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Can't fight the feeling

May, Spring 2011, to see the list of students look here!
(elementary/high school post)

Riverdale Elementary School

Bri Burrego hangs out on the monkey bars before school start, scanning the play yard. She is so over this place. She's almost 12, has started her first growth spurt and can't wait to leave these little kids behind for greener pastures (ie. Riverdale Jr./Sr. High School).

But until next month she is still a sixth grader here at school. Which completely blows!

"My mom says that marriage is a sacred institution. And when you're married that's when you get to have sex!" Anan shares with the table. "And, since I am the oldest out of all of us, I will be getting married first!"

Bri goes on and on about how grown she is now, how over this school she is. That being a pre teen is super awesome. That everyone here wishes that they were her and super awesome too. She even has to wear a training bra now!

Nick just wishes that she would shut up. And what in the world is a training bra? He gets a mental image of a bra with training wheels. He stops himself from giggling and shoves more salad into his mouth. That way he doesn't have to respond to Bri.

"Well, I'm never getting married." Aaron offers. "So I won't have to worry about anything that comes with having a wife!"

Anan only glares at him then rolls her eyes. One day he'll see that they belong together. Or maybe not, she is older than him. But for the time being she can imagine them getting married.

Riverdale Junior Senior High School
It's the middle of May, prom and graduation is almost here. And some students like Lilly Sanchez hurry to put the final touches on last minute school assignments. Extra credit is never a bad thing!
And other students sit pouting at their monitor in the computer lab. Mary just found out that her boyfriend, Marchon Cunningham, won't be able to make it to her prom. Which bits! Now she'll have to dig up a date to prom and, she has to wait until Marchon's prom to be with him.

She slumps back in her chair with a sigh. This long distance thing sucks!

Cameron has just realized that the basket balls she uses during gym are the same sweaty balls that the basket ball team plays with. She screams at all the nasty body sweat that has dripped on it and, lets the ball bounce away from her.

"Gross much!" She yells before running for the closest bathroom to wash her hands.

Suni pays her no attention, Cameron is a drama queen, and over reacts to the smallest thing. Suni's mind is focused on the hoops she's trying to shoot. She's doing anything and everything that she can to keep her mind off of what happened last month.

She and AJ have only spoken briefly since then. She's not sure what she wants to do. She loves him, and she wants to be with him, but, if he can't fess up to the wrong he has committed, is there anything to save between them?

The bell rings and she exits the gym to head to the locker rooms when she bumps into the least person she wants to see.

Suni's eyes narrow as she passes Lilly. It's all that ho's fault. If it wasn't for her then AJ never would have strayed away from Suni.

In truth, that was her biggest fear. That AJ would cheat on her or leave her for someone older, some one his age. Someone who would get naked with him. And her fear did come true. But it wasn't her fault that she wasn't ready. If he had truly loved her like he said he had then this never would have happened.

And it just rubs her the wrong way how Lilly acts as though she doesn't even exist. She didn't even blink towards her.

"Slut." Suni mumbles as she passes Lilly.

"Bitch." Lilly fires back. She rolls her eyes. She is so over this place. She can't wait until graduation.

The bathroom isn't much of a haven either. Lilly runs into Cameron Smith. She's been trying to avoid her all year. The girl only talks about herself, about how pretty she is, how perfect she is, how everyone wants to be like her.

All she wants to do is use the bathroom and pee in peace, but here comes the storm front known as Cameron.

AS if Mary's day couldn't get any worse, they decide to have a junk food day at lunch. Doughnuts, burgers, pizza. Ugh! Mary signs. She'll go with the least bad of the three, the burger with avocados.

Suni sits with her friends, saving a spot for AJ, hopefully he'll sit with her during lunch.

Marcus is talking about how he can't wait to go on his first date. His parents said that he and his twin brother Oliver can start dating next year. He's very excited. He doesn't have any romantic interest of yet, but he's sure once he's "available" they'll start coming out of the wood work to be with him.

Suni wasn't paying any attention to the conversation, she was to busy glaring at Lilly.

Oh, my, God! Did anyone see the shoes Lilly's wearing? Please, they are so lame." She says. That's when she realizes that Ye has sat in AJ's seat.

But before she can ask him to move she hears AJ behind her, asking her if they could talk.

She gets up to face him and her heart drops. She can tell by the look on his face that he's not going to apologize for what he'd done.

"Ive been giving this some thought, and I really don't think this is going to work out between us." He says.

Suni is taken aback. She can't believe that he's breaking up with her... in the cafeteria... at school... during lunch! But he is. Suni can't speak. The words are there, but she can't get her mouth to work.

Lilly is watching the whole scene unfold with a smile on her face.

She can't help thinking just how hot AJ looks!

"Why? Why are you doing this, AJ? Is it because of her? Because I won't be with you? You can't do this! We can make it work!" She pleads.

He only shakes his head. "It's not you. It's not Lilly. I think we've out grown each other, Suni. And it wouldn't be fair to either of us if she stayed together." With that he walks away.

She can't believe it. He's gone and what they had is over. Suni starts to cry. She's thinking she'll spend the rest of the day in the nurse's office.

Brooke watched the whole thing and she's really hating her sister right now! Suni told her about that party and what Lilly did. Brooke is so angry she could slap her sister. She wonders how their parents would react if they knew that Lilly wasn't a virgin anymore.

AJ stand behind Lilly, nervous. He hopes she knows he's done all this just for her.


(notes from GB) This was actually hard to do. Before AJ hooked up with Lilly he had to fear of breaking up with Suni, and all that good stuff. And here is Suni's wants. As you can see she wants to fall in love with AJ, this is after the night of the party. She still wants to be with him.

But he's broken off things with her to be with Lilly. But I'm not sure where Lilly is with all of this, how she feels about AJ. She swoons over him, but that's just lust. lol

Cameron really is a drama queen and talks about herself all the time. I'm glad that she thinks she's a gift to all sims. But hopefully she'll grow out of this stage soon!


  1. So much teen angst. I feel for Suni. That is the absolute worse place to be broken up with.

  2. Poor Suni, being broken up with in front of the whole school! I'm somehow not so sure about AJ and Lilly though - wonder what will happen between those two!

  3. o, no!!! Poor Suni!!! I want to teleport in and slap Lilly and AJ! I hope AJ gets what he deserves and Lilly breaks his heart into millions of little bitty pieces.

  4. Heredoncove,
    I love angust, but I normally save that for my fan fic. I try not to make it to heavy for my sims. But that is a horrible way to get broken up with. Teens don't think that much, do they?

    Suni feels the same way. lol AJ could have done it differently. Oh, well. That's a teen for ya. We'll have to wait and find out what's going to happen with those two.

    ROFL You are not alone. And that smirk on Lilly's face! At least her sister was mad at her.

  5. Oh boy, was this a mess. I am not liking AJ at all right now. I adore Suni and hopes she'll get over him right away.

  6. SH,
    Aww, but AJ's just trying to fell his way through life! lol He's not the enemy. I think Suni will be just fine.


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