Friday, January 29, 2010

I'll be back... soon

Okay, sorry for going all MIA... again. LOL But it's a long story, Comcast and my husband being sick and in the hospital, so anywho's, we should be getting the internet back hopefully next week. We owe Comcast like $200 and some change, hubby said he'll pay that this coming Monday. Once that's done then they will give us a date to come out to reconnect us.

Right now I'm using hubby's Cricket internet connection. It's kinda slow so there's no way I can post any updates. But I will be back.

At least we are all moved in, I've gotten a lot of simming done and I have watched all four Terminator movies as well as the tv show back to back. I'm sitting pretty until I'm offically back online!

So until then, see you guys later. I can't wait to get back and catch up on all the blogging that I have missed reading.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


So today is the day. We are moving so I'm not sure when I'll have another update done. I hope to be back online sometime next week. OMG, I'm going to have no internet or cable. I see me going crazy. LOL See you all soon!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Little Family

December, Winter 2012, Mathew Picaso is 38, Jessica is 37, Rose is 10.5, Lola is 4, and Becca is 3.

Becca likes her new home. It took a bit of getting use to, you know with new rooms to explore and a nice big front yard to play in. She may be only a toddler but one thing she is super happy about is that her big sisters don't throw her toys around the house when they are in their way. That's the best part about having a new place to live.

Jessica picks up her youngest daughter, making a silly face at her. It causes Becca to laugh. Her mommy is so silly some times. Jessica agrees, it's nice to have a bigger place. It's also a necessity, not only because they were cramped in that tiny two bedroom apartment, but with baby number four on the way, they had no choice but to move.

And with more room comes extra space in Rose and Lola's bedroom to store all their stuff. So the house doesn't get as dirty as fast, which leaves more time to spend with Becca.

But once the girls get home from school things become a bit more active.

Lola loves teasing Becca with her toys. She thinks it's hilarious, too bad Becca doesn't agree with her.

But she soon grows tired of the game and heads to her room to play with Rose.

By the time Mathew gets home from work and dinner is on the table, Jessica is zapped of all remaining energy. But no one hardly notices since they are to busy scarfing down their meal.

Mathew thinks Jessica is even more attractive when she's pregnant. She has this glow that radiates from with in. Don't get him wrong though, he's always found his wife super attractive, and he has no idea why he had that small transgression with Sharla Ottamas. He's just glad that his wife finally forgave him and took him back.

The girls start out with a nice game of cop and robbers, even Becca tries to get in on the action. She can't wait until she's old enough to play with her sisters.

But the fun times soon turn sour as the girls start to torment each other.

Mathew scolds them, reminding them that their mother is trying to take a nap. He sends them outside to play in the snow.

After an hour their mom and little sister comes to join in the snowy fun.

Lola asks over dinner later that night just where do babies come from? She heard a few of the older kids as school say that babies come from a cabbage patch.

Mathew thinks back to how their soon to be new addition was conceived and decides that it's better that Lola believes in the cabbage patch for a little while longer.

Rose laughs to herself. Being in the 5th grade and internet savvy, she has long since known just how babies are made.


Baby Picaso is due February 2013.

On a side note if I don't respond to the next few updates that's because we are moving. The apartment building that I live in is undergoing renovations. So they have finally come to our apt. and they have decided to move us to a new floor. But instead of giving us at least a few weeks to get packed and moved, they want us out by Sunday. Mind you they just told us on Wednesday. ROFL So hopefully I'll have my cable, phone, and internet back sometime this coming week.

Snow Ball 2012

December, Winter 2012, Bri Burrego is 13, Brooke Sanchez, Edward Christian, Jr, and Viggo Kim are 14, Suni Ramaswami, Oliver Brooks, Cameron Smith, and Sarah Corbin are 15, Lana Corbin is 16, and Keegan Ottamas is 17.

Mini update

The winter snow ball dance is something the most of the high school students have been looking forward too. The school board decided to give all students one dace per year, and winter was the season chosen for that dance.

Bri just so happens to be one of those thrilled teens. She's just recently started showing interest in boys and she's gunning for her first kiss. But she's not just going to waste it on any boy, so she's scanning the room for any potential new boy friend.