Monday, July 27, 2009

Camp Kick It! Part 1

August, Summer 2011, Cynthia Kim is 56, Viggo and Edwars Jr Christian are 14, Cameron Smith is 15, Christina Wise is 12, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are 16

This is really long. Not only did I get picture happy but a lot happened at soccer camp, so I had to break this up in two parts. I hope you enjoy! S'Amisha and Verde are visiting from Apple Valley and Christina Wise is visiting from Simmington Hills. They came for the camp.

All the teens gather gather in front of the Kim house to await the van that's taking them to the airport. Camp Kick It! Is about to began. And everyone is busy getting to know one another. Edward (Jr) Christian thinks it a great idea to give S'Ahmisa Warrwick a noogie as in introduction, as Christina Wise and Cameron Smith get to know each other.

"Dude, nooging a girl will not get them to like you." Viggo tells Edward.

"Then how are they supposed to like you then?"

Viggo shrugs. "Beats me."

Clearly S'Ahmisa was not amused by Edward's noogie. 14 year olds were so lame!

The whole reason why Cameron convinced (begged) her parents to let her come to Camp Kick It, was to get Viggo to notice her. Of course she left that minor detail out when she was pleading her case to her parents. But now that she was here, nothing would stand in her way of making Viggo not only noticing her, but hopefully, be her first boyfriend.

As soon as S'Ahmisa hopped out of the taxi her first thought was to give Verde a noogie. It was for old times sake. They hadn't seen each other in a few years, with her family living overseas and Verde still in Apple Valley. It was good to see him. And boy, had he grown!

Cameron wasted no time in trying to impress Viggo. She started a conversation, telling him how much money her parents had. It was a little white lie though.

Her parents may not be rolling in dough, but they made a good living. But she wanted to impress him, since his mom is a famous female basketball player and his dad was one of those officers in the military.

Viggo was immediately put off though. He hated when people talked about money. Like that was the only important thing in the world.

Cameron sighed to herself. This was going to be harder than she thought!

Cameron quickly looked around for something to do, something to attract Viggo's attention. The pool!

She had seen enough movies to know that teen boys couldn't resist a girl in a bikini! And better yet, he was already in the water. So she hurried over to join him.

She climbed down the ladder slowly, making sure that he got a good look at her bum. She hoped he was watching, watching her bum! She knew she had a nice one - all tight and firm. Any guy would be privlaged to even look at it.

So Viggo has to take notice. She despratly wanted to glace over her should to see if he was looking, but she didn't want to come off slutty or anything.

He hadn't even noticed her enter the water. It cause Cameron to scrunch her nose up in disguest. But that soon changed to a smirk when she noticed how hot he looked in his swim trunks.

Maybe if she floats on her back, showing off her boobs. Viggo would have to notice her then... right?

But he hadn't noticed, his attention is drawn to someone else entering the pool.

Viggo could feel the blush creeping over his cheeks. He should be checking out Christina like that. He felt like some kind of perv, so he quickly turns away, coming face to face with Cameron's cloth covered breasts.

He had to get out of the water. There were too many scantly clad females around him.

Cameron noticed he had exited the pool and quicly climed out herself. She cornered him by the entrance to the house. "I'm so awesome, did you know that? I'm like the best in my gym class. I love playing basketball."

That didn't impress Viggo either. How many times had he heard how great someone was at baskeball. Like he cared how good people where. They just wanted to get in good with him so he would put in a good word to his mom about them.

"And I can't wait for college. I'm going to do awesome there as well. I mean, I'm the top of my class as it is. Can you just imagine how great I'll be at university?"

Viggo just stares at her.

Cameron wonderes why he hadsn't said a thing to her. Was she coming on too strong?

Dejected, she turns on her heels and walks away. Viggo breaths a sigh of relief. He knows coming on that strong is not the way to get a guy to like you.

Cameron turns aroun to admired his rear from affar. It is a very nice on at that!


After a filling lunch their first practice begain. Cameron couldn't concentrate, she had seen the way Viggo kept looking at that Christina all through lunch and, now they were partners for shoot out. It was totally unfair.

"Woot!" Viggo cheered. Cameron turned around to see what he was so happy about. He had scored a goal. She narrowed her eyes. She should have been his partner.

S'Ahmisa shouted to her, "Are you ever going to kick the ball?"

Cameron rolls her eyes, imagining that the ball is Christina's head and kicks.

"GOAL!" Cameron shouts. 'Take that, Christina!' She thinks.

Viggo cheers again. Cameron quickly turns around to see his goal.

Her eyes narrowed, was he cheering because he scored or because...

"You feel tense. Mind if I rub your back?" Christina asks Viggo after practice. "Sure!" he says, enthusiastically. He turns around and she begains to rub his shoulders.
Cameron thinks she can totally do that too, and runs towards the two, just after after Christina finishes.
"You know I give a mean backrub too. Would you like me to show you?" Viggo shrinks back. "Um, no, but thanks for the offer."
He steps around Cameron quickly and heads back to the house. Cameron's eyes fell on Christina and they narrow again. She's really starting to dislike this little girl. Just who does she think she is, stealing Cameron's man?

They both watched him walk away. Cameron deviously plotting how to win Viggo back. Christina just stands there with a stupid grin on her face.
Once out of ear-shot, Cameron turns on Christina. "Just who do you think you are, missy? Viggo is mine. Got that. M.I.N.E.! Mine!"
"So if you know what's best for you, step off!" She growls through her clintched teeth.
Christina pause, acting as if she's pondering over the girl's threat.
"I really don't think I can do that. Viggo is really sweet and I like him. So good luck with that."
With that Christina turns and walks away. Cameron stands there seething.
That night during dinner S'Ahmisa excused herself quickly to use the bathroom. Looks like Aunt Flow paid her a visit for the first time.
"You know, I think you did great on the field today." Viggo complimented Cameron.
Viggo isn't used to attention from girls, and at first it was very off putting, but now, he likes it. He likes it a lot! And though Cameron rubs him the wrong way he kind of likes her too. He likes Christina as well. So he decides to toss Cameron a crumb.
(Yes, he's done a 180. As soon as Cameron laid into Christina, Viggo started to roll all these wants for her. LOL)

Cameron starts to swoon but stops herself. "You weren't so shabby yourself out there today!"

Finally, he's noticing her. In a positive way! She is so happy that she starts to dance. Well dance as well as Cameron can dance. "Woooh, Pulp Fiction baby, yay!"

Cynthia has to disagree. That child is no where near that scene in the movie. Stop while your ahead Cameron!
Summer soccer camp isn't all about kicking the crap out of balls and getting sweaty. No, summer camp is about fun as well. And the group heads out to one of the local spots in Three Lakes to unwind and have some fun.
As soon as they arrive the boys all head off to the hot springs. They've heard so many stories from others in their home towns, that they had to try it out for themselves.
And the others were not wrong about the hot springs. They are warm and relaxing. The boys can feel the tension melting from their bodies. They decide to spend the whole day just soaking.
Christina and S'Ahmisa spend their time fishing in a small pond. It's stocked daily by the management on the grounds. But that doesn't stop them from enjoying it.
Christina seems to be a natural at fishing, and ends up catching six fish!
Cameron decides to stay away from the group during the trip. Instead she stays inside were the air conditioning is, and tries some of those famous Three Lake's flapjacks.
She skipped breakfast just so she could have a plate... or two, of this culinary creation. Just because she was away at camp didn't mean she could let her figure go. A fat girl didn't get the guys.
Cynthia spent her time relaxing with a deep tissue massage. She enjoyed it so much in fact that now she's found a reason to visit the Serenity Spa downtown back home. When she got back she would have to call and book a reservation.
It seems that romance is in the air not only for Cameron, Viggo and, Christina. But for Verde and S'Ahmisa as well. As soon as they return to came he reaches over and kisses her. He was affraid that she would push him away or punch him in the arm, but she dosen't. Instead she welcomes the kiss.
After he rushes to the bathroom and flexes in the mirror. "Who's the man? Verde's the man! That's right, I'm the man!"


  1. The love triangle between Viggo, Cameron, and Christina is amusing. Maybe if Cameron stopped bragging about herself, Viggo would be more interested.

  2. LOL! The camp is great, since it says part 1, there must be more-right???

    What hack is that to make teens have thier periods?

    I too enjoy the love triangle, wow, talk about bummer. A chick from another hood comes and steals the guy you've been plotting for. Ouch!

  3. Monique, I agree. But Cameron has a very high opinion of herself. LOL It's kinda hard for her to stop talking about herself. She is the center of the simuniverse in her mind.

    Apple Valley, yes, you are correct. I'll be working on the update shortly (I hope) my fingers got tired. LOL

    The hack I actually got from MTS. Look under hacks, and if I remember it was made in 2007 I think. But it gives all female sims teen, young adult and, adult their period. When a teen gets her first period she gets a memory of having her first period. I think it's cute. They even have the munchies, but soem get really bad cramps. And hygine and comfort drop quickly. :(

    That's how Cameron feels. Just who is this little girl frm SH who stole her man? LOL

  4. I wish camp had been that fun for me. Looks like they had a great time so far...

  5. OMG!! I can't believe the 'hootspah' (spelling) of my Christina!! I like the way she handled Miss Cameron. My mouth was open the whole time with this first part. I can't WAIT to read Part 2. Now, I'm getting ideas in my head about Christina and Viggo. Heheheee! But I know he's the one that's in control right now. I'll have to see what he's all about. Wow! I really enjoyed this one!

  6. Heredoncove, yes they had a ball... most of the time. Funny thing. All the girls, minus Christina got their periods. So they were tired a lot of the time. Figures, when on vacation that always happens!

    Simmington Hills, Your Christina surprised me too! Rolling all those wants for Viggo. He is a cutie though, so I can't blame her! Cameron isn't going to let some out of towner show her up though. LOL Teenagers man!

  7. Poor Cameron! She definitely needs to reel in the ego a bit, doesn't she?

  8. Cameron has an ego!?!!? LOL I think it's her parents fault though. They have spoiled her, and she now thinks she's the center of the universe.


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