Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Those College Days 2011 Part 2

Fall 2011, Mary Snowden, Lilly Sanchez, Nora Reed, Ye T'ang, Danny Ottamas and, Harvis MacAstral are all 19. Richard Smith is 21.

Finals are right around the corner. Mary isn't too nervous, she's kept her grades up despite having a very active social life. Tonight it the annual toga party at Urele Var. Mary gazes down at Marchon's smiling face. (something she does every morning) And wishes that he was here with her. It really sucks doing the long distance thing, but it will be all worth it in the long run.

Everyone has been looking forward to this party all week, but Nora hasn't. She's been looking forward to bumping into Caster. "Can... can we talk?" She asks, folding her arms over her chest.
He looks up at her with a frown. "Sure, babe. But let me finish my food first."
She really wants to tell him to shove it. She doesn't want to wait until he finishes his food. She's pissed. Someone e-mailed a pic of her with him the night of that frat party and now Ye refuses to speak with her. And now a lot of students thinks she's a slut.
"Whatever. Come and find me when your done." She says before stomping off.

Lilly walks up to Caster feigning a fake smile. She makes mock guns with her fingers pointing them at him. "Hey, thanks for being a totally ass to my best friend. Jerk!" Caster only rolls his eyes. This is why he hates dealing with freshmen, their so over emotional. It was just one picture, didn't even show anything. They really needed to grow up.
Jim drinks a beer, keeping his eyes peeled for Mary. She hadn't shown up to the house yet but he knows she will. It's mandatory for all pledges to show for social gatherings. He just hope she shows soon.
Cassandra's mind isn't on Mary or any other pledge. She's had her eye on the guy she's talking to since the end of summer. He's so mysterious, which draws her even more to him. Normally guys looking like him aren't invited to parties like these but she needed to invite him.

And Richard Smith is glad that she did. They had this "thing" if you wanted to call it that, simmering between the two of them for a while.
She was hot, and he loved her blonde hair. It was okay to admit, he has a thing for blondes. But that doesn't mean he'll exclude brunettes, redheads, or the likes. But there's a spark with Cassandra and he wants more of it.
"Dude, AJ's girlfriend is hot!" Domenic says to Danny Ottamas. He nods in agreement, because Lilly is hot. "If I were him I'd never stop making out with her." Domenic says with a smile.
But making out it the last thing on AJ's mind. Lilly's drinking and partying it starting to get way out of hand and, it makes him worry. Every time he tries to bring up the topic she blows him off or starts a fight. It's obviously a sore topic of discussion between the two.

She notices him, puts the cup down and, smiles. "How about we head up stairs." Lilly flirts, leaning over to give his ass a squeeze.
AJ sighs and pushes her hand away, but not forcefully. "Lilly, I don't think that's such a good idea."
Her eyes narrow. "Why not?" "Because, you only want to be with me when your plastered. And I don't like being used. We need to talk about this." He says.
She rolls her eyes. "There's nothing to talk about." She says before walking off.

"Dude, isn't that the hot chick with you in that picture? Man, I can't believe you got a piece of that!"
Caster leans back in his chair with a smile planted on his face. "What can I say, freshmen are easy." The three laugh giving each other high fives.
Disgusted, Danny gets up and leaves the table. Nora's his friend. He could have said more, but he doesn't want to jeopardize his standing as a pledge to Cham Hoh Cham.

Nora over hears the whole thing. She fights the tears that threaten to fall back. God, how could she have been so stupid? One night, one stupid night and now... She'll never live this down.

Mary finally shows up. Jim asks her what took her so long as they dance. "I was talking to Marchon." She says with a smile. Jim fights back the snare that wants to sprawl over his face. He keeps reminding himself that they are only friends.

But it's hard to do. Especially when she's standing in front of him with that poor excuse of a toga on. It's hugging ever curve that she has and Jim groans inside. 'Just friends. Just friends.' He repeats over again in his head while stealing a peek at her boobs.
He's avoiding her like the plague. Nora sniffles to herself. She doesn't want to come off as stalkerish, but she just wants him to quick bragging about her like she's some conquest to be exploited.
Caster turns his head to avoid eye contact with her. How could she have been so stupid. And to think her first time was on a rug in some strange her with a jerk like him!

The last straw is when he starts making eyes for one of the older girls in her sorority. Nora jumps up from her seat and runs upstairs.
That's where Lilly finds her. Actually, she was hanging out upstairs as well. Avoiding AJ. He was the last person that she wanted to see right now. "So, what's wrong with you?" She asks.
Nora takes a deep breath, fighting back her tears. "I'm so stupid, Lilly. And now everyone thinks I'm a slut."
She stands up pulling Nora with her. "Listen, don't feel that way about yourself. I got a question. When you two were getting it on did you feel bad about yourself? Did you feel like a slut?"
Nora shakes her head. "No! But that was before the picture, before the whispers, before people started calling me a ho."
"Look, you know it. I know it. Mary knows it. And even Ye knows it. You are not a ho. It's the modern age. Why is it that a woman is a ho if she wants to have some fun? And really, you only slept with two guys. That doesn't make you anything other than some horny chick who got her rocks off."

Nora smiles a bit. "Yeah, I guess you're right. I need to just keep my head up and not let this get to me." Lilly gives her a playful tap on the arm. "That's the spirit. And go kick Caster in the nuts!"
She slipped away from him again and he finds her climbing out of the pool. Jim though Mary looked hot in the toga but it pales in comprehension to her in a bikini. It's obvious that she works out and her body is tight. He stands there admiring it.
She puts her toga back on and turns to face him. "Are you ogling me?" She jokes.
Jim snorts in amusement. "No. I was just making sure that no perve comes along and tries to mess with you out here."
She snorts with laughter this time. "You still didn't answer my question. And I'm sure Marchon wouldn't take to kindly to you checking me out." She says before playfully punching his arm.
"Yeah, yeah! I know, Marchon will get jealous." He jokes, but not really. Mary's about to say something, but he decides to cut her of my tickling her. She bats his hands away as she laughs. She hates being tickled and he knows it.
They stand there staring at each other for a few moments. "We're still on for tomorrow?" Mary asks. It breaks Jim out of his quietness. He has to process her question. "Yeah, I'll meet you at the library."
They do meet the next afternoon after classes. It's better to get a jump on finals with group study, but Jim tells her that he was the only one able to make it. It never crosses Mary's mind that Jim called up their other friends telling them that the group cram was called off. He just wanted to have her all to himself.
Jim offers to buy Mary some coffee, but she declines. She doesn't need to be extra wired to study, it will make it harder for her to focus on her books.
After a long day Jim asks her to stop for a bite to eat with him. Mary gladly accepts his offer.
They go to Smokey's Ribs. They have the best ribs in town, but that could also be fact since they are the only rib place in town. "We'll still keep in touch once you graduate." Mary says.
"Yeah, it won't be hard to do. That's until you move to Simmington Hills." He retorts, a little bit of bitterness in his voice.
"Oh come on. There's this awesome invention called the Internet. OMG! And a phone. We still can call each other. And who knows maybe you and Amanda can come a visit Marchon and me. You know, be there for when he get sworn in as mayor."
"Yeah, and we can become super best friends." He says sarcastically.
Mary gives him a "what's your problem" arm shrug. Jim only smiles at her causing Mary to roll her eyes and giggle as well.
They head to the Watering Hole for some karaoke before calling it a night.

Amanda is waiting for him when he gets back to the fraternity house. He slips into bed with her making up for being late.
After they are finished and secure under the covers Jim winds his arm around Amanda's waist and pulls her against him. She's still woke after he's deep into slumber and hears him mutter a name that isn't hers.
(notes from GB: There reason why I didn't update more of Richard is because where he's living right now, McCormmick hall, much didn't happen. In fact, nothing happened. All he does is smoke the bubble blower and has the munchies. LOL For summer break he went down to the Bahamas and "found" himself. Hence the locks and his carefree attitude. Tina really did a number on him.
Caster Nova is really bing a jerk. He won't even talk to Nora and he and the other frat guy started talking about woohoo. So I figured that they were talking about him and Nora. So rude, but that's life. Nora also stopped drinking. She hasn't had a drink since the last party. Guess she fidures if she's not drunks he won't make anymore stupid mistakes.
I think Lilly's becoming a lush. I mean, Mary drinks like a fish but Lilly can out drink all of them.
Jim has it bad for Mary, and I think Amanda knows. She didn't show at the last party but she was waiting for him when he got back from his study date with Mary. Mary is showing now romantic actiond toward Jim though. So for now it's all onesided. LOL She's so in love with Marchon.)


  1. Grr, Castor. I'm glad Nora is picking her head up and trying to get over that jerk.

    Wow, he has it really bad for Mary. This should be reeeaaaalllly interesting. I wonder if Marchon will ever visit her, I would love to see ACR in action. Even though it might complicate things when it comes to interhood relationships, it would still be very interesting. After all, not all LDRs work out.

  2. What an ass Castor is! I always liked him in my game but I'm seeing a whole different side of him in Riverdale!

    I'm on the edge of my seat to find out what happens with the Mary/Marchon/Jim/Amanda thing! Sounds like Amanda might have a clue what's going on now, even though nothing has actually happened.

  3. Girrrl, this update. *smiles and shakes head* Got me on the edge of my seat like Sullivan Sims! I'm like a scientist with a magnifiying glass up to the monitor on those dark pictures...making sure I don't miss anything! LMAO!!

    The whole time, I'm gritting my teeth at Jim...he better not try anything. LOL! But, how can I say that when Marchon is losing his mind in my hood?! Hahaaa!

    Oh this LDR BETTER work out...we been planning this for too long, right GB?! Things are so exciting right now, I can hardly stand it!

  4. Ugh, Caster is a complete jerk! Poor Nora, I hope things get better for her and she meets someone who treats her much better than him!

  5. Apple Valley, Caste... I have no words for him. Darn ACR. You know Nora and Caster have three bolts for each other but have nothing in common. And a combo of ACR and another hacked objects made them hook up.

    Yeah, Jim has it bad for Mary, but Mary isn't worried about anyone but Marchon. who knows, this may prompt Marchon to visit.

    Sullivan Sims, doesn't he look so sweet. I though he was too. LOL Shows what I know!

    Me too! Only time will tell. But check out Simmington Hills. marchon hasn't been a saint!

    Simmington Hills, ROFL I was going to lighten the pics, but I felt it added to the developing feelings (?) and drama to come. ROFL Marchon may be jealous but that boy is up to no good! But he needs to keep an eye on Jim.

    Yes, this LDR better work! We've invested way too much time into it!

    Shana, he is a jerk. But college is to make mistakes and learn from them. Nora will learn from this! Things can't get any worse!

  6. Nora is really gorgeous, she needs to forget C.Nova and his stupidity and live her life.

    I kinda feel bad for Jim, unrequited love hurts

  7. Yeah, Nora is one of my favs. she is super pretty. Would you believe that she was born in game? Yup. She's still swooning over Caster so we'll see. LOL

    Jim has it bad. :(


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