Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jamie Lopez - Simday 28

I HATE HIM! Edward is on my last nerve. I came home late from work and spotted him trying to steal my newspaper. I had been wondering where they were going for the past few days. Well, now I know! It was him! I tried to stop him. He went to walk around me when I pushed him. To my surprised he pushed me back. That started the whole fight, we went at it for a while, and I thought I would come out victorious. But no, my lack of not working out playing a huge roll in the outcome, and Eddie won. I could just scream. My pride is so injured.

On a plus side, he did call once he had gotten back to his place and apologized. I wanted to press charges. But since he could say sorry I guess I can act like a grown up to and accept it. (for now!)

-Jamie Lopez


  1. How do you take snapshots and then post them here? I may just have to start my own Sim blog! I LOVE yours!

  2. Thanks! There's a ton of us out there posting about our sims. I just use the in game camera and the tab button to move in and get the close up shots. Then once I get what I want I hit tab again to go back into normal screen mode. But there are camera hacks that people have made just to take pics in game. I haven't used those yet.

  3. Ops, the most important part I forgot to answer for you. I just save my pics in a folder on my desktop then when I'm working on my blog entry I just click on insert pic and it does the rest.


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