Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adult Education

Adult education in Riverdale

So since I have Townies who marry into my families, as well as sims who just happen to have skipped on their higher learning while young, I'm introducing higher learning for my older sims. So it's no longer, if you missed the boat too bad for you, in Riverdale.

Now adult sims wanting to continue their education or desiring to advance in their career can now do so. I'm still working things out, but for me, so far so good. I like what I've done right now. So this might change after a while.

Any resident residing in Riverdale without a degree may enroll in a correspondence course with the University of Riverdale (UoR) at any time, for a tuition fee of $8,000.

To complete their degree, the Sim will use Monique's computer to write X amount of term papers on selected subjects that go hand in hand with their chosen degree. I will pick which subjects they must write on, and the dead line for them to be submitted.

Once they've handed in the term papers assigned to them, I'll used the Lot Debugger to pick a major for them and get them their degree. Once that's all said and done, they have graduated and can now advance further in their chosen career path if they have returned to school for that purpose. Now if they were to school for a better job, they can now enter the work force and get a job at a higher level like any college graduate

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