Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First time for everything

March, Spring 2011, Davon Christian is 19 years old.

He was bored to tears. Davon was not used to this. Being alone, in a empty house. As long as he could remember he has always had people around him.

Before his brother was born he had Bonkers. And before he moved out he had his mom, Brian, the twins and, AJ.

He sighed closing his eyes. He needed to get out of here.

He headed downtown, first stop, Cost Cuts. With a new life came a new look. Plus, this long stuff wasn't working for him. The curls blocked his vision, and it was a pain keeping his hair in check at work.

Davon did admit to himself he was a tab bit nervous. He chewed his bottom lip, watching as the locks were chopped from his head and felt to the ground.

But the final result was awesome. Robert Kim, the barber, told him to trust him and Davon was glad that he had.

He was just glad that he didn't end up like the barber's second customer. Wonder how the Hood Council would react to one of their members showing up to a meeting looking like that.

Davon would love to be a fly on the wall to see all their reactions.

At least Robert was remorseful.

Even a new hair style couldn't mask the fact that Davon was lonely, Very lonely. Even making dinner was depressing. It was strange to cook a small meal. He was used to making large ones. It took a while to get used to. Needless to say he ate leftovers for many nights.
After dinner he went outside to meet the neighbors. But the two women acted as if they hadn't noticed him.
Davon didn't get it. He was a nice looking guy, just had a new hair cut and some stylish threads. Why didn't women give him a second glance?
Dejected he returned to his apartment.
The next day he had off work and not having anything to do, Davon finished unpacking the few boxes that were left over from his move.
There he found his old phone book , he'd gotten a new one when he started his nursing job at the hospital. Flipping through he he found Eva Brooks number. He hadn't seen her since the party she invited him to a few years back, so he called her and invited her over.
When she arrived Davon knew that his attraction towards her was still there.
They stood outside making small talk for a little bit. But no matter what Davon picked for a discussion Eva grew bored with it. He was starting to think they had nothing in common.
Reaching into his bag of tricks, and desperately looking for something to talk about, Davon mentioned soccer.

That seemed to be the key. Eva's eyes sparkled with excitement. She loved all things sports, even thought she was a medical student, her passion was anything and all things athletic.

He invited her inside for dinner. Nothing fancy just some cheese burgers and beer. To Davon's relief, Eva accepted.

"Maybe we'll see each other in the hospital. Who knows, maybe You'll do rounds on my floor." He said.

"That would be cool. It would be nice to see a friendly face in the hospital. You can help me make it through my residency with caffeinated beverages!" Eva joked.

"Yeah, becoming a doctor can be hell. So I've heard."

"Then you've heard right. Just doing hours in the hospital now for senior year is hard enough. I can't imagine what it's like being a resident. God, I'll have no life at all." Eva exclaimed.

"I know we weren't really that close in high school, but I'm glad that we're taking the time to get to know each other now." Davon said.

Eva smiled. "Me too! I just wished that you called me after that party I invited you to. We could have gotten to know each other then."

But he was lying. Davon didn't want to be just friends with Eva, he wanted to be more than friends. He just didn't know how to tell her that.

So he took a chance and listened to that little voice inside his head. HE complimented Eva on her eyes. He loved the color, they were so clear and calm, he could get lost in them for hours.

Eva blushed and thanked him. She had waited so long for him to finally show some interest in her. And maybe that was the main reason why she kept to herself through college, because deep down inside she was waiting for him.

But whatever the reason was she wasn't going to stress over it. She was going to seize the moment, using the excuse that it was getting late and, she had an early day tomorrow. She pulled Davon towards her and kissed him good night.

Neither knew what to say after, so they both just stood around with silly grins on their faces.

Davon was on could 9 all day at work, and time flew by. An added bonus was that he received a promotion to head RN as well as a pay raise. He couldn't wait to get home and call Eva. He wanted to share the news with her first.
The phone was ringing as he entered the apartment. Maybe it was Eva calling him! Davon quickly answered, but deflated as he realized it was only his brother calling.
AJ needed his advice. There was a situation with two girls at school. AJ explained that one was technically his girl friend and the other was a girl in his class whom he liked. He was confused and had no idea what to do.
Davon sighed. He was the last person to come to for romantic advice. He was just (hopefully) starting his first relationship.
"I think you need to tell your girlfriend that you have feeling for someone else. You shouldn't string her along. Someone could get hurt in the long run."
"Yeah, but I was thinking more along the lines that I keep the girlfriend but have the other one on the side. So after being with both of them for a while I can decide." AJ explained.
Clearly that was a bad idea and Davon told him. AJ agreed, but for now he was out of options. He didn't want to break up with Sunni. But he also wanted to see where this thing with Lilly could go.
Davon hung up the phone shaking his head. He was glad he hadn't gone through such drama in high school.
The two met at the skating rink to celebrate. Eva seemed to have gotten prettier from the last time he had seen her.
Eva blushed at the comment.
Davon was a little nervous about skating. He hadn't been skating since he was little, he just hopped he wouldn't make a fool of himself.
Wishful thinking and all that. Before he knew it, Davon was one with the hard wood of the skating rink.
Eva joined him! Not of her own doing, it was obvious that she wasn't the best on skates either.
The two sat on the ground, neither one moving.
"I have a confession to make." Davon said. "I haven't been skating in years. And I didn't want to fall and embarrass myself."
Eva smiled. "Me too!" They stared at each other before bursting out in laughter.
If Davon had known that his first date would be like this he would have asked Eva out sooner.
He was falling for her and, he was sure that Eva felt the same way about him.
So he took a chance and asked her to be his girlfriend.
Eva was flattered, but she wasn't ready to make that kind of commitment. They had just started seeing each other. It was better that they keep it slow, to get to know each other better before jumping into a commented relationship.
Devon felt rejected, though he could understand where she was coming from logically. But emotionally he wanted the world to know that she was with him.
Obviously the townie how over heard there conversation felt the same way. Eva was being totally lame.
Davon tried not to let her rejection ruin their night. He was still with her and she wasn't running away from him. Plus, there were other assets that Eva possessed that Davon wanted to get to know better as well.

This was shaping up to be the start of a beautiful relationship.


  1. Aww! I'm sure that was a bit awkward, getting rejected and all, but having someone to spend his time with like this is so much better for Davon than being all solitary like at the beginning.

  2. Yeah it was. I didn't post pics but he was all emo after the rejection. But I'm happy they finally got together. This was years in the making. lol

  3. I really like this blog. I also saw on your profile that you are in Pittsburgh, so am I! Please check out my blog, too. :)

  4. Yay! I'm glad you're enjoying it! Yup, I'm in da burgh!

  5. That was so cute. I love the apartments that Davon lives in. Has it been update for AL yet or did you update it yourself.

  6. It's one of my fav. apt. lots. I had to update it for AL though, which wasn't hard to do. I got the lot over at MTS2.

  7. I really like this pairing! Davon is a real sweet guy and Eva is gorgeous. He doesn't come off too desperate either, I think he'll play his cards right with her.

  8. I'm glad you like them together. I've been working on getting them together since high school, it just always slipped my mind to work harder. lol

    I hope everything is roses for them! I like them together!


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