frat guy. He doesn't live in the dorms. But let's just drop it, okay." With that she gets up from the table. All this talk of Caster has made her start feeling queasy.

Justin and Sharla have been swooning over each other for a looooong time. In sim years it's been around five so far. As to date nothing has happened, thought I will note, that during the family party they tried to slip off upstairs, but I have Tommy and Asia's bedroom door locked. So no sexy times happened yet.

Little baby Ottamas is due June 2012.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Family time

September, Fall 2011, Mansur Sanchez is 33, Fatima is 32, Alani is 2.5 and, Salma is 7 months old.

(Mary Snowden is 19, Antwan is 58, Taffi is 57, Kristin Sanchez is 58 and, Danny Sanchez is 59)

"We haven't been on a vacation in a long time. So I was thinking we should pay a visit to the mountains." Mansur suggested.

Fatima liked the idea. The last trip they took was to the Far East and that was their senior high school class trip. That was years ago. "Yeah, that sounds like a wonderful idea. I could even ask mom and dad to watch the girls for us."

With the vacation booked Fatima called her folks inviting them over for dinner. It's always nice to feed someone before you ask them to watch your kids for a week so you could get away.

Mansur dances with Alani. She loves when her daddy plays with her and her laughter fills the living room.

Everyone is invited over for dinner and Mary tags along. She can't help it, she's in love with her baby nice Salma. She holds her every chance she gets. Mary can't wait until she becomes a mother and has one of her own.

"You need more seasonings on those prawns if you want them to taste good." Taffi says walking out of the kitchen.

Fatima looks at her in surprise. That was the only draw back to having your mother over for dinner. She's always offering or telling you how to cook.

Clearly Antwan feels the same way. Regardless, he'll eat his daughter's cooking no matter what. That's what dads do.

"You need to give me pointers on how to cook without burning it. I don't think Marchon wants to live off take out his while life." Mary says watching her sister cook.

Fatima laughs. "There's no special art to cooking. And you even end up burning a pot of water. There really is no hope."

Mary playfully rolls her eyes. "Thanks for the vote of confidence."

"So how is school going?" Fatima asks.

"Great! I'm having a blast and meeting all sorts of new people. And classes are challenging too! And did I mention the parties? Awesome!"

But college isn't all about parties, Mary. You're there to get life skills that will help you land your dream job." Fatima tells her little sister.

"OMG! Really? I didn't know that." Mary mocks surprise. "Seriously, Fatima, I'm not some old shoe like you. I'm having fun but keeping my grades up. There's nothing wrong with letting your hair down a bit."

Fatima doesn't agree. But clearly Mary is sharing a moment with her dad, she turns and smiles at him.

He smiles back. "College isn't all hard work. I'm sure you had your fun too Fatima. Don't jump down your sister's back for her having her share."

The rest of the extended family soon shows up. And little Alani starts to ask Grandpa Danny for more hard candies. "You ate them all, kiddo." He says.

Yeah, I think he's a bit made at that fact too. He wanted all the candies for himself.

Mary is still hogging Salma all to herself.

And Fatima tells Kristin how she plans to plate some flowers up on the roof top for next summer.


Well there's only two reasons why Fatima would be bent over the toilet. And we know there was no drinking at the party. So their vacation plans are put on hold. Baby Sanchez the third is due June 2012. For Mansur and Fatima being Knowledge sims they sure to try for baby a lot. They tried for all three on their own. After this one Fatima is going on birth control. Now they'll have to move. Their brownstone is too small for three kids and two adults.

Mary wouldn't leave Slama alone. Soon as she was done eating she picked her back up. I think she's getting those motherly urges. LOL Well she has to hold on. There are no babies in her future just yet!