Thursday, October 22, 2009

Higher Learning

July, Summer 2012, Cameron Smith is 15, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are 17, Marchon Cunningham is 19.

Marchon has been feverishly working and studying his butt off to finish he semester before school starts. He wants to make the summer deadline so that he can pass to his Sophomore year. He though he would be alone in the dorm but to his surprise he's been join by Evi Boone and a few other students who also have to gain summer credits.

They've become quit close these past few weeks. And Marchon is still broken up over Mary. He states this every moment that he gets. The dorm cook is tired of hearing about but some college girl let some college guy do to her. It happens every day, get over it!

Evi gives a sensitive ear, but she really wishes that Marchon would get over this Mary girl ( she knows that she's the mayor's daughter) and focus on her. For Simgod sakes, she's walking around in a bathing suite. Hello, sexual messages! Marchon notices, but he's not ready to dive into anything so soon after being burnt so badly.

July is also campus tours month. Samantha is starting to reconsider to setting it earlier in the school year, but she's been so busy that she didn't get a chance of scheduling one until now. "So, this is the freshmen dorm. Where you guys will be staying if you chose to attended the University of Riverdale." She explains.

And as an after thought. "You'll met many new and exciting students too!"

She leaves S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez to talking amongst themselves since the tour is over.
"Did you hear that Harvis goes here?" S'Ahmisa says to Verd.
"Yeah, I wonder why he didn't stay in Apple Valley and attend school with his sister?" She shrugs.
The two decide to head to the campus library. Well S'Ahmisa tells Verd they have to head over there since it's the place she agreed to met up with Cameron. They've planned this meeting a few months ago when she Cameron that she would be touring the college.

Cameron shows ten minutes later and the girls nod their greeting to each other.
"You didn't happen to bump into my brother, did you?" Cameron asks.
"Not sure. When we were leaving the dorm to come here I did see some guy with dreads and a white cotton tunic."
Cameron groans. Her brother has become such the loser ever since Tina Traveller dumped him. "Yeah, that's him. He's such a loser."
S'Ahmisa laughs, but she doesn't think he's a loser like Cameron says.

"I wish I stopped to talk to him. He seems like a pretty interesting guy."
Cameron rolls her eyes. "Well obviously you know nothing about interesting people because he's not one of them. But I am."

They head inside for some iced lattes. Verd tells Cameron how much he loves S'Ahmisa and he hopes they she decides to go to the college he goes to. He doesn't want to be apart from her any more. It's bad enough she was living over seas for a while, so the thought of them not being at the same school makes him a little sad.
Really, Cameron could careless she didn't even know why he was telling her this. But it was some good information. She had called Christina Wise that morning seeing if she were going to soccer camp this year. She was pleased to hear that the girl wasn't going, and though she and Viggo wouldn't be starting college for a few more years, the idea of another whom he found attractive living in the same hood as him was not good. Cameron hates competition.

Viggo excuses himself to use the bathroom as Cameron begins to complain about her stupid summer job.

"But having a summer job not only builds character but it looks great on you college applications. Not to mention it teaches you the value of money." S'Ahmisa says.
Cameron sucks her teeth. "Oh, please. Like I need some crap summer job listed on my college applications. And what do you know about the value of money anyway? I mean, hello, your family is loaded."
S'Ahmisha reminds herself that one needs to take Cameron's company with a grain of salt. She just hopes the girl matures out of what ever it is that she's going through.
"So like I was say, my job sucks."

Cameron's attention is taken from her complaining about work to the figure that stops at their table. "Eww, what do you want? Loser." She adds as an after thought.

AJ smirks. "Just wanted to stop over and say hi." He says, finally taking hes eyes off of S'Ahmisa and looking a Cameron.
"Well you did, now go."
Cameron turns to her table guest. "This is the LOSER who broke my best friend's heart. He is so lame, almost as lame as my brother."
AJ laughs as he walks away.
"What happened?"
"He totally hooked up with this sank at some party the year before last and Suni walked in on them doing it. It was so messed up. I hate him. I would cut him if I could."
S'Ahmish spits out her coffee drink and starts laughing which causing Cameron to laugh too.

"You know, the sports program here isn't that great, so I've heard." Cameron's trying to put her plan of "Operation: S'Ahmisa can't go to UoR because I must keep her away from Viggo" into action.

"I think it has a pretty good sports program, almost as good as Perice University back home."

"Well since it's almost as good, almost being the key word, why don't you just go to Perice? Why even tour other campuses?"

"Because it's always good to measure up all the options available to you. But I guess you'll understand this once you start looking into schools to further your education. You just don't want to over look any option."

"Plus the curriculum looks really good as well!"

"What ever, UoR is a party school. A HUGE party school." Cameron stresses.

"In fact, if you come here you'll never get any work done because of all the parties. You'll end up being a huge loser like my brother. You'll grow douche bag dreads and wear hippy clothing!"

S'Ahmisa laughs. Cameron looks down at her watch, her lunch break is over and her mom will be coming to pick her up.

She stands and grabs her drink. "It was nice seeing you and let me know what you decide. Maybe we can do coffee again."


Marchon knows he's not ready for anything, his heart is still hurting, but there's this pull towards Evi that he can't explain. He stands there watching her as she gases out the window, willing her to turn around and face him.

She turns around startled by his closeness. "You scared me." She says with a small giggle. Marchon smiles running his hand over her cheek. "Your skin, it's so soft." He says.

She leans into his gentle caress for a moment and places her hand on his. Her fingers rubbing him ever so lightly. "you're is pretty soft too. Anyone would be stupid to do something that would hurt you." They stay like that for a while, enchanted with each other, thought of Mary are left behind for now.

Cameron is very jealous over Viggo. She knows he's a handsome guy and she remembers how she had to fight for him with Christina Wise during camp. She also knows that Sarah Corbin has the hots for him, which she hates. And Viggo mentioned how pretty he though S'Ahmisa was during camp. (ie heart farts) So Cameron feels she had to work extra hard to keep possible threats away from her man. LOL
As for Marchon. Can I say complete shock! All of this is ACR not me. It's funny too since he only has one bolt with Evi and the same with her. Whereas with Mary he has two bolts. I was going to stop all these interactions but I decided against it. I'm letting my sims decide what they want to do not me. I'm mad though because I want him and Mary to get back together. So far all they have done was flirt, no kissing or anything else. So maybe she's just a rebound thing.
Evi Boone is my NPC space holder for campus. When I have an empty dorm I move her in before the last graduating sim moves out. In this case since my sims had to move out of the freshman dorm I knew Marchon would only be left for one more day before he passes and moved on to the Next grade, so I moved her in. When my new freshmen start school I will move her out.
Right now Marchon isn't rolling any wants for Evi and I'm hoping it stays that way. LOL
Marchon also passed his classes and he has an A plus.


  1. "I would cut him if I could."

    Bwahahaha! I love Cameron, she's hilarious!

    Uh oh, Marchon! You could be getting yourself into trouble there!

    Why you need a placeholder Sim for a dorm though? The furniture stays, even if you move Sims out via the move out button from the hood screen but I can't think of any other reason to have a placeholder. I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing! Maybe I need a placeholder too! LOL.

  2. ROFL Cameron is a wild card isn't she.

    Evi is my place holder since my uni. is in my main hood and not in the uni hood. Since the college is in the main hood the teen transitions soon as they enter to college lot but to do so I have to move them into that lot. And to do that I have to have an active sim already living there, hence Evi. I hope that made sense. LOL I'm sleepy.

  3. Oh, yeah, that makes sense! I forgot your uni is in your main hood!

  4. Wow, Cameron is something else. I'm curious to see what happens with Marchon and Mary now that Evi is in the picture.

  5. Cameron is really funny. I love how everyone has one of those Sims even if they're not the same.

    I was LOL'ing during the party school convo

  6. OH wowwww! I was happy to see pretty S'Ahmisa visiting! That Cameron just keeps me cracking up. She is a MESS!! LOL!

    Ok. I am totally upset over Marchon and Mary...but, he's a big boy now. He's got to make his own decisions. Evi's a pretty girl, but she's got nothing on Mary. I just hope he wakes up and sees that. *grinds teeth*


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