Monday, August 24, 2009

Something in the air

Zayilla Burrego and Christopher Shahan are both 32 and Bri is 13.

Ever since Bri entered junior/senior high school she's been walking around with a chip on her shoulder. Zayilla tries to confront her about it, but it seems to only put Bri off.

Like talking to her mother is such a pain. She just stares at her with a blank look, as if she doesn't hear a single word that is coming out of her mother's mouth.

This angers Zayilla. "What is your problem, Bri. I'm not your enemy. I'm your mother. I only want to know what's going on with you."

Bri trusts her finger in the air. "You wouldn't understand if I told you." She shouts.

And for Bri her mother wouldn't. There are so many changes that are starting to take hold of her and, she has no one to talk to about this. And it's way embarrassing to discuss this with her mom or her dad. She just wants to be left alone.

Both are frustrated and Bri acts as if her finger nails are the most interesting thing she's ever seen in a long while. With a frustrated sigh, Zayilla tells her daughter that dinner will be ready in an hour.

When dinner is ready Bri takes her plate from the table and announces that she will be eating in her room. Zayilla doesn't offer mush resistance and when Christopher questions her she only waves him off. "Not sure if you've noticed but me and your daughter haven't been getting along."

"Don't take it to heart. She's a teen and a girl. It's what they do. Trust me. Growing up in a house with three older sisters I'm kinda an expert on these things. She'll come to you when she's ready."

Zayilla only nods her head. She sure doesn't remember acting like this when she was a teen.

She gets up to take her plate to the kitchen.

"Now that Bri is back in school maybe we should focus on setting a wedding date." Christopher says.

It causes Zayilla to pause in her step. She hadn't given much thought to their pending nuptials. Christ proposed so long ago, Bri was still in grade school. This causes Zayilla to frown.

Just why hasn't she given any thought to actually setting the date? It wasn't as if they were getting any younger and she loved her man. So then what was the hold up?

Christopher enters the kitchen with his own plate. he drops it gently into the sink before scooping his girl up into a romantic hug.

"What's gotten you twisted up in knots." He mumbles as he places kisses along the column of her neck. It causing Zayilla to giggle like a school girl. So he continues doing it. Fearful of her answer.

He hasn't pressed the marriage issue, let her move at her own pace. But it's hard to miss the cloud of uncertainly that spreads across her face every time he brings up setting a wedding date.

Zayilla kisses him soundly on the lips. She loves this man. She loves him with all her being. She loves the boy who stole her heart in college. She loves the man who fathered her daughter. She loves everything about him. And surprisingly she gets the answer to her question.
"Winter. This winter. Let's get married this winter." She says around a kiss. He pulls back from her, looking into her eyes.
She smiles.
He smiles. "Are you sure?"
"Couldn't be more sure." She answers back.
notes from GB: This is really my fault. I kept putting their wedding off for the "right moment" and when I entered their house to play I realized that they are the longest engaged couple in my game. Christopher asked Zayilla to marry him when Bri was only in the 4th grade I think. So it's about time this is happening. LOL So look for a mini update this winter for them. The wedding date is December of 2011.
As for Bri. Not sure if you remember me talking about the messed up face with Marcus Brooks. Well it struck Bri too on her home lot. So while it looks as if she's smiling in all those pics with her mother they were actually arguing. I hope to have her mouth fixed soon. If not, I really don't know how to fix it.


  1. I get that stuck smile sometimes too. It usually goes away after a while on its own. But it does mess up pictures sometimes! :(

    I'm glad to hear they've finally set a date! :) And hopefully Bri will grow out of this stage she's in soon, LOL!

  2. Do you know what causes it? At first I thought it was InTeen, but I removed it to see and it wasn't. All I know is, if I click on a teen and have them walk t school when they come back home, that's how they look. It's freaky! Marcus, I was able to fix by sending him on a nature hike. But I can't with Bri since she isn't a nature sim.

    Bri is modeled after my 11.5 year old. ROFL She's entering that stage of life and is driving me crazy! They both better make it through this quickly!

  3. I only had one stuck face problem a long time ago, and that was after dancing. Asya had a smirk on her face for a while. Made her look drunk, so I went with it. LOL!

  4. I've seen the stuck face a couple of times too. I think that dancing does have something to do with it.

    If the move objects cheat doesn't work, I would try getting decorgal's pose overlay box from MTS. It has facial overlays too, and you can reset the face. I'm sure THAT would get rid of the weird smile.

  5. Now why didn't I think of that? LOL Next time I'm on the lot I will use the mod. I have it in my game already. Thanks!


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