Sunday, October 11, 2009

Those College Days Spring 2012

May, Spring 2012, Final Semester Mary Snowden, Ye T'ang, Nora Reed, AJ Christian, Lilly Sanchez, Danny Ottamas and, Harvis MacAstral are 19. Marchon Cunningham is 18.

Recommended listening: You Learn Alanis Morissete

The school year is coming to end which marks the announcement and celebration of the newest members of Urele Var Sorority house. Mary, Lilly and, Nora. Lilly doesn't look too thrilled to be accepted though.

Cassandra isn't to worried about the new girls, she has her eye on something way more interesting. Things between her and Robert Smith have been progressing wonderfully. But neither of them have brought up what will happen to them once she graduates, but tonight she's not going to worry about that. Tonight their going to have fun.

Marchon congratulates Mary on getting into Urele Var. He knows how much she wanted to get in after she realized that she wanted this. The gesture is so thoughtful it causes Mary to blush.

The gesture doesn't cause Jim to blush it makes him mad. He can't stand seeing the two of them together. He has to break them up. This is his last chance to win Mary over. Graduation is right around the corner for him.

AJ notices that Lilly isn't her normal self. Things have been going great since they returned from spring break. Lilly's drinking has really toned down and they have been talking more. So to find her in the living room worrying her hands is not a good sign.

“There's no easy way of saying this so here it goes. I'm knocked up... again.” She's nervous in telling him, but she has too. And she was right about his reaction. He just stares at her for a few seconds letting her words sink in.
AJ blinks a few times. How the hell did this happen? They've been super careful since that last time. “How the hell did this happen?”
“I... I don't know. I haven't missed a pill. It just did. It says on the box that there's a one percent chance of pregnancy. I guess we that one percent.”
But AJ is stuck on the whole “we were careful” part. “What are we going to do?” Lilly asks. AJ shrugs his shoulders, at a loss for works.
They stand and he pulls her into a hug. “Everything will be alright, you'll see. We'll figure something out.”
Marchon heads back into the kitchen with beer in hand. Mary sent him into the dinning room to get her one. He doesn't notice the one person in the room sending hate vibes his way.

Jim hates him. Hates Marchon with a passion he's never known. And he had to go and mess things up by transferring to Riverdale to be with Mary. If he had just stayed in Simmington Hills, then none of this would be happening, and Mary would be Jim's. Jim reaches for his beer and downs in in a few gulps.

He waits until Marchon is alone and Mary is mixing with friends. “Hey, Marchon! My man! You know I never really got to congratulate you on your move here. I mean, that took guts.”
Marchon looks at him puzzled.
Jim smirks. “Oh, Mary didn't tell you?”
“Tell me what?” “
Oh, that after you kissed some chick back home Mary came to me and we.... made out.”
Marchon laughs. He can smell the alcohol on Jim's breath. “Dude, Mary wouldn't have done a thing like that. She would have told me.”
Jim's brows raise up in mock surprise. He knew she wouldn't tell her dear Marchon of her transgressions with him. She made it too easy. “Oh, well I'm not surprised . I mean it started out as a kiss.” He trails off, watching Marchon's face.
“But then again, if we hadn't done anything I wouldn't know about that little birth mark on her inner left thigh that looks like a heart.”
Marchon's brow shot up in shock.
For a moment it looks as if Marchon will punch Jim in the face, but he regains his composure.
“You're a liar. I don't believe you.” But deep down he does. How else would Jim know about that birth mark? And it would explain why Mary has been acting so strange whenever Jim's name is mentioned. She didn't even attended the celebratory party at the Cham Hoh Cham house for the new frat members. The pieces were starting to fall into place. But he still would have to speak with her.
The next morning Marchon and Mary head out back for some privacy. “Can I ask you something?”
Mary smiles, “Yeah, anything!”
He pauses a moment, does he really want to hear the answer to the question he's about to ask? This could change everything between them. But he must know. He has to know, if not he will always question what happened between Mary and Jim. If anything really did happen. “
Jim told me last night that you kissed him. And he also told me about your birth mark.”
Mary visibly paled. Jim had promised that he wouldn't say anything to anyone. It was a mistake, one she wishes that she could take back at every moment.
So Mary explains about how upset she was with Marchon's confession of kissing that girl. How she went to Jim for a shoulder to cry on. Then things happened so fast, one minute she was crying on his shoulder and the next he was kissing her. And before she knew it his lips had traveled lower to a more intimate place.
“That's when I pushed him away and ran out. I didn't tell you because... I knew you'd be mad. And I was embarrassed for even letting it go that far.”
Emotions took over before Marchon could think. “I can't believe you, Mary! You let him... and all I did was kiss a girl. You made me feel so guilty so bad. I gave up my whole life and moved here to be with you, and you go and do this to me!”
“No, Marchon, it' wasn't like that. I didn't mean for it to happen.”
But he doesn't want to hear it. “But it's done! I can't believe you!”
“I think we need some time apart.” He knows he's going to regret these words later but they leave his mouth before he can stop them.
“What? No? I'm sorry, I've apologized. I haven't even seen or spoken with him since that day.” Mary pleas.
“I can't right now. I can't even look at you. You've broken me, Mary.”
Mary runs off and starts to cry. His first instinct is to grab her, to tel her that he's sorry. But he can't, he's mad and hurt.
Instead he walks away.
Jim can't focus on his final term paper, his mind keeps drifting back to Mary. She's all he can think about.
What almost happened between them is all he can think about. Her taste. Her smell. The soft moan she left out before she remembered that she had a boyfriend.
So Jim has no guilt to what he did last night. He had to at least try one last time to win Mary over.
In truth she belonged to him. He could do so much more for her than that little chump Marchon Cunningham ever could. (seriously, this is ALL he thinks about. Horny little dog!)
After Mary composes herself she marches across the street to the CHC house. She is livid.

She scans the downstairs for Jim. Only the llama mascot is down there, seeing her he hurries off out of sight.
Someone must have told him that she is here because he comes down the steps smiling. “Hey, Mary. What do I own to this visit?”
“You don't get to 'hi, Mary,” me, Jim!” She says this placing her hands on her hips.
He holds back the smile that wants to blossom over his face. Marchon must have confronted her. “You are a rat. A lying dirty rat. You promised me! You wouldn't tell him.. or anyone.”
“I'm not a rat, Mary. I did this for us. You just needed a little push, and so I help you. Can't you see the bigger picture here?”
Mary pauses in her anger. If she weren't so mad what he said just might have been sweet, but they weren't sweet.
“The big picture? You stupid ass, my boyfriend broke up with me because of you!”
They stand there, Mary glaring at Jim and Jim smiling at her. He reaches up brushing her check lightly with his hand. He can't help himself, when he's around Mary all logic flies out the window.
She slaps his hand away. “You don't get to touch me... ever.” She turns to go but he grabs her stopping her.
And kisses her. Mary only relaxes into hims embrace for only a moment then remembers herself. She pulls away from him dramatically wiping at her mouth. As if his lips are poison and she must rid herself of their taste.
“You doing get it do you? You messed up everything.” She says. But her anger is gone now, she sounds defeated. Marchon needs his space to absorbed what she's done and Jim just won't leave her alone. She's confused and tired. She's ready for this school year to be done and over with.

Jim is so in love with Mary that it's not even funny. After their last kiss he rolled the want to woohoo her. She he knows just what he wants.

Mary is confused too. She's mad at Marchon for breaking up with her, but she still fears for his death. LOL But she also wants to woohoo with Jim. Man, that final kiss must have been something.

Some funny pics

Not sure which mod causes this but I find it hilarious. They are giving each other the finger. ROFL They also can't stand each other. He's one of the frat boys that came with University. He was over visiting the sorority house and he and Lilly don't get along at all.
After telling AJ that she's pregnant Lilly decides that she needs a beer. She hasn't had a drink in months and now she decides she needs one. LOL
Jim is so upset with Mary and Marchon that he picked a fight with Castor Nova and beat is butt! So that was a plus.

All the freshmen have moved out and have headed home for the summer except Marchon. Since he came late in the year he has to do summer school to earn his credits to advance to sophomore year. He just finished crying over Mary when a new student walks in the door. He started heart farting all over her. LOL
notes from GB: Okay, a lot happened in this round. First Lilly and AJ. Here's a little fun fact for ya. She got pregnant the night before they left for spring break. But according to my calander it was March so she got pregnant a month before spring break which is April. But the fun fact is, after looking over my notes, she got pregnant the month she was due to give birth. How freaky is that!
So she fell under that 1% who can still fall pregnant while on the pill. She's my first sim to get knocked while activily taking birth control. Sharla got pregnant because she went off of it since she and Rupert wanted to have a baby. Lilly is due in December, if she decideds to keep this one.

If you noticed Nora was absent from the party. She was still sick with the flu and I made her stay home. I didn't want her getting everyone sick. She's been sick for a while.

Remember when I asked you to take note of Mary's though bubble on srping break? You see that silly little purple heart with the tongue, that's a memory sims get after having oral either done on them or they do it to another sim. Well she couldn't stop thinking about what Marchon did to her. But she's never had that bubble with Jim. So I figured A) she was to embaressed to really enjoy it or B) He just wasn't that good. I tend to lean towards B. LOL
But as you can see that's all Jim thinks about. He is so into Mary it's sad. But he's really gone and tossed a wrench into Marchon and Mary's plans. We'll have to see what happens now.
I know, I forgot to add the grades. The notebook that I wrote then down in is MIA. I've looked all over for it, and I know it's some place in the house, I just can't find it. But I know everyone passed, but I just can't remember the grades. Sorry about that.


  1. Fun update. I wonder if Lilly is going to decide to keep the baby this time...

    Mary has a drama filled lide, doesn't she? I kinda feel bad for her and Jim needs to control himself. He can go too far in just a few tiny steps

  2. *falls out into the floor*

    OMG! I was near tears!! The music didn't help, either. Oh this was SOOOO GOOD.

    My baby looks so grown up and handsome in that picture where he might punch Jim in the face. I stared at that one for a long time. :p Boy does he look like his father.

    I'm just saddened and angry at Jim!! I will be one happy camper when this jerk graduates! And WTF with Mary kissing him again!?! I'm so mad! LOL! What is going to happen to them now?

    Girl, I lost when I saw Lily and that guy giving each other the finger...wherever you get your hacks, you must tell. That is HILARIOUS!

    I think Lily's gonna keep this baby. That is so weird she's pregnant again in the month she would've delivered the 1st baby. Must be fate. This game is the ULTIMATE fun. I just love it!

  3. Heredon Cove, I have no idea, but I think I'm going to let her tell me this time around.

    Yes, Mary does have drama in her life and it's name is Jim. LOL Only time will tell what's going to happen next.

    Simmington, Get up off that floor! LOL He does look so mature doesn't he! And so much like his dad. Man, if things do work out between him and Mary their kids are going to be soooooo cute!

    My hands were tied I had no part in them kissing. LOL Those silly college kids. They will put you through hoops.

    Lilly surprised me too. I guess the game really wants her to have a baby. LOL I'm still very much surprised at this game.

  4. Aww, I was feeling sorry for Jim up until he decided to be a jerk and tell Marchon about what happened with Mary.

    And I'm so with Simmington Hills! Where on earth do you get your hacks? I would love my Sims to be able to flip the bird at each other!

    I can't believe Lilly is pregnant again. I can't wait to find out what her decision will be this time.

    And I hope you find your notebook! I use Flashnote for most things now but there are some things that I like to have on paper, grades included!

  5. Whoa-I didn't know Mary and Jim went that far! Whoa! Look at the drama brewing! Hey, isn't S'Ahmisa due to visit the campus sometime soon ;P

  6. Carla, I'm a push over cause I still feel sorry for him. ROFL He's not thinking straight, he has it so bad for Mary that it's making him do stupid things and act stupid as well.

    I have no idea which hack gave me that. I'm think it has to be that joker's wild animation. Maybe I should ask around and see.

    Yup, she's knocked up again. Guess it was ment to be. And I found my notebook! YAY!!!

    Apple Valley, yeah they did. I left that little tid bit out because I wanted to see if either of them would bring it up. And to my surprise Jim did. Mary likes to keep some things private! ;)

    Yes, S'Amisha and Verd's tour of Riverdale is coming up. I just need to get the campus cleaned up a bit and ready for visitors. LOL Impressions, good impressions!

  7. So much drama in this update! I feel so bad for Mary and Marchon. I feel bad for Jim too because he has to watch the girl he wants to be with kissing another guy, but then the way he told Marchon about what happened was just heartless.

    Oh, wow! Lilly's pregnant again! I wonder if they're going to keep the baby this time.

  8. Shana, yeah I feel for Mary and Marchon too. But I still feel bad for Jim as well. I know what he did was wrong, but love will do that to ya!

    Yup, AJ has super sperm. Only time will tell!

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