Saturday, August 29, 2009

The last good-bye

December, Winter 2011, Nanat Novak is 66 Mathew is 64 (Vanya 20, Shaw is 4, Tandi is 2.5, Nadya is 44, Dominic (forget his last name) is 36, Tosha and Nathan are 31 and, MaryBeth is 12.5 (she turns 1 at the end of the month)

Nanat still cries. Whenever she's alone, whenever she has a moment of reminder. The reminder of the void that has been left by her youngest passing.

It may have been three years since his untimely death, but it's still so hard on her. Surprisingly even more so than her feelings for her late husband.

She loved him, but it was easier for her to accept his passing. But Newton, it was just to soon. So, instead of starting on her new novel, Nanat sits and sobs into her hands. Thinking about the son that she lost and the life that he would never have.

Mathew hears her sobs as he exits the bathroom and he rushes into the bedroom to comfort her. He whispers soothing words in her ear and places gentle kisses in her soft hair. He knows it's still hard on her. He just wishes that he could do more.

Nanat wonders what has she ever done to not only be blessed with one great man for a husband, but a second one as well. She hugs him fiercely back. Telling him just how much she loves him.

The days of a humid summer and a balmy fall have passed and the chill of winter has set in. Sadly there's no snow in sight. Nanat loves the snow. But as she waits she moves along her days filled with novel writing and playing fetch with Snaps.

Sunday finally comes and with it comes the whole family. Even through tragedy the one thing the Novaks never forget is family dinner.

Vanya arrives with her kids and noticeably absent is their father, Bart Ottamas. Which makes Nanat frown. For a boy who has graduated college he sure is never around with his family.

Nadia and Dominic arrive at the same time and follow Vanya inside.

Vanya misreads her grandmother's frown. "Don't worry Nana, I'm not pregnant."

Nanat laughs. "Oh, honey, that's the best news I've heard all day. But I was just wondering were Bart is at."

It's Vanya's turn to frown. "He says he has work. So let's just leave it at that." She says before chasing after Tandi who is headed straight for the toilet.

"We have a full house tonight." Mathew says to Dominic. He nods his head in agreement, but his mind's on other things at the moment.

Tosha plays with little MaryBeth who will be one soon. She thrusts her up into the air, but instead of giggles Tosha is covered in baby throw up.

Yeah, this is one thing she will be happy to say good bye too when MaryBeth is older. She quickly hands the baby to Nathan and heads to the bathroom.

Soon it's time for every one to sit down for their meal. Nanat had to send Mathew to Cafe Mode for dinner. Her mind isn't what it used to be, and even with a post it on the fridge she forgot to head out to the store for dinner. Though everyone was disappointed the lasagna and tiramisu were very delicious!

The first snow fall of the winter has finally come. It blanketed Riverdale during the day. The chill combined with the powdery stuff has every one talking about vacations.

"I want to go to Disney world." Shaw says. He's seen commercials on T.V. for the place, not to mention all his Disney movies. He's dreams are full of Micky Mouse and Buzz Light year.

He wants to visit the most magical place on earth with all his heart. Mathew agrees, and tells the young Novak he'll see what he can do.

"You just can't go and promise him a thing like that!" Nadya snaps. She didn't mean for it to come out so harsh. But it's the truth. Like Vanya would just agree to Mathew taking her son away to Disney world.

Mathew isn't sure how to respond her her rude comment.

Vanya steals a peek at Dominic. He is so dreamy, but he is also her mom's boyfriend. Still, it never hurts just to look.

Dominic and Nadya dance to "their" song. It was what was playing on the stereo at the gym when they first met. "There's something I want to ask you." He says before pulling away from her.

Nadya's grow wide as she watches Dominic get down on one knee. Her own knees start to feel weak. She can't believe that this is happening. She had no idea that this would happen.

He reaches into his pocket a removes a small black box. "Nadya, from the moment I met you I knew that you were the woman for me. I never thought that I would want to settle down, raise kids. But with you I want that. I want us to grow old together. Will you marry me?"

She removes the ring from the box and places it on her finger. It's been ages since she's had a ring on that finger. It's been ages since she was married to Vanya's dad. Before he was gunned down by a car jacker.

She snaps out of her memories and glances down at the man before her feet, then back at the ring on her hands. She chokes back the tears that want to fall. "Yes, I'll marry you."

Dominic jumps up and embraces her in a tight hug while everyone claps.

Nathan is the first to bring out the bottle of champagne that has been on chill in the fridge to toast the couple.

Mathew also also toasts Dominic and Nadya.

Little Tandi has missed all the good news. Someone she manages to get out of the apartment and makes her way to the backyard. She wants to eat the snow!

Vanya is too busy to notice that she is gone. She's having a nice discussion with Nanat about dinnerware and how they can make or brake a party.

After everyone is gone, the dishes cleaned and the food put away. Nanat retires to her computer. Her intention is to finish up this one chapter but her mind drifts to Newton.

A calm peace washes over her and she is able to say. "Good bye my son. I love you. You will be missed."

Foe a second she could sware that she feels him. Smells the Old Spice that he wore. But the sensation is gone as fast as it had come. But Nanat knows that she can finally move on and remember her son with joy instead of sorrow.


I just find babies so cute swatting at those hanging toys. Awwww!

notes from GB: Vanya is NOT pregnant which is a awesome thing. She even has a fear of having a baby now. Too bad she didn't have that fear when she was a teen and making all those babies. *sigh* But she wised up and got on birth control. So when she started talking to her grandmother about babies I just figured she's reassuring her that there are non on the way for her. LOL

Nanat still cried over Newton for a long time. But once I sent his grave to the cemetery she stopped. So I'm thinking that carrying it around in her inventory for all of this time ('cause I forgot that it was there) has kept her mind on her son.

Funny thing. Bell Burrego doesn't think about Newton at all anymore. LOL I guess she's gotten over him.

Nadya and Dominic both rolled wants to get married as soon as he moved in. He rolled the generic want to get married and she rolled the want to marry him. But he did roll the want to get engaged to her. So I figured that at their family meal was the best time for him to ask her.


  1. Wow, I wonder where Bart is as well :\

  2. I'm glad everyone has been able to move on from Newton's death. It would have been hard for Nanat particularly - parents shouldn't outlive their children.

    Vanya will definitely have to keep her hands to herself now that Dominic will be her stepfather! There's a scandal for you!

  3. I felt for little Tandi out in the cold snow without any warm clothes on. LOL! I'm happy to see Vanya and Dominic get engaged.

  4. Apple Valley, Bart's around. Doing his own thing.

    Sullivan, yeah, in a perfect worled, even simulated parents don't outlive their kids. But everyone has come to turms with his death and are carrying on as normal.

    I think Vanya is just happy with getting her stare with Dominic. She's not a home wrecker like some other girls she knows.

    Simmington, Tandi was having a ball! LOL Vanya noticed she was missing right after I took the pic and she went outside to get her.

  5. Somethings up with Bart....

    That was a cute way to propose. I'm all for in front of the entire family types

  6. Heredoncove, yeah Dominic is all about family. He's close with Nanat and I figured that she would have been in on the surprise.


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