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Camp Kick It! Part 2

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August, Summer 2011, Cynthia Kim is 56, Viggo and Edward Jr Christian are 14, Cameron Smith is 15, Christina Wise is 12, S'Ahmisa Warwick and Verde Herendez are 16

You can read part 1 here.

The first thing Christina does when she wakes up is to find Viggo. He's in the great room with the rest of the teens, waiting on breakfast and chatting. She doesn't know why she has to do this, but she needs to. And before Viggo knows it, he has Christina in his arms hugging him fiercely. Not to mention he got to feel her boobs pressed up against his chest. Yes! 'Does this count as first base?' He wonders.

Cameron isn't ignorant to this little public display of affection. It makes her seethe with hate. How could he have flirted with her the night before but now acting all lovey-dovey with Ms. Simmington Hills?

Edward turns to S'Ahmisa and Verde to congratulate them on their new found love. The two laugh.

S'Ahmisa pauses. 'Is this really new found love?' She wonders to herself, or has she always loved Verde?

It could just be the fresh mountain air speaking and the fact that they haven't seen each other in a really long time.

All this love talk is starting to grate on Cameron's already frizzled nerves. She marches over to Viggo and Christina. "I thought I told you to back off! Do you not understand the words coming out of my mouth?"

Christina shrinks back. "I... I don't have to listen to you! You're not my mother." She does her best not to sound intimidated, but Cameron looks even madder today than she did the other day.

"Well listen up little girl. I told you I saw Viggo first. I have like total right to get with him before anyone. He lives in my hood. Not yours! Mine. Got that?"

Christina shrinks back even further, hoping that Viggo will step in the offer his assistance, but he doesn't. Viggo's thinking that there's enough of him to go around. But having two hot girls fight over you is kinda neat!

Amongst the drama Verde take this opportunity to congratulate S'Ahimsa on becoming a woman. S'Ahmisa is thinking what an idiot Verde is. Like she wanted everyone to know that she has her period. Not cool, Verde.

"You know I'm really into you, Cameron." Viggo starts, but he is quickly shot down.

"Stop! Don't even try and go there, Viggo. I know you're into Christina and you're not going to try and play both ends. You're either with her or you're with me. So don't touch me!" She says before turning and leaving.

Edward's thinking "If only he used a noogie, she would be his."

Viggo is dejected. He's really starting to like Cameron. But he likes Christina too. They both attract they both attract him in completely different ways.

Cameron is really full of herself, but in a good way. What Viggo found annoying at first now has him thinking about Cameron constantly.

And Christina, she's so shy and sweet. He likes that about her the most. He's not sure what to do. Man, being a teenager is hard.


Verde and Viggo are practice partners this morning. Verde thins Viggo is the man. He has two very attractive girls battling for his affections. The boy has no idea how lucky he is.
S'Ahmisa and Edward are paired up as well. And she's finding it really hard to get a goal with him guarding. He's really good at soccer, almost as good as she is.
Christina could curse the day. It was painfully clear that the little blow up that morning between she and Cameron had gotten back to Mrs. Kim, Viggo's mother. Because as punishment (though she didn't say that) she was paired with Cameron for practice.
"Looooser!" Cameron taunts as Christina takes her kick.
"That's not going to win you any gold medals, girly. You do know how to play soccer, don't you?" She jeers.
Christina counted from ten all the way backwards to one in her head. She had to, Cameron was really getting on her nerves.
Back home she doesn't know anyone as rude or as mean as Cameron and, Christina is really starting to miss home.
She's starting to wish that she never came to Camp Kick It! Or that she ever fell for Viggo Kim. Cameron was making her summer a not too fun one.
Cameron stood holding the soccer ball watching Christina. A small smile playing on her lips. Okay, fine, it was more of a smirk, but still, it was there. She loved herself all the more.
She was used to getting her way and, like she said before, she would stop at nothing to get it. She even black mailed her brother when she was still little.
Like she would let some little girl's hurt feelings get in her way. But there was this tiny bit inside of her that did feel a little bad.
"This is how you kick a ball, girly!" Cameron smirks as the ball just misses Christina's face.

"I can't wait until I get my first kiss. Was your awesome?" Edward asks S'Ahmisa.
"Yeah, I remember it like it happened only yesterday. And you will get that first kiss, but don't rush it."
"I'm not going to rush it. I'm not even allowed to date yet. My parents say that I'm to young. But there is this girl, Brooke Sanchez. Man, she's great, and I like her so much." Edward trailed off, lost in his own little world.
S'Ahmisa smiles before wandering off to find Verde.
Cameron approaches Christina after practice. Christina tries to ignore her and focuses her attention on Viggo. He's to busy still playing with Verde to even notice her. She sighs. She's really starting to get tired of the fighting.
Cameron starts to laugh. "Look, I may have over reacted... a little bit. And I'm kinda sorry. It's just, I've really liked Viggo for the past year. And I thought that this would be my moment to get him to like me. I never factored in the notion that someone... like you, would come along and snatch his attention from me."
She pauses and sighs. "Guess what I'm trying to say is. Let's not let some stupid boy get between us. I want to start over. Let's try to be friends."

Christina isn't sure of this truce at first. Just before breakfast Cameron wanted to bite off her head, yet now she wanted to start over and become friends. She searches the other girl's eyes for the truth, and she's pretty sure she's found it. "Yes! You have no idea how good that sounds to me. I wanted us to be friends since I've met you."
"I'm not sure how I would react if I met an alien. I mean, they are from outer space and have grey skin and big bug eyes." Edward says.

"Yeah, but you'll never know if you two have anything in common if you don't make friends. Plus, not all aliens have black bug eyes and grey skin. Believe me, I know." Verde says.

Viggo finally tears himself away from Verde and jogs over to the girls. "What? Are you two fighting again?"

"Um, I'm sorry but do you hear someone speaking to me? Oh, it's you! Didn't I say don't ever talk to me again!"

Viggo rolls his eyes and fakes a yawn of boredom. As much as he found Cameron's mood swings attracting they also got on his nerves. She was hot one minute and cold the next.

"I'm going swimming." Cameron announcing before heading off towards the pool. "Christina, wanna come?"

Christina flashes Viggo a quick smile before bouncing off to join her soon to be new friend. Viggo stands there stumped.

He really doesn't get girls. First they were all over him and now they dump him for each other? He shakes his head. "women!"

Another day to unwind and have some sun, so the group heads to another local community destination. Some of the teens try their hand at axe throwing.
Others learn the local dance, called the slap dance. Cameron this it's silly but she really likes the guy in the black shirt. Hopefully her dancing will catch his eye.

Others play on the rolling logs.

Christina seems to be a natural at this game too. She defeats Edward and he splashes into the cool murky water below.

Cameron decides to challenge her too. But maybe it wasn't such a good idea!

'SPLASH' Christina falls into the water.

Cameron seems to be enjoying her victory a little to much! "In yo' face!" she gloats.

But Christina doesn't mind, it's all in the name of fun.
As the day drags on into night everyone is starting to get tired. Cynthia is running around trying to round everyone up so that they can catch the cab back to camp. Viggo and Christina are talking, and just because Cameron has buried the hatchet with her, it still hurts to watch them together.
So she picks up an axe, pictures Christina's face is the bull's eye and tosses it. Almost a direct hit! Cameron smiles to herself. She feels a little bit better.
Returning back to camp Verde and S'Ahmisa hang back and he pulls her towards him. The two kiss before he asks her a very important question.
"I know you've said in that past that we are too young to be tied down. But I want to know if you'll be my offical girlfriend, S'Ahmisa?"
He looks so vernarable at that moment, but she just can't agree to something because she's affraid of hurting his feelings.
She smiles at him. "I still do think we're too young. And what we have here is fun. Can't we just keep it like this and when we get back to Apple Vallege we'll decide on what to do then. Okay?"
Verde looks hurt but he manages to smile and hug her. "Sure. What ever you want."
In teh great room Christina is feeling a little armerous as well. She's seen this in a movie once and aways wanted to try it. So she pulls Viggo towards herself and starts to slopply kiss along his neck.
At first Viggo is taken aback, but he's slowly warming up to the feelings that he lips are building inside of him. He feels all tingly in his nether regions. It's kinda nice. No, really nice. And if her lips on his neck can do that what would a kiss do?

He grabs her before she can reacte and plants one on her. Their first kiss. It's actually the first kiss for both of them. It's awkward yet funny, and all the more exciting. When it's over they both are giddly.
Christina is pretty sure that she's in love.
And she's the last thought on Viggo's mind before he drifts off to sleep.
Christina is on cloud nine the next morning. She's unable to stop teh smile that is plastered to her face. Cameron isn't sure what's up, but she thinks something happend between Viggo and Christian the night before.
But she tries to push those thought out of her head. Instead she focuses on being a good friend to Chrsitina... as hard as that may be. She should get a thousand brownie points for this crap.
And it seems as if Viggo's good mood has lasted until morning as well. He's even trying to flirt with Cameron again. And it's working.
"I need to know Viggo, do you like me? Are you into me?" She asks. Unaware that Christina is watching them from afar. She really wishes she could here what they are talking about.
So instead of tormenting herself with fears of the two of them running off together she interupts them, asking Viggo to dance. He agrees befor ehis eyes fall on her shirt. He must like what he sees!
Cameron plops down on the loveset next to Viggo's mom. "All I want is for him to like me. Is that too much to ask for?"
"No it's not. But boys at this age are just boys. They have no idea what they want, sweetie. I suggest you find someone else. I don't see my son making up his mind any time soon."
It was the final day of camp and Cameron was having one of those "First" moments. She finds that she actually misses home, and can't wait to get back. But she wants to try and get a tan first. A she was oiling up Viggo wanders outside looking for the newpaper. His eyes fall on her, and he stand there a bit longer than normal, checking her out.
Cameron grins like a fool. He's fianally noticing her awesome bum!
Christina joins her for some sun. Unfortuniatly, Cameron didn't use enought sun block, or too much Hawiian Tropic because she not looks like an over cooked lobster. Which was not cool. There was no way she would be showing up for the first day of school with a sever case of sun burn.

Returning to Riverdale everyone says their good byes. Verde, Viggo and, Edwars exchange numbers and promise to keep in touch.

Even Cameron and Christina trade phone numbers, and S'Ahmisa gives them her e-mail address.

Viggo give Christina a propper good bye. "A little something to remember me by until next summer." He says. Christina only blushes before getting in teh shuttle to take the three teens to teh airport.

(notes from GB: Phew! That was long but so much happened I couldn't just cut all that out. I hope I didn't lose you while reading!
Cameron really is a handful, and I'm starting to see that she's not a drama queen just a spoiled girl who's becoming a major bitch. But I like her. LOL
Viggo is really confused, you should see his wants panal. I forgot to get a pic of that *figures* But he has wants for both girls.
And Edward only has eyes for Brooke right now. But I have no idea what's going to happen between those two.
Did you notice that Cameron is the only one not wearing the brown soccer uniform? Well that's teh camps uniform *duh* But Cameron feels she's special and doesn't have to wear it. Cynthia got tired of pressing the dress code with her so she gave up. Yes, Cameron feels the world revolves around her!)


  1. I love Cameron! Yes, she's a bit bitchy but that just makes her that much more fun to watch! Poor Viggo, if he's having trouble with girls now, just imagine what college will be like for him! It never gets any easier!

  2. Great update, Edward really wants that kiss, huh? And Verde-ugh-how embarrassing, do not compliment a girl on her period!

  3. I'm rolling with laughter right now! It's hilarious watching Verde compliment S'Ahmisa on her period!! I adore S'Ahmisa and her sister, Si'Enya. I've always loved their names, too. Cute as they can be!

    My little Christina had her first kiss! OMG!! And she's in LOVE!! OMG!! This was sooo good. I'm really impressed with how well you communicate the teen language and how they feel. It brings back sooo many memories for me. Wow. "Does this count as first base" That line had me rolling from the jump.

  4. I loved reading about camp! This was great! Seriously, Verde, don't compliment a girl on her period in front of everyone! LOL ;) And poor Viggo, those girls are so confusing! But I do feel bad for Cameron, having to watch some new girl move in on the guy she likes!

  5. These kids are so confusing! First they want one thing and then another, can't ever make up their minds

  6. MizzGin, I love Cameron too! I knew she was going to be a handful even when she was little, but this? I feel sorry for the guy who does fall for her. LOL Viggo is just starting to feel his way around girls. I'm sure with practice he'll get the hang of it!

    Apple Valley, Yes that poor boy does. All he thinks about is kissing and Brooke Sanchez. LOL I love Verde and S'Ahmisa, they are great! They are welcome to Riverdale anytime!

    Simmington Hills, guys have no clue, do they? LOL Only they would do something like that! Man I remember my first crush, how I thought I was in love. Hee hee hee, a little how Christina feels right now! Glad you enjoyed the update! LOL

    Shana, I think I even had fun at camp this time around! When Verde did that I had pause the game and laugh. Viggo is just eating up the attention though he's confused. And Cameron is trying to act as if she's over him. Teens are stressful to play!

    Heredoncove, you have that right! They make me want to pull out my hair! LOL

  7. I wouldn't like to know Cameron in real life but she's good fun to read about! I certainly wouldn't want to cross her. I think Christina is lucky there was no bloodshed over Viggo!

  8. I actually knew someone colse to Cameron but not 100% like her. Strangely we got along most of the time, we were friends all through high school. We still take sometimes, mainly through facebook. So it can work. LOL

    Cameron is "So over, Viggo." Her words not mine. But we'll have to see what happens in school. Christina has made her first frienemy!


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