Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fun in the summer time?

June, Summer 2012, Viggo Kim is 14. Suni Ramaswami, Cameron Smith and Oliver Brooks are all 15. Lana Corbin is 16. Keegan Ottamas is 17, Sanjay Ramaswami is 58. Tazikati Smith is 52.

Keegan finds himself at Bowl Time. It the only bowling center in Riverdale, if you want to experience bowling else where, then you have to go downtown.

But he's not here to play he's here for a job. Which is something he really doesn't want to do, but his parents are making him work. He needs to learn the value of a simolian. What Sanjay Ramaswami is offering to pay him is criminal though.

With a few more negations and Keegran convincing Sanjay what a valuable person he would be working for him, and Sanjay offers him slightly higher in pay, Keegan gets the job.

While Keegan is getting use to his first job he brother Bart stops by with his girlfriend Vanya. He still thinks she's hot even after popping out two kids.

Bri finds it funny that Keegan has to waste his whole summer trap indoors working, and she lets him know this fact.

He closes his eyes for a minute to collect himself.

He is a fortune sim after all. So getting a leg up in the working world over the summer isn't so bad after all.


Suni and Oliver are working as well. Not a traditional job though, nothing that will earn them money. They are working on each other. Things are going good, but Suni is finding it really hard to concentrate on Oliver when all she can think about is how good of a kisser he is.

"You're art! I wanna paint you." She tells him one after noon. It'll give them something to do and to take their minds off of other things.

Oliver things Suni is hot with her paint supplies. He can't start art class at school, but watching Suni create pieces is something he could never tire of.

But he also worries. Worries about keeping Suni's trust in him. He fears that some way or another he'll do something that will shatter what faith she has placed in him. Not that he would deliberately do anything to jeopardize their relationship, he just fears that he will do something.

Soon she finished what she considers her best work of art. She hasn't painted anyone since the time she asked AJ. But this one of Oliver is ten times better.

Oliver thinks so too!


Cameron has found herself in a job this summer as well. No soccer camp for her, not that she was planning on going back anyway. But she had asked her parents for a new bedroom set. You know, since she's fifteen and all, she needed a more mature place to lay her head.

So her parents agreed, the only stipulation was that she worked off the amount of the new furniture at the bakery. Cameron only agreed because she thought they were joking. Well they weren't and now she was here with her mom about to open the store.

Cameron hopes that no one that she knows stops into the store, but of course someone does. It's that one boy... Orlando something. Out of all days he picks today to buy a cake or some candy. Cameron entertains the idea of running into the kitchen in the back to hide before he sees her.

But she's too slow. Her mom tells her to help him since she's busy with another customer. Cameron frowns, this was so unfair. She approaches the boy asking him what he would like. He's undecided which grates even further on Cameron's nerves.

"OMG! Hurry up and pick something already or I'll pick it for you!" She snaps.

Orlando only smiles before telling her he'll take a box of chocolates.

If her sales pitch is poorly lacking Cameron's cashiering skills aren't anything to write home about either. It's clear she sucks at both jobs and she knows it.

Orlando agrees.

And so does Nathan Novak.

Orlando is finally rung up and turns to leave when he spots that new girl, Lana Corbin. He likes her but is to shy to say anything.

Cameron heads over to him to tell him to leave when she notices Lana too. This day just goes from bad to worse, first Orlando and now Lana.

Now fat pregnant chicks are who Cameron expect to see at Sweets n' Treats not kids from school.

And the line just keeps getting longer and longer.

And Cameron still hasn't gotten the hang of the machine.

Dr. Snowden stops at the window debating if she should buy some chocolate.

In the end she decides against it.

Cameron even burns a berry pie she's made. She's going to hate working.

But seeing Viggo at the end of a very long day is all worth it.

So is making out in her new awesome bedroom.
Keegan got a job because I've decided that I will randomly pick teens to start working once they reach age 16. So in Keegan's case not only is he 17, but he wants some extra credits on his college application, so working a job will look extra nice.
He actually quite working at Bowl Time because he felt his wage was to low. Mind you Sanjay hired him at 55 an hr. And this was fair pay, but Keegan felt he was worth much more. So I had to tp him back on the lot where Sanjay was able to rehire him, for 110 an hr. ROFL
I then got the wage adjusted from Sim Wardrobe and adjusted his wage to 75 an hr. So now everyone is happy.
Suni and Oliver are so cute. They haven't tried to woohoo anymore. Which I'm surprised, but they do everything up to woohooing. LOL And they do it all on their own no help from me.
So to stop them from spending all day from making out I had Suni paint Oliver. She hasn't done this since AJ and I figured it was a bout time. Plus she and Oliver look as if they are in it for the long (what teens consider) haul for a while.
Cameron even though she is not 16 is now working at her mom's shop. I decided to remodel her bedroom, and I noticed how much it cost to do so. So I figured her parents being who they are would have her pay them back by working in the store.
Sweets n' Treats isn't doing as well as I had hoped, which also contributed to Cameron working there. But now that she's learned what to do she's having more fun at it.
On a side note. I noticed a few of my sim owned businesses aren't doing as well as I would like. So instead of only playing them when I play that sim's house I will play them maybe once or twice during my rotation. So they can actually start making money instead of losing it.


  1. Nice update. I like the idea of introducing the teens to work around the age of 16. Its like getting their working papers.

  2. Ha, you're nice to your Sims! I make ALL of mine get jobs. I'm going to institute minimum age requirement though, I think. Probably 14.

    I love Suni and Oliver - that worried face he's making is too adorable!

    Poor Cameron just needs more practice on that register - she'll get the hang of it eventually!

  3. Heredoncove, yup that's how it is. you remember those work permits? lol i had mine but i was never able to get a job.

    carla, that's beacuse you love to watch your simmies suffer! lol no, i just didn't want the whole teen population in the work force. i used to hate it when my friends had to work during the summer.

    he really doesn't have much to worry about though. ;)

    cameron HATES working. it's not for her.

  4. I was gonna do the same things: have my teens start working at 16, but your choice to do it randomly is a nicer touch. I'm also gonna start playing my sim-owned businesses more during my rotation...Saint Rose Bakery comes to mind. Ray's not making any simoleans and needs to get out of the hole. :P

    I really love that Cameron! She's something else with her bubblegum nailpolish! LOL! Suni and Oliver are my favorite teen couple. I hope they can continue getting along...without the Woohooing. Love Dr. Snowden's outfit, too! Hehehee. I'm gonna come raid your 'closet' girl.

  5. I don't roll a die or anything I just pick who I think should work, or who I think will benifit from working. (Cameron, LOL) I can't wait to see Cameron when she's an adult and who she ends up with be it Viggo or someone else, I really feel for them.

    Suni and Oliver heart fart for each other ALL the time. I don't think they will be breaking up with each other anytime soon! My closet is open. LOL


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