Friday, January 1, 2010

Snow Ball 2012

December, Winter 2012, Bri Burrego is 13, Brooke Sanchez, Edward Christian, Jr, and Viggo Kim are 14, Suni Ramaswami, Oliver Brooks, Cameron Smith, and Sarah Corbin are 15, Lana Corbin is 16, and Keegan Ottamas is 17.

Mini update

The winter snow ball dance is something the most of the high school students have been looking forward too. The school board decided to give all students one dace per year, and winter was the season chosen for that dance.

Bri just so happens to be one of those thrilled teens. She's just recently started showing interest in boys and she's gunning for her first kiss. But she's not just going to waste it on any boy, so she's scanning the room for any potential new boy friend.

Sarah is happy to be here as well. She was really scared her parents weren't going to let her come, and they waited until the last possible moment to grant her permission. But she's made it and she's going to try to make this night amazing. She's hoping to get Viggo alone in a dark corner maybe even get him to kiss her.

Orlando has come to the dance as well. He's happy Sarah is here but she's not the sister he's looking for. He's searching the mass of teens hoping to find Lana.

He'll need to look a bit harder since Lana is hiding out at one of the tables at the Community Center.

She really didn't want to come tonight but it was the only way her sister could attend the dance. And she knew if she refused she'd never hear the end of it. So here she is all dolled up just so her sister can try to find some horny boy to kiss up on.

She doesn't get why it's so important to be accepted by a guy. Her sister should spend her time focused on studies and listening to the words of the Controller than worrying about boys.

Viggo really likes Cameron's dress. She told him that it was an awesome dress and how hot it made her look, but he had no idea it was this hot! He really likes the front view of cleavage she has on display just for him! Has he said just how much he loves this girl?

Everyone loves Suni's dress too! She made it herself, so it's a one of a kind.

Orlando finally finds Lana and he musters up the courage to sit down next to her. He smiles but she only cuts him a scolding look before turning her attention back to the dance floor. He's a little dejected by her cool reception of him, so as he licks his wounds they sit in silence.

She finally turns to him. "What do you want?"

"No... nothing. I just... you looked lonely so I thought I would try and keep you company." Orlando says.

"Why would you want to waste your night sitting here with me when you can parade around like some famous actor with all the single girls." Lana snips.

This makes Orlando smile a little. "I'm not that into movies and I don't think I'm an actor. I just finished reading this awesome book, Nectar in a Sieve."

This pique's Lana's attention and the two began to discuss the novel.

The kids are dancing and enjoy themselves, everyone lost in their dates or their friends.

And Sarah stand patiently, waiting for her moment to strike. To slip in when Cameron turns away, to get her chance to dance with Viggo. But Cameron either is keen to the girl's plot or she's just having too much fun with her man. Either way she doesn't leave his side.

Everyone starts to trickle over to the buffet to eat, and it's safe to say that Cameron and Viggo really are the "IT" couple at Riverdale High. Everyone knows them. And believe it or not, the majority of the females wish they were Cameron or at least wish they were in her inner circle of friends. And some, like Sarah, wish they were dating Viggo.

Sarah wishes everyone would hang onto her every word when she spoke. Obviously she's not that important to listen to since no one seems to even bat an eyelash as she talks about her home town.

Orlando tells Lana how much fun he had tonight just sitting and talking with her. She smiles, a real smile, telling him that she enjoyed herself as well.

The night is finally starting to wind down and the DJ plays the final slow song of the evening.

Suni smiles into Oliver's eyes. "You know, I was thinking that tonight would be the night." She says with a sly grin.

Oliver stares at her for a few moments letting her words sink in. Once they do he's eyes bulge out of his head.

"Are you serious? Really?"

She nods her head at him. He's been waiting since last summer for her to finally give them the green light to start having sex again, but he figured it would be a long time coming.

He has no words to express just how happy he is, so instead he pulls her in for a long kiss.

Sarah's night hasn't gone as she has imagined and she's given up on trying to get that dance with Viggo. So instead she's stealing a moment in the bathroom acting as if she's reading the news paper.

Cameron's happy to see Lana dancing. Lana's happy and surprised as well!

"You do know that we're not having sex tonight, right?" Brooke says.
Eddie sighs. "Yeah, I know. But can you give me a date when you think we can actually do it?" He really wants to know. You know, not only because he's a horny teenage boy but also because he's best friend's are already having sex with their girlfriends. Just how long does Brooke expect him to last without actually doing it?
"I told you before don't pressure me. It will happen when I' ready." And Brooke knows that she's not ready. She can't say when she'll be ready, but making puppy dog eyes will not help her move faster in her decision.
They sit there in silence with not much to say.
"Are you sure you're ready?" Oliver has to ask Suni. He doesn't want a repeat performance like last time.
Suni only smiles before pulling him on top of her.
Eddie turns to Brooke. "Do you think we could do some other stuff?"
Brooke ponders his question for a few seconds then shrugs. "Okay."

  • I wanted to do a dance for all my teens instead of them waiting for their senior prom. So now I have the winter Snow Ball Dance. Most likely I will do this every year for them.

  • Suni was rolling wants left and right for massage, flirt, and make out with Oliver, so I knew she was ready to have sex with him again.

  • Brooke is no where ready to have sex yet, so Eddie has to wait.

  • Cameron and Viggo were at the hotel too, but I figured you've had enough of seeing them together, but they got it on too. LOL

  • Poor Sarah, she's crushing on Viggo so badly. But I don't feel too bad for her since Cameron is my girl!

  • Lana actually warmed up to Orlando and I can't wait to see where it heads.


  1. Yea, I'm glad Lana warmed up to Orlando, she was pretty chilly towards him. Poor Sarah, jonesing for a boyfriend. She sounds like my sim, Rojo. He wants a girlfriend bad, but there are not many choices in the small hood of AV. Si'Enya has effectively put him in the friend zone, so no luck there. Ha! Perhaps Rojo and Sarah could hook up :P

    I love the idea of a formal dance that's not the prom, that way all the teens can attend each year. I'm going to steal this idea :P

  2. Lana is convinced that boys are only after one thing so this is a huge step with her warming up to Orlando.

    Hey, you never know. Maybe Sarah and Rojo can start talking or something!

    I had tons of fun with the winter dance. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!!

  3. I thought Eddie had been electrocuted in that second picture of him and Brooke and then I realised it was just a plant behind his head!

    Snort, I don't feel sorry for Sarah either. I'm totally on Team Cameron. :D

  4. Sorry, another comment but is the Adult Wants hack working for you? I have it in my M&G folder but I had Jacob on a date with Maia (he's a YA, she's a teen) and all the wants she was rolling for him were very chaste. Hug, play, entertain. I'm wondering if it's not working or if it only works teen to teen or what.

  5. ROFL It does look as if he got fried. Almost happend too, since it was raining while they were on the lot and they kept tring to get into the hot tub.

    As for teh wants, they are working great for me. I think it depends on the sim. Like one of my adult sims, I think it's Nita, she only rolls chase wants for Amos. But if they go on dates then she rolls woohoo wants. Figures. LOL

    Same with Suni and Oliver. Since I've installed the mod she rolls the majority of wants to make out and to flirt, she'll roll the woohoo want once in a while. Just watch the wants with different sims then you'll get a feel as to if the mod is working correctly for you.

  6. Okay, thanks! I spoke too soon anyway! I was messing around a bit in the uberhood last night and Angela and Dustin rolled the want to woohoo in a car.

    I still haven't figured out if it's possible for teens to roll adult wants about adults/YAs though. It's not often that I have a relationship like that anyway, so it's not a big deal.


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