Friday, February 27, 2009

Those College Days

It is currently Sophomore year for Bell, Ariel, Bret and Brad. It is currently Senior year for Tommy, Asia and, Newton.

The new school year started out on a bad foot for Asia. She had finally put the miscarriage behind her and, was looking forward to finishing up her studies and graduating.

That was until she spotted him. Remember him? That wonderful blond stalker that she had from her old dorms. He had finally found her!

Asia sighed. This time he he did become a little to creepy she'd let Tommy beat him up like he had wanted to when he had first started following Asia around.

Things between Tommy and Asia were stronger than ever. And the intimacy had returned to their relationship as well. But this time Asia was smart, she didn't want a repeat performance of the previous year. She was almost finished with college, she didn't need to get stuck with a baby.

New comers had also moved in, Brad and Bret Patrelli as well as Ariel and Bell Burrego. Asia finally had a new dance partner in Brad. He enjoyed dancing as much as she did.

While others enjoyed the nice comfy couch in the den. That poor sofa, it's seem more action that Sharla Ottamas. Okay, almost as much action. But you get the picture.

And Bell's still making out with other people's boyfriends. This time it's Newton Novak. He's been smitten with her from the moment she moved into the door. Couldn't keep his eyes off of her. And once he knew that she was interested in him, he wasted no time in getting to know her better. Forgetting all about his first love Melissa. Yeah, looks like he's replaced her with Bell.

He found that he couldn't help himself, he had to declare his love for the raven haired beauty. Bell giggled. She thought it was romantic in a cheesy kind of way. How professed their love in a hot tub anyway?

That didn't stop what happened next. Neither felt they were moving to fast. The only draw back, Melissa. Bell told Newton that he would have to do something about that girl. It wasn't nice to string her along. Newton shook his head in agreement. He had more important things on his mind.

Like what their children would look like.

Ariel work up one morning not feeling herself. Just what she needed so close to the end of the school year and she gets the flu. She wouldn't let some little thing like the flu ruin her studies. She would just have to ignore it and push onward.

Bell's budding love like was just what the doctor ordered. Asia really was interested in hear about Newton and Bell, but she had a oral presentation to deliver in class. And Asia hated public speaking, even if it were for a grade.

Poor Melissa. She had no idea what was waiting for her when Newton called and invited her over. He met her outside and gave her a warm hug. He then pulled away from her, looking her straight in the eyes. He told her that he needed to speak with her.

Melissa couldn't help but wonder if this was it. Was he finally going to pop the question.

Well, she was in shock non the less. He was breaking up with her! How could he? Melissa was devastated.

Newton on the other hand was surprised at how easy the breakup went. He thought he'd feel a bit sadden by it. But to be honest he wasn't. He explained to her that it wasn't her, and it wasn't him. They just didn't have chemistry, and it wasn't right leading her on with the assumption that there would be more to their relationship.

All that was find and dandy but what it all translated to for Melissa was "other woman." And she was right. She had asked him, and Newton was honest. He had met someone who was more his equal. Melissa wished that she hadn't asked, but she needed to know.

Hurt and deject the redhead turned and walked away.

Ariel over heard most of the brake up conversation but really couldn't care. She had other things on her mind. Like how she wasn't suffering from the flu but she could be pregnant. Man, she knew woohooing on that couch was a really bad idea. She was so reoccupied with the idea of becoming a mother that she forgot to change for classes.

Newton raced into the cafeteria and told Bell the good news. She wasn't sure if it was the fact that he dumped his ex for her, or maybe it was the sparkle in his eye. But Bell know for a fact that she was in love with Newton Novak. Things couldn't get any better.

Sophomore Year Final Grades:

Eva Brooks: Biology Major - B+ GPA 3.7
Ariel Burrego: Political Science Major - B GPA 3.6
Bell Burrego: Literature Major - A GPA 3.7
Brad Patrelli: Economics Major - B+ GPA 3.6
Bret Patrelli: Art Major - A- GPA 3.5
Tina Traveller: History Major - A- GPA 3.9
Bart Ottamas: History Major: B GPA 3.5

Senior Year Final Grades and Graduating Sims:

Asia Reed: History Major B+ GPA 3.8
Dean's List
Graduated Cum Laude

Tommy Ottamas: Mathematics Major B+ GPA 3.7
Dean's List
Graduated Cum Laude

Newton Novak: Undeclared- A+ GPA 4.0
Dean's List
Graduated Summa Cum Laude


Just have one for you today. Made me giggle. I think the exterminator forgot to kill one bug.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The University of Riverdale

I was going to post this on my main site. But since one of the rules of a sim to sim site is that it stays human free. means that I couldn't post how I created the university there. So I'm posting it here instead. So Simstate, this post's for you.

So basically I found out about the base hood university from Laura. You can get the mod from MATY. The only draw back is you can't play your uni. hood while you're playing your main hood uni. So if I ever decided that I want to send one of my sims out of Riverdale for their higher learning I would have to ship them off to another sim to sim hood that would accept them for four years.

So basically what you do is download the mod from MATY, build the house/dorm where you want your sims to live. Now once you're done building you have to rezone the lot to a dorm lot. And remember to place the gold album in the lot. You'll need that, it's very important. If you don't have it, you won't have a working university lot. No dormies, nothing.

Now I created a filler sim, she's a teen. I send her to the dorm that I want to use for my current uni. sims. I have her move in. When you do that you should get the movie of the sim going to college and her parent crying, etc. Once on the lot I use Inge's teleporter shrub and bring in the teens that I want to go to school there. Once there I move them in with the same bush. Once they are all settled in, I have my place holder sim find her own place.

Then with "boolProp testingcheatsenabled false" I SHIFT and click on each sim on at a time. You want to spawn the SEMESTER TESTER. It's the apple statue. Now you need one for each sim. Once you spawn the tester, click on "start classes," if you don't do that the class meter bar will not move. And you sims will go to class but they won't advance at all.

After they are all spawned do "boolProp testingcheatsenabled true" to turn the cheat off. Now for some reason when I placed the semester tester in each sims inventory their class bar would stop tracking time. But once I pulled it back out then their count down of hours would resume. But try it out to see if it will work for you.

Just follow those directions and you'll have a base hood uni. working in no time. Oh, before I forget. The dorm cook won't spawn if you don't have the shiny tyme hack from Inge. So make sure to download it. (For me, I don't need the hack. I still get the cook to show up, and he cooks for and everything.) So maybe it's only with certain games. I don't know. I also use the college hack to make each semester two days each, with a one day break in between.

I also use the YA hack for my teens who don't go to college. I want to keep them in the same age range with their fellow friends/siblings/classmates who do go to uni. So instead of not playing them, or turning aging off, I just make them young adults but no higher education.

I hope this was clear to anyone who reads it. Basically it's all trial and error to get it right. But once you do have it working, it works. I like having the uni. in the main hood. I have dormies, the stupid cow mascot. Townies even walk past the dorms. I haven't made a Greek house, but the option is there as well.

Those College Days 2008 part 2

Asia Reed, Tommy Ottamas and, Newton Novak have moved into McCormick Hall and are starting their Jr. year.

As a house warming gift for her fellow dormies Asia decided to cook breakfast. And that normally wouldn't be a problem, since has high cooking skills, but for some reason they had abandoned her that day. And instead of eating mouth watering pancakes she nearly burnt the whole kitchen down.

It was one of her fears, setting a dish on fire. It put Asia in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

Tommy decided to take her mind off of the matter. It was only a burnt pan of pancakes. Not like the world was going to come to an end or anything. But Asia was kind of a control freak. She liked everything to go her way when she wanted it to.

But she loved Tommy, and his effort in making her feel better only made that love deeper and stranger. She was really happy that she had found him. Well, technically he was under her nose her whole life. And she always had a crush on him. So in truth, she should be counting her stars that he finally gave her a chance. But darn it, she was a girl, and in college. She could fabricate who gave who a chance all she wanted.

The point was that they were in love. And the kindness that Tommy showed her on that day only cemented the deal. She could see growing old with him.

Newton was dealing with couple issues of his own. After moving into McCormmick Hall he invited Melissa over. She decided not to move to the snazzy new dorms, staying back in the over crowed ones. But she couldn't help but wonder where their relationship was headed.

What would happen once the graduated? Would they spit up, get married, what? She was totally confused.

Newton was confused as well. He was sure that he had true and genuine feelings for the redhead, but love? Not so much. Could he see them living together in domestic bliss? Maybe. But he could see that she wanted an answer at that moments. So with a smile that he wasn't confident in he agreed that it would only make sense to move in together and start a life.

That pleased Melissa to no end. They decided to go someplace a little more private, like Newton's dorm room.

Half way through the year Asia woke in the middle of the night to horrid stomach cramps and a wave of nausea.

She got dressed and raced to the hospital, which was located near campus. She found out that she was pregnant but sadly it wasn't meant to be. Asia was devastated. Though she couldn't see her self becoming a mom while finishing college, having the knowledge that there was a life growing inside of her, and now it was gone, hurt her deeply.

The loss was always on her mind.

Tommy tired his best to be there for her. Giving her massages after a long day of classes, and trying to keep conversation light. He didn't dare say he felt what she was feeling, or he knew what she was going through. Because he didn't. He hadn't fully come to terms with the idea that his girlfriend was even pregnant.

He wanted to call his mom and ask her what should he do. What could he do to help Asia, but he decided against it. His parents sent him away to college to get an education not to get his girlfriend in the family way.



I was trying to think off a way to add these in but I couldn't. I just thought these were funny. I have a ton of them but I only posted these two. Tommy's older sister Sharla really left her mark on campus. All the uni. students talk about her and heart fart all over the place. It's so funny. Even sims who she didn't woohoo with fart and talk/gossip about her.

As you can tell, Tommy really doesn't care. LOL

Notes from GB: I had no idea Asia was pregnant until she had gotten out of bed and grabbed her stomach. She and Tommy where up late, and she had eaten a late dinner. Really late, like around 2 am then got into bed. She really wasn't in the red with any of her motives either. She should have lost the baby, but I guess the game though she should have. She was all emo for two days, but her love helped her through it. I was a bit sad. I wanted to see what kind of kid they would have had. But they have time to later one.

Also, sorry there's no grades posted. The page in my note book that I had then written down in went missing. It's been sitting here on my desk all this time, but now when I needed it, it's vanished. *roll eyes* But Newton has a 4.0, Asia 3.8 and, Tommy 3.7.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Those College Days 2008

This is the third cycle of Riverdale students heading off to college for their freshmen year. Bret and Brad Patrelli, Eva Brooks, Tina Traveller, Bart Ottamas, and Bell and Ariel Burrego

The school year had started off on the right foot. The parents dropped their children off and wished them well.

Bell was a little worried about leaving her parent's house. Yeah, she couldn't wait to start her life as a young adult, but all she knew was mom and dad. And now, well, she'd have to live in a dorm with basically five strangers.

Yeah, they all went to school together. But she was hardly close to anyone except her sister and Eva Brooks.

Bret Patrelli on the other hand was edger to get started on his life. Earning only a few scholarships meant that he and his brother would have to get jobs to help pay for their education.

Their mother and father told them not to worry, but they didn't feel right leaving the burden on their parents. So Bret went to the local job placement center to find a part time job... that paid well.

He was thrilled when he did find a job in the music industry making $960 a day. Paying for college would be a breeze.

He also met a very attractive female. She introduced herself as Emma King. Brad wasn't sure if he was into older women.

But it was nice to know the offer was open if he decided to pursue anything.

He'd always had a thing for Ariel Burrego, but couldn't build up the nerve in high school to speak to her. He had always been the shy one between he and his twin brother.

So he sat and watched her and her sister talk over dinner.

Meanwhile, Bart Ottamas found that in college there were many attractive ladies. Not like his Vanya back at home, but there where many.

He took to Tina Traveller though. But she wasn't up to his advances. She knew all to well what happened to girls who messed with him. They got pregnant then he tired to cheat on them.

Maybe a phone call to Vanya was in order.

Bret finally worked up the courage to ask Ariel out. And to his surprise she accepted. They went to a little spot downtown called Chai's Cafe. It was nice, with a small restaurant in the front with an indoor bar, and a band in the back with room for dancing.

Bret was very nervous. He rambled on and on about how important it was to have two working eyes. Majoring in art he needed 20/20 vision.

Ariel agreed with him. She also thought he had lovely eyes.

After their date Ariel decided that a celebratory streak was in order.

Ariel was faced with a huge problem. She had Bret Patrelli on the brain. All she could think about was Brad.

He was just like her, they shared so much alike. They both enjoyed pleasurable activities like eating out, playing pool, and just relaxing on the sofa play video games.

She wondered why it had taken her so long to even notice him. She hardly remembered him in high school. He was so quiet and shy back then. Granted, he was still shy, but nothing like he was last summer.

She was glad she had given him a chance.

Meanwhile, Tina found herself thinking more and more about Bart. He was nothing like what she was looking for in a man. She wanted serious. He was a prankster. She wanted someone who was studious. He blew off his studies. She know this since they were in the same class together.

She wanted a man who was faithful to her, and it was clear that Bart was not faithful to Vanya. She really wished she hadn't broken up with Robert Smith before she left for college. Yeah he was two years younger than her, but still.

Yet she couldn't take her mind off of wanting to kiss him. Did that make her a bad person?

Bart had sensed his opportunity had shown itself and he took full advantage of it. Tina was thrilled. She couldn't help the small jolt of electricity that ran down her spine and into her toes when his lips met her hand.

But that was where she drew the line. She got her kiss, no matter that it wasn't a lip lock, and she didn't want any more of Bart. And that was final!

Eva on the other hand wasn't having nearly as much fun as the rest of her housemates. She was working a full time job and trying to keep her studies up while majoring in medacin. She wanted to be a doctor, and her education wasn't cheap.

She had gotten some pretty good scholarships, only leaving her to pay $2000 out of a $6000 a year tuition. But with her parents having to send her twin brothers to college in a few years, she didn't want to put added stress on their bank accounts.

So when she realized that she falling behind in her classes she asked her professor for help. He obliged and she was caught up with her lessons in no time.

The next morning Ariel was greeting to Bart and Tina making out in their shared room. She decided that what happened at college stayed at college. She saw no evil.

It seamed that Tina wasn't the only one kissing on another girl's man. Bell had no idea what had come over her, but she found herself in a lip lock with her sister's soon to be boyfriend.

It seemed as if Bret had no objections to the little encounter when he kissed her back with just as much enthusiasm.

She did feel bad afterwards and just hopped that her twin didn't find out sooner or later.

Bret hadn't given second thought to the kiss that he had shared with Bell. He looked at it as a practice run for the real thing with Ariel.

He stopped her in the hall way and laid one on her. She was totally not prepared for it, but was very pleased. She had been hoping that they'd share their first kiss soon.

She was starting to believe that Bret could be the "One". The feelings were mutual.

She shared her joy with her sister later that night after classes. Telling her that it was everything she had imagined and more. Bell only sat there thinking, hoping that Ariel never found out about her kiss with Bret.

"Yeah, kissing can be fun. With the right guy." Bell added. Ariel only clapped her hands in agreement as she thought about all the smoochies she'd be sharing with Bret when he returned back to the dorms after class.

Two days later Ariel decided to through a party. And invited a few friends from high school, one was Vanya Novak.

Ariel wasn't playing Devil's Advocate, really. She wasn't. She just felt that Bart needed a small reminder of who his loyalties lied with.

The display of affection didn't sit will with Tina and, acting on emotions alone, she stormed over to Bart to give him a piece of her mind.

Vanya totally oblivious to the reason why she was so mad waddled off to grab a bite to eat.

Bart didn't want to make a sense and tried to plead with her.

Which only made Tina madder. Before she knew it she had slapped him. She was so happy she hadn't slept with him yet.

So over come with anger and hurt, Bart slapped Tina back! Davon Christian only watched from afar. It reminded him of the time his parents had gotten into it after their divorce.

Meanwhile on the other side of the living room Bret realized that he was totally head over heels for Ariel.

He lead her into the kitchen.

"I know we haven't been together long, Ariel. But there's just something special about you."

Ariel was so excited was this the moment she'd been waiting for since she realized that Bret was the "One"?

And it was, he made it official asking her to be his girl. She was so thrilled, letting out a small cry of joy then jumping in his arms.

The two left the party to go out back to the hot tub, were they decided to take that next step in their relationship.

Freshmen Year First Semester

Eva Brooks: Medical Major - A+ GPA 4.0 Dean's List
Ariel Burrego: Business Major - A GPA 3.9
Bell Burrego: Undeclared - A- GPA 3.8
Brad Patrelli: Art Major - B+ GPA 3.6
Bret Patrelli: Undeclared - B GPA 3.0
Tina Traveller: History Major - A+ GPA 4.0 Dean's List
Bart Ottamas: History Major - B+ GPA 3.4

Freshmen Year Second Semester

Eva Brooks: Biology Major Major - A+ GPA 4.0 Dean's List
Ariel Burrego: Political Science Major - A+ GPA 3.9 Dean's List
Bell Burrego: Literaiture Major - A+ GPA 3.9 Dean's List
Brad Patrelli: Economics Major - B+ GPA 3.5
Bret Patrelli: Art Major - B+ GPA 3.1

Tina Traveller: History Major - A+ GPA 4.0 Dean's List

Bart Ottamas: History Major - A- GPA 3.5


I had no place to stick this in the update. I thought it was funny. Ariel decided that dinner was the best time to bring up getting their inheritance money from their grandfather when he died.
Notes from GB: Yeah, I had a ton of pics from playing this uni. round, but I had to weed through them and only post these. I have more since you still have Sophomore year to read but that will be another update. A lot happened on this lot, and I mean a lot. Like Bret kissing Bell. I didn't even know they had an attraction to each other. But once he fell in love with Ariel he hasn't paid Bell any attention. I guess he wanted to see what it was like to kiss twins, lol.
And Bart! He's rolling wants to be with almost every girl in the dorm and he's not a romance sim, he's a family one. And he had no secondary aspiration. I guess have two (yes) two kids changes a guy. Vanya is pregnant again. *sigh*
Also, I didn't send them off to my pervious uni hood. I have set up the university downtown. So it has its own location. I'll post pics on the main site soon. (I hope.)