Saturday, July 25, 2009

End of days

August, Summer 2011, Mohindr is 31, Danielle Lillard is 30 (Suni Ramaswami is 14, Prya is 56, Sanjay is 57. Sharla Ottamas is 31, Rupert Cotton is 32 ( those are all the playables invited to the wedding)

Not much words this update mainly wedding spam.

Mohindr is thinking that Danielle is the most beautiful bride ever.

It's safe to say that Priya is very pleased that Mohindr had finally gotten married. Took him long enough.

Rupert on the other hand isn't so happy. He really hates weddings and he doesn't know why he always accepts invitations. Marriage is for losers!

As soon as the reception started Sharla and Sanjay got into it. I have no idea why either. But they fought.

First dance as husband and wife. Awwww :P

Why must everyone swoon over Rupert? We get it! He's a romance sim, but he'll love you and leave you. Why even waste the time??? And at your own wedding reception? Really classy, Danielle! Real classy!

Priya and Sanjay slow dancing.

Suni uses the moment to try and get a drink from the bar.
An awkward moment between Rupert and Sharla. He's been ignoring her all night. Which is really strange normally they are all over each other on community lots. She feels somethings up.

No idea why she is angry.

Toast time!

(notes from GB: I messed up the cake scene. What happened, I married them on a community lot downtown. I think it's called King's Garden, it's a Maxis lot. After that they had the reception back in Riverdale at the community center. I forgot that if you leave the lot you married your sims on they can't cut the cake. So they did have a cake but no cutting or eating it. :[ )


  1. I really like seeing posts about weddings.
    P.S. I have a new band that is having a tour. If you are interested, book a concert now!

  2. You changed your template, didn't you? The pictures are bigger! I love it! This wedding was very nice. I absolutely LOVE their wedding attire. Mohindr looks regal! (I had to look twice at Sanjay because he looks like he could be Nick Michels' brother! LOL! They have the same haircut.)

  3. Beautiful wedding and such a large family! The lot is pretty as well, I like the fairies in the background of the wedding.

  4. Anthony,
    I know, I love viewing other's weddings as well. I watch the sim weddings that people upload on Youtube!

    Right now, my schedule is full. I normally map out and print up everything that's going to happen in my curent round. So maybe when 2013/2014 rolls around I can get your band it. I'll let you know!

    Simmington Hills,
    Yes I did. Laura told me how to make my pictures larger. But it looks to me that photobucket compressed them. *sigh* Not sure thought. But glad you noticed! They are bigger, yay!

    Yeah, I really like Mohindr's wedding attire. You know Sanjay and Danny both are using that hair. I LOVE it. I just wish there were more salt and pepper hair styles for both man and female.

    Apple Valley,
    Thank you! I know the garden is a Maxis lot not sure of the name, King's Garden I think. When I saw those statues I knew that would be the back drop to their wedding!

  5. Weddings are one of my favorite things to do with my sims! I do big elaborate weddings with groomsmen and the whole shebang! Gorgeous wedding and what a beautiful family! BTW, I had no idea that people actually paid attention to my pics of the Taylors or the videos lol.....even though its caput now I'm glad you were enjoying it! Hopefully Crystal Bay will be just as interesting!

  6. MizzGin, I <3 weddings! I wish I could do them like you do, but I don't have the skills to work it like that. I've tried. Didn't work. LOL

    I did! I love that video you've made. You know, in truth, I think I've watched it at least 5 times. I think I gave you a comment. If I did it would be under GoldenBuffy.

    I'm sure Crystal Bay will be just as awesome if not more awesome!

  7. Aw, congratulations to Mohindr and Danielle! I always love Sim weddings and I love Mohindr's traditional garb.

    I didn't know that about the cake but I'll keep it in mind now!

  8. Man, I was mad about that cake. LOL Oh, and if you have Eries' wedding arches, remember to cat. them for community lots or they won't show up.


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