Saturday, April 12, 2008

Edward Christian - Simdays 26 - 30

I really, really, really don't want to mess this up. I was thrilled when I found out that Joy and I were expecting our first child, this makes my third baby but her first.
I wanted everything to be special. She's a writer, working on her second novel, the first one didn't do to well and she's hoping with the adding of Free Time, that this next book will sale many copies. So I've been tending to her on hand and foot for the past few days, inviting her over so I can cook her meals, massaging her back, you know, all that good stuff.

So I decided to take her to a new park that was built downtown on simday 16 (I think.) It's really nice. We played catch for a bit then walked over to the pond to watch the fist swim. That's when I popped the question, got down on one knee and asked her to be my future wife. Of course she said yes. I was thrilled that she accepted, and she was thrilled that I had asked her. Joy told me that she was wondering when and if I'd ever ask her to be my wife.

I know I messed things up with Jamie by starting a relationship with Joy. But Joy is my soul-mate, I love her with all my heart. Don't get me wrong, I loved Jamie too, we just weren't meant for each other.


I'm starting to get even more excited at the idea of Joy moving in here with me. It's been lonely being here by myself after Jamie and Davon moved out. I also miss having a woman cook for me! Working all day long in a restaurant takes the joy out of cooking for yourself at home.

Speaking of which. Smokey's Ribs is doing quite well. Business is starting to pick up a lot, I was starting to worry that I might have jumped in way over my head. I was even thinking about closing the place and selling it back to the Hood, but after the night we had last night, my faith is restored that I can actually do this.


CRAP! I seriously messed up! Pamela Brown, one of my employees and friend came home with me after closing. We were just sitting around having fun when I remembered that I needed to run out to my small garden and pick the apple tree. Davon wanted to make sure that I sent him and AJ some. So I excused myself and went out back and tended to the tree. After ten minutes I returned to the house and washed my hands. That's when I noticed that Pamela wasn't in the living room, and the bathroom door was open so I knew she wasn't in there either. Figuring that she left I headed for the bedroom. BIG mistake! That's were she was, naked, laying across my bed.
I'm so ashamed of this, but I'm a man, and like any other hotblooded male, when you come across a beautiful woman nude and waiting for you in your bed, you pounce. And that's just what I did. We were in the middle of making out when the door bell rang. I decided to ignore it since *cough* I was in the middle of something. Thinking it was some of the local kids playing again.
That's when things moved to the next stage and we woo hoo'd that's when the stuff hit the fan. I didn't know that Joy was at the door, and I assume she heard the giggling coming from my bedroom window. The room is right next to the front door. She, in her delicate condition, climbed the wall and looked into the window, and saw us!
I really messed up!

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