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It's the most wonderful time of the year 2011/2012

September, Fall 2011, Another school year has begun. This update only includes the high school since nothing happened with the kiddies at the elementary school.

The new school year has finally started. Peng T'ang the new principle welcomes the students to their new year. He also introduces himself to any new students, those who have recently moved to Riverdale and, to new students entering into the junior/senior high school.

The older student already know Mr. T'ang. He was promoted from a teacher in the school to their principle. Not many pay him attention as he wishes them a successful year. They're too busy catching up with each other, commenting on new clothes and, reviewing each other schedules to see which classes they will have together.

Brooke Sanchez is having a major crises of her own. She sits with her eyes closed. "This cannot be happening." She things, before cracking her eye open then snapping it quickly shut again.

The reason for her distress? One of the new girls! She's sporting the same hairstyle as Brooke. Which was so not fair. Brook had this style since the summer. Why couldn't that girl have gotten something else done to her head. Brooke is so mad she could scream!

Bri Burrego wastes no time in introducing herself to the news girls after the assembly Even though she knows basically all the kids here, they are older than her and, she feels a little out of place. Teaming up with the new girls help her adjust more smoothly than she would have on her own.

Oliver Brooks seems to be cheeking out the new girls. The two of them are very cute and he hopes to get to know at least one of them better! Maybe, he has eyes on another girl as well.

Sarah Corbin saddles up to Edward Christian Jr. She thinks he's cute. She tells him this as she shakes his hand. He blushes a bit, smiling back at her.

Viggo Kim really likes Suni's yellow dress. She tells him that it makes her look more mature. He agrees, it shows off her best assets in his opinion.

Chit chat is soon over and everyone ushers off to their first classes of the year.

Cameron bumps into Viggo on the way to the bathroom. She's avoided him the remainder of the summer, so she knew this day would come.

He seems pleased to see her. And she give him a once over as well. She chokes back a giggle once she spots the acne all over his face. She smirks. Serves him right for how he treated her at camp.

"Hey, it's good to see you!" Brooke says to Bri. Bri isn't sure if Brooke is being sarcastic or what.

They haven't spoken in over a year, after Brooke severed their friendship once she started high school. "Umm, yeah, good to see you too." She says before walking away.

Cameron stares at her reflection. Besides the slight sunburn she's still hot. She looks closer into the mirror. "If you were a guy you'd date me, wouldn't you Suni? I mean, I'm hot. I would date me."

Suni heads into a stall. "Whatever, Cam. I only came in here to pee, not to talk about how hot you are."

Cameron looks over herself once more. "Whatever. I'll see you at lunch." She says before walking out of the bathroom.

Suni joins Brooke at the sinks. "Do you think I look good in this dress? Viggo noticed me." She says. Brooke rolls her eyes and continues to wash her hands.

"Well, do I?" Suni asks, impatiently.

"The dress is nice, but word of advice. Viggo will look at anything that jiggles. Hello, he's a boy!" Brooke says before exiting the bathroom.

Suni watches her go before mumbling that Brooke's just jealous she doesn't have boobs as nice as hers.

Brooke and Sarah finally cross paths and the two start to talk. Brooke finds that she really like Sarah and Viggo finds that he likes the back view of Sarah.

Edward stands beside the girls. He decides that this year is going to be different. He may only be in the eighth grade but he's going to tell Brooke just how much he likes her. He really, really, really wants her to be his girlfriend. He's going to tell her... as soon as he works up the nerve to do so.
Suni is pissed off. Like really pissed off. She always seems to be pissed off at something.
Well this time it's not Lilly Sanchez, it's that new girl, Sarah. She's seating in Suni's seat. And the worst part is, neither Brooke nor Cameron saved her a chair. What, was this replace Suni with a new chick day? She lost a boyfriend in the cafeteria, she really didn't want to lose her friends the same way.
"You're pretty!" Cameron says, giving Sarah a once over. "See that boy over there. That's Viggo. Stay away from him, he's mind. Not that I like him or anything, but you've been warned." She says.
Sarah shakes Cameron off. Viggo is cute and she hasn't made up her mind if she like shim or not. Only time will tell.
Viggo perks up at Cameron's words. He wasn't sure if they were even friends still since she refuses to return any of his calls.
But to know that she doesn't want any pretty girls speaking to him says a lot. Girls are strange, but he's starting to get the hang of them. He smiles to himself steeling a glance of Cameron from the side.
That's when he notices some new boy trying to put the moves on Cameron.
He jumps up and squeezes between the two of them. Cameron give him this strange look. "Umm, doe sit still burn if someone touches you?" He asks before reaching up and gently brushing his hand across her face.
Cameron giggles, before attacking him with tickled. "Oh. My. God. You are so lame. You only wanted to touch me, perve." She says while laughing.
Oliver decides that now is the best time to tell Suni how he feels about her. Now with AJ out of the way he is free to try and date her. She's a bit put off by his words. After AJ dumping her she isn't sure about boys. Sure, she wants a boyfriend, but she's worried that they will do the same thing that AJ had done to her.
Oliver refuses to give up. "How about we take things slow. Just see where it leads." He suggests. Suni likes that idea and agrees. She likes the sound of that.
Finally, the first day of school comes to an end. Peng is happy to have gotten through the day with no real drama. All the students are happy as well. Saying good night to Peng as they leave heading home.
notes from GB: Okay, I wasn't sure about this until I played Suni for a while. But it seems that ever since that night at the concert , she has been moody and everything makes her mad. I mean every thing. The girl went to get her lunch and was find. She turns around, her head turns towards the table with Cameron and everyone and her face turns evil. So I figured she was pissed because Sarah was in her seat.
But this is her permeate look ALL the time. ROFL Man, this AJ thing really has her twisted. And then Oliver came up to her and she acts all shy and scared. So I figured it's because she's unsure about boys right now.
As for Viggo and Cameron. Ugh, they are driving me crazy. They'll roll like one want for each other and that's it. But soon as the other one starts to interact with another sim the other makes the frowny face and has to come over and get the other's attention. I think it's cute in a way. But really!
And Viggo. Ever since he's gotten his first kiss all he does is check out the ladies. I'm serious, and he walks around thinking about woohoo. So does this mean he's going to grow up to be a horn ball? LOL
And all Cameron did when talking to Sarah is talk about herself. But I figured you guys knew that. In Cameron's world you are blessed to be around her, or to even here her talk about herself to you.


  1. Your teens are a handful-thank goodness I only have a couple, but then it gets pretty boring :\

  2. Ha, Viggo gets his first kiss and now he thinks he's a real ladies' man! How funny!

    Good to see Cameron's ego is still out in full force too!

  3. Since I'm just getting started reading about Riverdale, this was actually a nice introductory post for me to get to know the kids. They're all very distinctive, and now I know a little about them.

  4. Your writing shines when it comes to the teens, I think you're dead-on with their attitudes and language. Brings back so many memories of highschool for me. And it's been a looong time. LOL!

    I love your school! You must tell where you got that water fountain.

    I'm glad Sarah seemed to hit it off with everyone. I wasn't sure how her first day at school was gonna go. Cameron is still a trip, but that's why I love her. LOL! I hope Suni will bounce back. She's been hurt and embarassed, so that takes some time.

  5. Apple Valley, You know you're due for a baby boom right? LOL You'll get your handful of teens soon enough. But their not that bad, really. I enjoy watching them. They crack me up!

    Sullivan Sims, tell me about it! Viggo really does think he's a ladies man. Good thing he's a popularity sim and not a romance one. But every time I watch him, I swear he's checking some girl out.

    And Cameron isn't going to let anything stop her from being herself!

    Lunar Fox, thank you! I'm so slow in getting bios and everything out. I need to light a fire under my butt! But I'm glad you were able to learn a little about each teen. I hope you continue to enjoy them!

    Simmington Hills, that's because I'm still a teen at heart! LOL The teen years were my favorite and I'm glad it shows in my writing. But then I have to wonder, how am I at my adult writting? ROFL

    Sarah is enjoying school so far, and so is Lana. She spend all her free time in the library reading. LOL Such a knowledge sim. Cameron is Cameron and she's not changing for anyone. Suni, I'm sure she'll be okay. She just needs time!

  6. I love reading other peoples post about their teen sims. Maybe because I have so few.

    They do seem like a handful. Cameron and Viggo's back and forth is making me dizzy. I love Suni outfit and hair. She is too cute.

  7. You'll get too many teens all at one time, then you;ll be thinking "What have I done?" LOL

    I made Suni's dress and her hair I think it's a peggy's one. Not sure. I forget, I just download hair. It's my weakness.


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