Thursday, October 1, 2009


Sanjay Ramaswami is 58, Prya is 57, Suni is 15, and Geeta is 3,5. Last updated Summer 2009.
(Marcus and Oliver Brooks are 14.5)

Narrated by Suni

Oliver and I spend as much time together as possible. Things have been going great since we began dating. And I'm so happy he's helped my heart heal and move past AJ. Now that I look back I don't understand why I was so hung up on him. But I guess a small part of me will always love him. But I think I love Oliver now. I just hope he doesn't hurt me too.

The times that I'm not with Oliver I'm in my room working on my sewing machine. I'm pretty good at sewing now. I started when I turned 12. My mom used to sew before she had me, but she stopped and started to put all her focus on her career. But I'm glad because this machine has started a love inside of me which has blossomed into a passion.

Many sims don't know it, but I want to be a fashion designer. That's what I'm going to college for and one day, I hope to be a house hold name!

Fridays are my parents date nights. Normally Oliver will sneak over once they leave. We can't go out since I'm stuck baby sitting Geeta. I don't mind doing it, but you know, normal teens go out on the weekend. My mom and dad could spring for a sitter. But I guess they feel since I'm her older sister I should have no problem watching her. by watching you mean plopping her in front of the TV and putting Noggin on, then yup, I'm a prop at baby sitting!

Besides I have more important things to worry about. Like realizing that I actually do love Oliver. I tell him this and to my surprise and enjoyment, he loves me too.

And it's great. This is different too, not like what I felt with AJ. I think that was just a crush, but what I feel for Oliver is so strong and real. Nothing I've ever felt feels like this. And I think I let those feelings get the best of me.

We end up in my bedroom, which is nothing new, neither is making out without our clothes. What is different is when Oliver tells me that he's brought a condom. I know he carries one, all the guys at school carry them. Like they ever use them though. But instead of telling him that I'm not ready I nod my head and tell him to get it.

Our first time. It's awkward and uncomfortable and it happened so fast. It was nothing like I expected. There was no bells, no fireworks just awkwardness a few giggles then it was over.

I can't believe we just did it. I can't stop thinking about it. And now I'm starting to second guess my decision. I think I want to cry. I'm so confused. I love Oliver but... maybe we should have slowed down, not moved so fast. And now I feel like I've wasted something so special because I secretly fear that I'll lose him like I lost AJ.

At least he looks happy.

"Suni, are you okay?" He asks me.

I nod my head. Because physically I'm fine. But how can I tell him that I think what we've just done was a mistake? I can't, it will hurt him.

"You'd tell me if I did something wrong? Right?"

"Yeah, I would. I'm just.. adjusting, that's all. This was a huge step we just took. I need to... adjust."

Oliver looks at me worried. "So you're not regretting it are you? We're not going to break up are we?"

That's when the doorbell rings. It's Marcus. I heard Oliver's dad pull up outside the house. In a way I guess you can say I'm saved by the bell!

We hug and I playfully nuzzle his neck. "No, dippy, I'm not going to break up with you."

"Good, because I love you."

"I love you too."

"Good, don't forget it." Oliver tells me before leaving.

I walk him to the door and watch them pull off. My smile fades. I need someone to talk to, but who can I talk with? I can't talk to my parents they will flip. I can't talk to my brother, he would flip. And possibly hunt down Oliver and kill him. I can't talk to any of my friends because none of them have had sex yet.

Sunday night I call Sarah Corbin. We've become close friends over the past few months and I figure she should be able to offer me some advice since she is the daughter of the town pastor. But in the end I chicken out. We talk instead and I tell her I'll see her tomorrow at school.

I look at my reflection. I don't look any different. I really don't feel any different either. But will people know? Will they be able to tell that I had sex? Oh, Simgod I hope not. Awkward!

We just have to talk. When I see Oliver I'll just tell him that maybe we should wait again before we have sex. Just until I know that I'm 100% ready to do it again. He'll understand, he'll have to understand.

So why do I have the sinking feeling that he'll go to someone else for sex if I don't continue to sleep with him?

Ugh! Why didn't I just wait until we were married?

notes from GB: I should point out that Suni hasn't rolled any wants to woohoo. All she wants to do is flirt with Oliver and kiss him and her other wants are to sew and earn the badges. But every time Oliver comes over he's always trying to get her to relax in her parents bed or do casual sit. LOL
So taking that into consideration and the fact that Suni still has issues from AJ, I figured that she would give in and sleep with Oliver. Plus, she thinks she loves him. As teens do make mistakes. Hopefully this won't be one of those major ones. Things are still going strong between them, so so far so good!


  1. Poor Suni...she must feel so isolated right now, feeling like she has no one to talk to about this. But she might need to talk to Oliver. He's going to realise something is bothering her sooner or later.

  2. Wow, I can see why she gave in as well. I had to double check thier ages and I'm still sitting here in shock. But then again, I do the same thing everytime I overhear teens talk. Wow. My husband and I were both virgins when we married last year so to see my simmies and other simmies make that step beforehand is a little odd. It's a big change from before when everysim was a virgin, got married and then popped out a kid-thanks ACR.

  3. Carla, yeah Suni feels alone right now. But at least she knows that she has to talk to Oliver about everything.

    Apple Valley, I know what you mean. But teens do start having sex at a young age. Like you I myself was a virgin when I married my hubby. He wasn't but he was previously married so I was able to over look that. LOL ACR does awaken those hormones early for some sims. :(

  4. I remember that mirror conversation very well...brought back memories. LOL!

    Suni, Suni, Suni, *shakes head* I hope she and Oliver can work this whole thing out, and not make any further mistakes. I love Suni and hope she doesn't get pregnant or anything. Her father looks so much like Nick Michels, I said that before, but it never fails I do a double take everytime I see him.


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