Monday, August 17, 2009

Those College Days 2011 Part 1

Fall 2011, Mary Snowden, Lilly Sanchez, Nora Reed, Ye T'ang, Danny Ottamas and, Harvis MacAstral are all 19. This update covers September and October.

University life starts off on a low point for Nora. Ye's jealousy over Danny Ottamas playful flirting with Nora was the last draw.

Nora's not down with the overly jealous boyfriend and decides that she and Ye are better off as friends.

Ye is totally devastated. She was his One. They were supposed to be together forever. Why couldn't she understand that he just wants to keep her all to himself?

She pours all her frustrations about her first romance out to the Llama mascot. He nodded his head as if he understood, but he really didn't care. He just wanted to get with Nora. She's one hot piece!

AJ is just happy that things seems to be returning to normal between him and Lilly. After the summer they had he wasn't sure she would ever be the same. He really lucked out with his girl.

But it seems that mascot man has his eye on Lilly too. AJ will just have to teach him a lesson. Good thing for him Lilly likes a little cave man in her men!
A week after settling into campus life AJ falls sick with the flu. Lilly sits with him when she doesn't have classes or isn't studying. Which means she's always in his room, unless Mary is bugging her to study with her and Nora.
"You know you don't have to sit here with me. I know your bored." AJ says.
Lilly turns and smiles at him. "I couldn't imagine being any place else. I'll sit here until you feel better!" Yeah, AJ really lucked out with this girl.
Harvis MacAstral come from Apple Valley. He decided to come to UoR for a change of pace and, to search for aliens without the constant nagging from his foster dad.
But he wasn't expecting the shock that he got when he walked into the boys wash room. There was a communal shower. They expected him to shower in the nude! What was the world coming to?
"You promised me, Mary. So no backing out." Lilly says.
Mary sighs. "Fine. It's just, I don't see any reason to even pledge. How is that conducive to my education?" But Lilly doesn't answer. She's jumping up and down with excitement, Rush week is about to begin.


Lilly is nervous. Like really, really nervous. Once she walks through those doors it will change how her whole campus life will be lived. Urele Var is the only sorority on campus. And because of that fact many girls desire to pledge, but only a select few actually get accepted. Lilly wants that privilege.
Nora can't believe she let Lilly drag her to this stupid thing. Well, it really wasn't Lilly's fault. Mary begged her to come with them because she didn't want to be alone.
But so far non of the sorority girls would leave Mary alone. Being the daughter of the mayor of Riverdale makes her a high priority. They really want her as a pledge.
But soon one girl turns her attention to Nora. "Girl, scholarships bought me this dress! Because, if it weren't for me earning those things I wouldn't have come here to RoU. And I wouldn't have met my sugar daddy, who wouldn't be buying me nice things."
Nora is shocked but doesn't show it. The politics of campus life is way different than the politics of high school. A sugar daddy? That was way too much information.

Cassandra, the president of Urele Var, latched onto Mary and refused to let her go. She wanted this girl bad. Not only would Mary make an awesome addition to the house - not to mention the perks that come with being the mayor's daughter - but Cassandra really liked her.

"So what do you think about pledging?" Tamera asks Lilly. At first she was 100% sure that she wanted to join, but now, she wasn't. Did Lilly really want to be part of this house?
She shrugs. "I really haven't given it much thought. But I think I might." Mary and Nora on the other hard were starting to have a change of heart. Maybe they would accept a bid if offered to them.
Danny and AJ also rush. Cham Hoh Cham is the place to be. They met Jim, who is the president of the fraternity and another member. (I forgot to write down his name) The two are both offered a bid for membership.
The first party of the year was held at the end of pledge week at CHam Hoh Cham. All the popular students were invited. If anyone was unsure as to were they stood in the social order on campus soon found out if they weren't invited. Even kids who turned up at the door but were unknown were turned away.
That's how Mary first meets Jim. He's doing what he calls "dancing", some jerky movements that make Mary want to break out into a fit of giggles. She watches him, her mouth curling up at the corners. She so has to tell Marchon about him. So she quickly snaps a picture of him with her cell phone before heading for a beer.
On her second beer of the night is how Jim first sees her. Mary is quit the beauty he thinks and he can't take his eyes off of her. He wasn't all "into her" because of who she was. Yeah, she was the mayor's daughter. But Jim wanted to get to know the girl behind the celebrity status. He wanted to get to know Mary.
Mary laughs. "Yeah, my boyfriend, sadly, is in another state. I miss him so much." She says.

Jim is not amused. That was one topic he doesn't care to hear about. But what did he expect? A pretty girl like Mary, why would she be single? But he can't think like that, he has a very lovely girlfriend himself, Amanda. But there's just something about Mary that he finds intoxicating. And it's strange, they have just met, but he's already under her spell.

Amanda isn't to happy that her boyfriend is spending all his time with the mayor's brat. So she decides that it's time to show Mary who Jim belongs to. Not that Mary cared. She didn't even know the guy liked her like that.
Meanwhile, Lilly has one to many drinks and starts singing a sea chantey she learned years ago on a family vacation with some guy in the kitchen. Luckily for her all of this will be long forgotten by the first rays of light.
Finding AJ and the two decided to give one of the bedrooms a try. It's exciting having sex in a strangers bed. They two giggled as they make out before actually coming together. It's fast and gets the job done. But both are happy.
Nora finds someone too. A Caster Nova. He's a member of Cham Hoh Cham and she thinks he's one hot piece of man. It's funny though. No matter how hot she thinks he is they have nothing in common.
But a few beers later they have plenty in common. What starts out as a playful make out session soon turns into something a bit more. Nora is so relaxed from the alcohol that her normal guard is down and she allows Caster to guide her upstairs to a small lounging area. "More private for us." he says. And she giggles nodding her head like a small child.
Before she knows it they are stretched out on an area rug, naked. His lips soft yet harsh and, his hands demanding. But Nora can't get enough of him, getting lost in the sensations that he has woken in her.
She's nervous, and manages to mumble out that this is her first time. He smiles telling her to trust him. He knows what to do.
Neither of them notice when another frat member walks in on them. He quickly pulls out his cell phone snapping a pic before walking back downstairs.
Mary finally slips away from Jim long enough to track down Lilly. It's getting late and they need to find Nora and head back to their dorm.
Being a pledge and having a very active social life is taking a toll on Nora. The girls at the house are constantly hounding the pledges with new mediocre things to do for them. And not to mention the non stop parties during the school week.
So when Nora falls asleep in her dinner it's nothing new, except this time she did it in front of Harvis MacAstral. Not sure what to do, he finishes his dinner then leaves the room.
He doesn't get the whole party scene in college. He's here to get an education and to extend his efforts in contacting the aliens, his ancestors and possible family in outer space.
Harvis is sure that his sister would enjoy this life style. In fact, Harvis is sure that she was doing the same thing his dorm mates are doing, right now! With a heavy sigh he peers up into the night sky through his telescope. Hoping that tonight will be the night.
Well slap her pink and call her tickled, but when did Nora hook back up with Ye? And way wasn't Lilly informed of this? She's keen on giving them a piece of her mind, but she wants them to hurry up. She and AJ need the hot tub. Plus, when did Nora stat having sex? Lilly wanders odd scratching her head.
The dynamic duo were still at it in the hot tub and Lilly was tired of waiting. Her needs need to be met and AJ's too. So she leads him upstairs to her and Mary's room.
It strikes AJ that this is the first time he's been allowed inside. Since moving here Lilly has never allowed him in. Telling him that this is her sanctuary. Her place to get away from everything.
But he can't help but wonder if this is her retreat from him, from school, from the world. They hardly speak anymore and the only time she lets him touch her is after she's had way to much to drink. Like tonight. But he pushes all this to the back of his head as he offers to massage her shoulders for a bit. Since he knows what's coming next.
Mary wasn't upset, just peeved. Lilly could have told her that she was planning on "using" their room for the night. That would have given Mary time to grab a blanket to sleep with. But at least she had the heat blowing in from the vents high up on the wall. And since the building was new the windows were sealed tight, no fall chill would get through them. So she curled up on one of the sofas in the main hall and settled down for a long nights rest.

'They better not make this a normal thing.' Mary thinks before drifting off into a deep sleep.

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  1. How fun! I haven't played with Greek houses in Sullivan. I'm still tossing up whether I want to but you made it seem so exciting. I'm kind of leaning towards setting one up now.

    Nora could find herself in some hot water later on, if that picture of her sees the light of day! It's still creepy but lets hope Random Frat Guy is going to keep it to himself!

  2. I've been waiting for this update!!! Giddy with excitement, look at all the teens and Harvis! I agree, I hope Nora doesn't have to deal with that photo, but it will probably come to the attention of several students. I am excited to see if Mary got into the sorority.

  3. Sullivan Sims, you have to make a sorority. This is my first time playing one. I never had the desire to play the Maxis ones. I played the lot over their summer break, building up membership and all that. It's a blast! I love it!

    It's funny, since frat guy actually stood and watched them go at it. ROFL Pervy college guy!

    Apple Valley, You know I had a ton more pics of Harvis but they take. :( I was so mad. He's having a blast in the dorm though! But he rolled no wants to pledge the greek house so I didn't let him.

    Frat guy, I'm not sure what he's up to what that pic. And Mary's been living it up on campus! LOL

  4. OH my goodness!! This was great!

    I see that Mary is having herself a really good time. I'm sure she's gonna make the sorority, I just hope they don't 'use' her in any way. She needs to watch out for that girl in the sequined dress. I really like that you put someone like her in the mix...a goldigger. I love it!

    It's funny how Amanda goes up to Jim and plants kisses up his arm, and Mary is standing there all non-chalantly. LOL!

    I think AJ is handsome, and I love that 1st picture of Nora and Castor on the rug. Very romantic for a drunken one night stand! LOL! I hope that pic doesn't end up all over the internet!

    I also love how you've written in Harvis and his desire to 'phone home'. LOL! I wonder will he be sucessful?

  5. Great update! These college kids are getting into all kinds of situations! :) I hope that picture of Nora doesn't end up on the internet, yikes! But LOL @ the guy just standing there watching them. I'm glad to see Lilly and AJ are still together and working through what they went through over the summer. They can help each other heal.

  6. Simmington Hills, Yes she is. Her and Cassandra get along great and are BFF's already. LOL So if she does get in it's because of friendship (most likely!)

    Mary doesn't care about Jim and Amanda she loves some Marchon. :D

    If he is it will be my first abduction EVER! So I'm excited. I really like Harvis he's so cool!

    Shana, aren't they. And they have me craking up most of the time. Him standing there was creepy. I have no idea why he did that either.


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