Monday, November 1, 2010

It's all Business

So I have finally gotten around to adding pics of the local businesses in Riverdale and it's surrounding areas. I will put them in alphabetical order. Of course more lots will be added as I take the pics. I also added it to the left side of the blog, under, links.

Riverdale National Bank
Owned: Riverdale Administration (Artie Tresure Playable NPC)
Located: 1200 Main Street

Riverdale Regional Hospital
Owned: Riverdale Admin (Community)
Located: 845 Collins Street

Silver Coin
Owned: Brad Patrelli
Hours of Operation: 10 am til 10 pm Mon. - Sun.
Location: Main Street
Established: June 2014

Tasty Teas and Treats
Hours of Operation: 9 am til 10 pm Mon.-Sun.
Established: April 2014 

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